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FREE L’Occitane Beauty Gift!

RIght now L’Occitane is giving away FREE Beauty Gifts! Just head into their store and receive a FREE Beauty Gift set, no purchase necessary or use the code “HYDRATE” online and receive a FREE Beauty Gift set with a $5 purchase. WooHoo!

FREE Lancome Renergie Skin Cream!

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Just fill out a simple form and they will send you this goodie!

FREE All About My Dad Printable Page!

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Get this FREE Printable Page all about my Dad and Grandpa and have some fun this Father’s Day!

FREE Michael’s Craft Store Slime Event!

Get some FREE Slime from Michael’s!
Saturday, May 26th from 1 to 3 PM head on into your local participating Michael’s and make some slime with your kiddo!

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