Why Does Walgreen’s Play Price Games?!!

Alright, I’ve noticed this problem with Walgreen’s sales for quite some time. And it is time to call them out and inform you all of what is going on each and every week.

Walgreens Price Games 1

Being aware of the “game” will help you save money with or without cutting coupons before you walk inside the store. Look at this photo of Sharpie Highlighters on the shelf:

Wags Sharpie GDA 1It looks like they are Regularly priced at $4.39 and on sale this week for $2.99. Right? Well, that’s what any random person shopping in the store would think too. Except we know better. Because when you look at the weekly sales flyer, you will see a coupon making those same $2.99 highlighters only 99¢.

Wags Sharpie GDA Coupon 1

That store coupon, readily available to any shopper who walks in the store and grabs a weekly advertisement can save $2 off per pack… just by knowing the coupon is there.

Wouldn’t it be nice for the average shopper to know that coupon existed? Maybe they could put a sign up on the shelf near the $2.99 sale sign and “help” their customers find more savings than if they happen to take notice on their own.

—->That’s what makes True Couponing so valuable. We have done the work for you to find those sneaky savings that you might not notice and help point out the extra savings before you get in the store. And even better: you didn’t have to clip ANY coupon. Just show the cashier the ad and they will gladly scan it for you (you don’t even need to cut it out).

So how do you save money without clipping any coupons? You pay attention. Many times there are sales that are just as good as the stock up price after a coupon. In this instance, on our Walgreen’s Weekly Sales List we already identified those Sharpie highlighters as a great deal with our little Small Shopping Cart“Shopping Cart” icons or True-Deal“True Deal” buttons. Did you know we use those on every single store list to quickly identify items at their lowest price for which you should Stock Up. Lots of times, no coupons are needed. And in this case, you saved $2 without cutting a single one out.

So before you head out the door… or once you get to the store, give that particular store’s shopping list a glance over and know before you pay if there is a sneaky easy coupon available to save you some serious cash. Use our hard work to pad your bottom line!

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