5 Items You Should ALWAYS Buy At The Warehouse Clubs (Costco, Sam’s & BJ’s)

Knowing where to buy things is a strategy that will help you save money without having to worry, or even cut coupons!

But first we have to take a step back, because ultimately, the best way to know whether you are getting the best price AT ALL is to divide the price of the item by the number of units you are buying and then compare across multiple stores.

Since grocery shopping is such a personal decision for each family, this will ensure you are always getting the best price on things your family regularly buys.

Download my Price List and fill it out for your family to make it super easy the next time you shop.

Check out the Video Replay when I shared my knowledge on Fox TV here:

Since I see various sales each and every day, I started paying attention to the best prices overall.

And I found that there are certain things you would ALWAYS want to buy at the Warehouse Stores (CostcoSam’s or BJ’s).

Here’s a list of things I always buy at Warehouse Clubs, and the reasoning behind my purchases.

1. Meat

I always suggest buying your meat from either a Warehouse Club  or Zaycon (a company that delivers to a which is essentially buying in bulk) and the reason is not just for price.

It is quality.

The Warehouse clubs just seem to have high quality meat at really LOW prices. Heck, lately we have been buying Grass Fed Beef at Sam’s club for around $4 per pound. It is over $8 per pound at the Grocery Store.

2. Dairy: Cheese, Butter, Milk & Half n Half 

If you are a coffee drinker, then you may have noticed the price of Half and Half rising considerably.

Not the flavored creamers like International Delight or Coffee-Mate, you can still get those super cheap with coupons, but if you want regular milk, cheese, butter or half n half, then you might as well just head to Costco or Sam’s because that is where it is consistently the cheapest.

And it usually runs around 20% less! Half n Half is consistently half the price of my local Grocery Store.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait for a sale at the grocery store, you can get it at the best price at any time.


3. Batteries

Batteries are one of those items that does not really have good sales very often.

Once a year or so you can find them priced at a good price at the grocery stores or Target (with a gift card promotion) but the rest of the time you have to depend on buying them at Costco/Sam’s or on Amazon when the price drops to around 20¢ – 25¢ per battery!

The only other place that really has cheaper batteries is IKEA, but there are fewer stores of them… and you are only going to save about a nickel per battery.

4. Spices & Vanilla Extract

Just like with the batteries, the coupon sales on spices are few and far between.

They DO exist but why stress about it when you can get a good deal on spices at the Warehouse Stores at ay time.

Plus, they come in such large containers, you can buy once and have enough on hand to last the entire year!

5. Discounted Movie Tickets

I am a HUGE advocate of buying discounted gift cards! I honestly feel like it is probably the most overlooked money-saving strategy!

And Costco along with CardPool.com are my favorite places to snatch up future savings with discounted gift cards!

Remember, by always comparing the lowest unit quantity, you can accurately determine which products are the cheapest for your family.

YOUR TURN: What items do you ALWAYS buy at the Warehouse Stores because you find they are consistently cheaper? Comment below and let me know!

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Knowing where to buy things is a strategy that will help you save money without coupons! Here are FIVE things you should ONLY buy at the Warehouse Clubs!