While I was in college I needed to earn enough money to pay for my own car insurance. So I got a part-time job at a jewelry store in our local mall.

I loved helping customers find the perfect gift to give a loved one. I loved it so much that I ended up with the highest sales per hour worked.

But I hated “selling” things, and the pressure of having sales “quotas” was torture.

The only thing I dreaded more, was having to be at the jewelry store for work at the crack of dawn for Black Friday.

News Flash: no one buys jewelry on Black Friday.

At least not enough to justify going to bed earlier than usual on Thanksgiving Day in order to be up, showered, looking like a presentable sales person to open 5 hours earlier on the morning of Black Friday.

But then I graduated from college, got married, quit my part-time job at the jewelry store, got a “real” job, and started having children. Four children will change the spending budget at Christmastime.

Now I was faced with the dilemma from hating Black Friday shoppers, to actually becoming one.

In the 10+ years that followed, shopping on Black Friday became more than just acquiring the deals, it became more of an experience to visit with my other Mommy friends and {finally} meet up to have coffee.

It’s like you are part of a club. A Black Friday club that no one really understands, unless they’ve experienced it also.

Because amidst the chaos, and the fighting for the last Dancing Elmo Doll, or waiting in line for the very last iPod (which is the ONLY item on your teen’s Christmas Wish List), something magical happens.

You realize that even with such a teeny tiny budget, you WILL be able to have a crazy, ridiculous, amazing variety of gifts to give to your loved ones, and will have spent little to nothing for them all.

This year to help answer some of the common questions I am asked, I created six Black Friday Shopping Cheat Sheets to help you spend the least amount of time so you can maximize your Black Friday Shopping Day!

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Inside the download you’ll find Six Cheat Sheets:

  1. Strategies I use when I’m planning my Black Friday Shopping Trip
  2. Secret Tips to make your shopping day more successful
  3. Seven Ways to Save when you shop online (that should be part of your Black Friday shopping plan also!)
  4. How to save when you shop on Cyber Monday
  5. A Cyber Monday Checklist for shopping online
  6. Six ways to save MORE when you shop on Amazon

If you are even considering doing any shopping (Black Friday or not) then these shopping tip cheat sheets will be valuable for you!

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And don’t forget to check out the Black Friday best deals at all the stores! Black Friday doesn’t have to be confusing and stressful. It can be fun, too!

Black Friday doesn't have to be confusing and stressful. It can be fun, too! #blackfriday #cheatsheets