How to Use Digital Coupons at Publix

Yay! Publix Digital Coupons!

Save with a click. Publix Digital Coupons makes saving extra-easy. Now you can save instantly at checkout even if you don’t have any paper coupons with you.

Digital coupons are available to entice customers who normally do not use ANY coupons to try them out EASIER. Customers can sign up for Pubix Digital Coupons online, and then just enter your phone number at the register to redeem. No forgetting them at home or using coupons on the wrong product, it is electronically matched for you.

Publix Digital Coupons are Manufacturer Coupons

That means you cannot use a paper coupon along with a digital coupon, they are the same. Sometimes there is a Publix Store paper coupon that will allow you to “stack” the digital manufacturer coupon along with it.

What are Publix Digital Coupons?

Publix Digital Coupons are electronic coupons designed to allow you to select (click) and save digital coupons online and redeem them at checkout by entering your unique 10-digit phone number.

Publix Digital Coupons 2Do I need to print Digital Coupons?

No. The coupons are paperless and work automatically when you save them to your account and identify yourself at checkout. There is the ability to print your saved coupons from the “My Coupons” tab, but that would just be for your personal reference.

How does the Publix Digital Coupons program work?

First, you must create a Publix Digital Coupons account by entering the following information:

  • 10-digit Phone Number (must be unique, it will be used as your 10-digit Publix Digital Coupons account number)
  • Email Address (will be used as your Publix Digital Coupons web/mobile login name)
  • Zip Code
  • Password
  • And then you will need to accept the program terms of service

After creating an account, you must complete the following steps to redeem digital coupons:

  • Click Digital Coupons – from your computer or web-enabled mobile phone
  • “Clip” the Coupons – Select the coupons you want to potentially use and save them to your account
  • Shop in Store – After selecting your digital coupons, in order to redeem them, you must purchase the item(s) for which you selected digital coupons
  • Redeem – Enter your unique 10-digit phone number at checkout (you enter it into the pin pad where you would swipe your debit/credit card)

Publix Digital Coupon Selection

Can I have more than one user on my Publix Digital Coupons account?

No. Each account may have one registered user, though the account may be used by the entire household, by entering the same customer ID at the PIN pad upon checkout.

How do I save a coupon to my Publix Digital Coupons account?

To save a digital coupon to your account, simply click “Clip” on the coupon and it will be saved to your account. It will then be available for use immediately.

Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before the coupon is available?

No. Clipped coupons are available for use the moment you clip them. So you can “clip” them IN THE STORE (from your SmartPhone) and use them right away at checkout!

How do I know if my coupons were clipped or saved to my Publix Digital Coupons account?

All coupons you have clipped will show as “Clipped”. Additionally, you can see all of the coupons you have saved to your account in the “My Coupons” tab.

Is there a limit on the number of coupons I can clip?

No. But there is a limit to how many times they can be used. Only ONE coupon can be used per item. That means you cannot use a coupon on the “Buy One” and then another one on the “Get One”. If the coupon is available again, you may be able to clip it again, but you cannot use it until your NEXT transaction (the next time you pay).

How do I sign into my Publix Digital Coupons account at checkout?

Just enter your unique 10-digit phone number into the pin pad at checkout and it will verify that your account has been checked for any valid coupons.

How do I know the coupon has been used?

Your savings will be itemized on your receipt. Additionally, the coupon will be visible in the “Redeemed” section in your “My Coupons” tab.

Do coupons expire?

Yes. Expiration dates appear on each coupon. Expired coupons will be deleted from your account automatically.

How many times can a coupon be used?

Most coupons can be used only once. If the manufacturer has allowed the coupon to be used more than once, it will be available to “clip” again after you have used it the first time. You can only use a coupon once in a single transaction.

Are all products for which there are coupons available at all stores and locations?

While the products are broadly available, some products may not be available at all stores.

How often will there be new coupons available?

New coupons will typically be posted on a weekly basis.

How can I see new coupons?

New coupons will be available in the “Coupons” tab, along with any other coupons you have not clipped.

Can I use a paperless coupon and a paper coupon for the same item?

No. Savings are limited to one coupon per item purchased. Should a paper coupon be accepted for an item, the digital coupon will not be accepted and will remain in your account for future use. **This is NOT a new policy. You could never use two MQs on one product!!**

How do I access coupons from my mobile device?

Using your phone’s browser, go to the Publix Digital Coupons web page and login to your account.

How do I save coupons from my phone?

Use your normal method of selecting and entering on your phone to click on the coupons you want. This is the same method as saving coupons from your a computer.

How do I use coupons that I saved from my phone?

Coupons saved from your phone are used the same way as coupons saved from your computer. Just identify yourself at checkout via your Publix Digital Coupons phone number, and your savings will automatically be deducted from your order and printed on your receipt.

What do I do when a coupon does not redeem at the register?

You can call 866-486-4292 (Mon-Fri, 8am-9pm) or email to resolve any issues. You will need to include your Publix Digital Coupons phone number and transaction information.

If I return an item for which I received a discount, can I reuse my discount the next time I shop?

Once a coupon has been used, it cannot be used again.

If my transaction is voided after my Publix Digital Coupons is entered, will the discount still be available for me to use?

Yes. As long as the transaction has not been finalized, you can use the discount on a future shopping trip.

~Happy Additional Digital Saving at Publix!!!

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