Cotton balls have so many uses around the house, we go through them quicker than I care to admit! You can use them to make the fridge smell nice. Dampen a cotton ball with some vanilla extract and place it on a shelf towards the back of the fridge. You can also use them to beat mildew in the bathroom. Soak cotton balls in bleach, place it in that hard-to-reach spot, and let it sit there for a couple of hours. Rinse with warm water and the spot will be good as new! It’s 1 AM, and that toothache just won’t go away. If you can’t get to a dentist immediately, there are ways to remedy that. Soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract or clove oil and apply directly to the affected area. These are just a FEW things to use cotton balls around the house. Clip your Publix Digital Coupon and pick up your bag for 19¢ NOW!

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Buy: (1) Publix Triple Cotton Balls 100 ct at Regular Price $1.19
–Note: Unadvertised Deal
Use: (1) $1/1 Publix Regular or Triple Size Cotton Balls (100 or 300-ct. pkg.), Exp. 2/1/2018 (Publix Digital Coupon)
Pay: $1.19 (product total) – $1 (coupon total) = 19¢ OOP
Final Price: Only 19¢ each!

This deal ends when the store coupon ends on Thursday, 2/1/18!

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