Walmart Coupon Usage: How To Coupon Like A Good Girl

Walmart can be a challenging place to shop.

Then you add coupons in to the mix and you’re sunk.

But listen, there are a LOT of FREEbies, Great Deals, and you can even get PAID to shop there… you just need a guide to show you the ropes!

Let me show you the best ways to save at Walmart! Especially if you are a couponer, because it can feel like you are discriminated against for saving so much money!

I spoke about this topic on my Savings Segment on Fox. Watch the Replay Video here:

1. Get Paid To Buy Your Everyday Items
{In Other Words: Walmart Allows Overage!!}

“Getting Paid To Shop” is something so common to me, but seems too good to be true for those outside the Couponing Community.

You get paid to shop when you the value of your Coupon is MORE than the price of the item you are buying.

Here is an example how you GET PAID to Buy BIC Razors:

The price of the item is $2.82, the Coupon Value is $3.00. That means there is an extra 18¢ ($3 – $2.82) that you get to use towards your other groceries! {view the exact details to duplicated this deal here}

The Official Walmart Coupon Policy clearly states that the difference is owed to the customer (that’s you):

“If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.”

So don’t be nervous when you are gonna get paid to shop! I do it all the time!

2. Utilize the “Coupon Triple Stack”

The “Coupon Triple Stack” is what I call a deal when you can stack (1.) Sales with (2.) Coupons with (3.) Rebate App Offers that allow you to maximize savings and get paid to shop.

Right now there is a Caribou Iced Coffee Deal where you can stack the Sale ($2.25 Regular Price) with a $1 Coupon with a $1 Ibotta Rebate App plus the $1 Saving Star and get an extra 75¢ over what you paid. That’s FREE Money! ($2.25 – $1 – $1 – $1 = negative 75¢)

Here are four Rebate apps you should download right now and use the next time you go to Walmart:

  1. Ibotta
  2. Checkout 51
  3. SavingStar
  4. MobiSave
  5. Walmart Savings Catcher

3. Double Up the Rebate App Offers

Much along the same lines at the point above, I want to point out that when you submit your receipt in one App Rebate you can also submit that receipt to the other Apps to save even more!

In other words, you can submit your receipt to Ibotta, earn money there, and then you can also submit that same receipt to the Walmart Savings Catcher App, and Checkout 51 and Receipt Hog and possibly get even more money back.

With the Tomato Deal above, one tomato costs 40¢ (yep, that’s my hand in the photo!), then you can submit it for 25¢ from Ibotta AND 25¢ from Checkout 51, that means you get paid 10¢! Fun, right?!

4. Submit Your Walmart Receipt Immediately When You Get To The Car!

I just want to mention that Walmart makes it super easy to submit their receipts to potentially earn money back by using their Savings Catcher App. After shopping, as soon as I get to the car, I open the Savings Catcher App on my phone and scan the QR Code at the bottom of my receipt (you can scan up to 7 receipts per week). The App automatically compares the prices you just paid against the local competitors and if the Walmart Price was higher, they give you the difference back.

I guess that would be a Quadruple Stack?!

5. Print Coupons In Color To Avoid Problems At The Register

Walmart accepts coupons you’ve printed from the internet.

But sometimes they cause errors at the register and it does state in their coupon policy that if they do not scan, then they do not have to accept it.

When you use the “color” option for printing your coupons, they tend to print clearer bar codes and fine print which helps them to scan therefore causing less errors at the register. Get free printable coupons here.

6. Be Smart: Know When The System Will Prompt For A Supervisor

If the register “beeps” then the cashier is going to need to call a supervisor over to approve the transaction (plus double check your coupons).

But if you have coupons, know when to expect the register to beep that will prompt for the cashier to get a supervisor:

  • Using 4 or more identical coupons in one transaction. {this doesn’t mean you can’t USE more, so long as the coupon does not have a limitation, but know that the cashier is not being mean, the system forces a manager to come over and approve the transaction when four identical coupons are being used}
  • A single coupon valued at $5 and over.
  • If your coupons total $50 or more in one transaction.
  • If your coupons total a certain percentage (%) off of the total sale. {In my experience, if your savings are more than 50% by using coupons, the cashier will probably call over a manager to verify things.}

Don’t get frustrated at the cashier if they aren’t as well versed as you are when it comes to coupon usage. Remember that they are graded on how quickly they get each customer through their line. So they don’t want to hold you up either.

Remember, coupons are free money, so the cashier needs to make sure they will get reimbursed for proper usage.

When you are already following the rules, having them double check your transaction is no big deal at all.

I spoke about the next few tips on my Fox TV Segment. Watch the replay here:

7. Look Up Store Inventory Before You Go

There is nothing worse than getting all excited to go get a deal at Walmart and when you get there, the shelves are bare. Argh!

Instead, I’ve figured out an easy way to look up the inventory before you go.

View how easy it truly is with my step-by-step pictures here.

8. Know The Best Days & Hours To Shop With Coupons

The least busy days to shop is Monday or Tuesday. And then, if you go between 8am – 10am or after 8pm then you’ll have the store all to yourself and the registers will be less clogged.

Zipping through the aisles and checkout lane is the goal, right?! Knowing when to shop helps alleviate stress. Especially if you are using coupons.

9. Under 20 Items In Your Cart? Use the Self Checkout!

Did you know you can use coupons in the self checkout also? Yep!

My kids fight over who gets to be our cashier. And I love that we can scan the products and then immediately scan the coupons to ensure each one is working (since this area is not as time-stressed like an individual cashier is with customers waiting in line behind me. That makes it less stressful.

The cashier overseeing the area will still need to verify the coupons that you used, but it is only in total (unless one doesn’t scan, then they’ll need to call a supervisor over).

10. Match “Any” Worded Coupons With Travel Items

Walmart has a great “Trial Size” section filled with items priced around $1.

When a manufacturer coupon’s fine print doesn’t exclude trial/travel size items, you can score free products! Usually the coupon will say a dollar amount “Off Any” Variety and that’s when you know you might score a good deal!

Plus, if the coupon value exceeds the price of the item, you’ll receive overage! Happy Dance Time!

11. Manufacturer Coupon With Another Store’s Name? Yep! They Take It!

Sometimes a coupon has the name of a particular store on it. And as long as the coupon (even Catalinas you get a Walgreens, Target or Winn Dixie) clearly states “Manufacturer Coupon” on it, then you can use it at Walmart!

Just make sure there’s a valid “Remit To” address for the manufacturer printed on it as well as a bar code and specific dollar/cents off amount.

12. Walmart Accepts Competitor Coupons… Kindof

In order for Walmart to accept a Competitor Coupon it has to have a “Sale Price” listed, they cannot be a Dollar Off coupon.

This can be very confusing so let’s look at an example:

Walgreens has “coupons” that are listed with a Sale Price instead of an “amount off”. This Domino Pure Cane Sugar “coupon” makes it $1.99 each. Walmart will accept that type of “coupon” because it states the Price of $1.99. {to me, this is actually Price Matching, not accepting Competitor Coupons}

Walmart will not accept this Publix coupon because it states “$1 Off”.

13. Walmart Accepts Soft Drink Container Caps

Win a FREE Coke when you opened that last soda you drank? Well, you can redeem it at Walmart! This is listed as one of the “coupon types” they accept in their Official Coupon Policy.

14. Walmart Accepts Catalina Coupons Printed at Competing Stores

This type of coupon prints when you checkout at Walgreens, Target or Kmart.

Walmart will accept them so long as they say a specific Dollar Amount Off, say “Manufacturer’s Coupon” on them and have a “Remit to” address.

15. DO NOT Use “Total Dollar Off” Coupons

Walmart DOES NOT accept “Total Dollar Off Coupons”, such as any Dollar General $5 Off $25 or Fresh Market $5 Off $30.

No coupons off your “total purchase”. They also do not allow any Percentage Off Coupons such as 20% Off Your Total Purchase.

16. Still Nervous? Bring This With You!

I know it can seem unbelievable that you can really do all these things and have even more potential to save at Walmart.

But sometimes you might know more than the cashier, and having the Official Walmart Coupon Policy with you directly from the Walmart Website might help a manager find the answer they need.

You could also pull it up on your SmartPhone before you get to the register to make sure it’s handy should you need it.

I hope you have learned a few extra tips to help you save even more at Walmart Stores. You CAN easily save so much money just by being coupon savvy at Walmart!

~Happy Walmart Shopping & Saving!

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