Walmart Shopping Trip 4-9-13It’s Shopping Trip Time!

Let’s get honest with each other. I don’t shop at Walmart. I just don’t. I think it is the ever frustrating search for a parking spot that makes me not want to go there. Or it could be the Veggietale reference I drilled into my children…stuffmart…. Either way, when I was trying to save money, my best bud Kari told me to just stop shopping at Walmart {gasp!}. I couldn’t believe my ears! She said that it was a proven fact that while the prices in Walmart might be a little cheaper, there are SO many distractions that you decide to buy that you end up spending way more than you would if you simply shopped at your local grocery store. Interesting. Well, this past Tuesday, it was almost 9pm and I needed some craft supplies for a class I teach on Wednesday mornings at my children’s Co-Op, so I was forced to go to Walmart and figured, if I have to go anyway, I might as well take some coupons and get some fun freebies!

Here are the details of what I got at Walmart: {check out the Best Deals at Walmart list HERE}
(4) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Polish $1.97

Used: (2) BOGO Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Printable MQ = $0.98 each = $3.94
(4) Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish $4.00
Used: (2) BOGO Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Printable MQ = $2 each = $8.00  (yes, I realize that this is not quite the cheapest price to pay for nail polish…however, I had a 13 yo dd with me and this was my bribe. I am not perfect, bribes are  not beneath me…it was after dark, I didn’t want to go out alone!)
(5) Montery Burritos $1.00
Used: (5) $1/1 Montery Burritos MQ from RP 3/3 = $0 = FREE
(5) BIC Solei Razors $3.47
{the shelf was barren of the less expensive ones}
Used: (5) $3/1 BIC Razors MQ from SS 3/17 = $0.47 each = $2.35
(2) Rice Dream Shelf-Stable Rice Milk $1.88 & $1.97

Used: (2) $2/1 Rice Dream Facebook Printable MQ = $0.12 & $0.03 MM = $0.15 overage
(2) Poise Feminine Wellness Wipes
Used: (2) $3/1 Poise Feminine Wellness Product MQ from SS 4/7 = $0.03 MM = $0.06 overage
(2) Snicker Bars $0.68 

Used: (1) BOGO Snickers Printable MQ = $0.34 each = $0.68 {drivers fee, just being honest with you}
Grand Total = $57.38
Amount Paid after Coupons = $14.76 (plus $3.40 sales tax)
= $18.16

Was it easy? Yes, pretty much so. I didn’t have any “price matching” items to complicate things. But originally I wanted to get some Shave Gel ( Skintimate) and she rang it up, but my BOGO printable coupons (from coupon network) would not scan, so she wouldn’t take them. We asked two manager (very nicely), and they said if it doesn’t scan, they can’t take it. So I had her take it off my total. No biggie.

Final Outcome:
Total # of Items: 24 items        Spent Total OOP: $18.16
Total Saved: $42.62     Savings: 70%
     Price per item: 76¢ (would be less if I hadn’t got suckered into the more expensive nail polish)

Have you downloaded the TrueCouponing App yet? I knew what I was going to spend BEFORE I even got into the checkout lane!! Get it for Android HERE and Apple HERE. {must you even ask…YES, of course it’s FREE!}

I am a reasonable couponerI wasn’t even planning to go to Walmart this week! But when time ran out to get my craft supplies, I quickly grabbed some coupons and snagged some awesome deals! It took about an 15 mins to cut everything.  And I was back home exactly one hour after I left my front door. You can do this!!! 

~Happy Shopping!

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