Every so often I get a nice set of Target coupons in my mailbox. Sometimes it’s a single page flyer and sometimes it is a special marketing booklet that usually contains Store Coupons as well as a Total Dollar Off Coupon (such as a $10 Off $50)!

My Mom lives in the county next to mine and every once in a while she will get a booklet that I don’t receive! Why??

I did some digging and discovered that the coupons Target mails out are based on targeted and predicted purchases you make. While that means there is no true official way to sign up to receive them, you can increase your chances to get Target coupons in your mailbox by doing the following:

1. Set Up A Target.com Account (Nope, You Don’t Even Need To Buy Anything)

In order for Target to send you coupons, you need to give them your address! I never really thought about how basic that actually is. But they can’t mail you anything special if they don’t have your address.

If they don’t have your address, then you are leaving it up to chance for them to randomly target your neighborhood or zip code instead of actually intentionally sending you marketing promotions (aka coupons!).

Don’t you want to be special? To receive more than just the common ads everyone gets! Sign up here!

To make sure the marketing team at Target has your address so they can send you coupons, set up a Target account and add something to your cart (you don’t actually need to purchase anything, you just want them to get your mailing address and for you to show up as a “new” potential customer.

If you already have an account, log in and check to see if there is anything you can update in your profile, even just adding or changing your email address will reactivate your account to show Target that you want to receive promotions from them.

Now, if I were going to buy anything, I’d buy the Beauty Box because that tells Target what kinds of things I would like more coupons for later…

2. Also Sign Up Your Spouse, Separately

While you are already creating a Target web account, go ahead and sign your husband up for an account also. Same mailing address, just a different log in.

This means you will have two separate Target accounts you can use to purchase things from and potentially two accounts to receive marketing mailers.

NOTE: Do not expect to receive double coupons, the shopping record you start to build will tell Target to send them to you or your husband, not usually both. However, by having a second account you double your chances of falling within their marketing demographics and therefore you are more likely to receive coupons in your mailbox!

3. Create a Target Gift Registry

Target has quite a few “Gift Registry” options. Besides the obvious Wedding or Baby Registry, you can register your parents for their Anniversary Celebration as well as any Birthday Celebration (this would’ve been really helpful when we threw a big party for my Nana when she turned 90!)

They also have registries for CharityCollege, Housewarming and getting a New Pet!

By creating a Target Gift Registry, you are telling Target almost exactly what you plan on buying in the near future.

After your registry expires (or is close to expiring), that’s when you’ll start to see promotions and coupons be sent your way.

Oh, and just for registering you will get 15% Off anything not purchased on your registry… that’s a nice bonus! (NOTE: I’ve never signed up for a Charity, Housewarming nor Pet Registry, so I’m not positive that they give you the 15% Off coupon with those registries.)

NOTE: Just for registering for the Baby Registry you will receive a “Welcome Pack” worth over $50! That’s definitely worth it!

4. Use “Predictive Analytics” To Your Advantage

Have you ever taken the time to read the Target Cardholder Privacy Agreement? {you’re not alone… I never had either until I started writing this article}

Their privacy policy states (in legal terms that are really hard to understand without a law degree) that when you sign up for the Target  Card (Debit or Credit) they can use the answers you provide (income, address, credit history, shopping history etc) to determine how to market to you in the future.

So, by applying (and of course by using) your Target Card they will track your spending habits and then try to predict future purchases in hopes of influencing what you buy next… BY SENDING YOU COUPONS!

This is not a new concept though, I’m sure you’ve already seen this happen AS you check out. You know that little printer machine at the register that spits out a coupon for the competing brand when you buy something? Yeah, that is the same thing. For example, if you buy Colgate toothpaste, a coupon will print out of the machine for Crest Toothpaste for you to try it next time you shop!

Here’s a video from The New York Times about how Target might know you are pregnant before even you do!

I have a Target Debit Card and I love it. It draws right out of my checking account, just like writing a check. It can be used inside Target stores as well as Target.com. You’ll receive 5% Off your entire purchase, plus other benefits (such as free shipping and advance notice of sales). Learn more about the Target Red Card here!

5. Sign up for the Target Cartwheel App

Did you realize Target has a special App (called Target Cartwheel) that allows you to save extra discounts on items you purchase everyday.

Just download the app and sign in to your Target Account to select “coupons” you can use in store. By selecting items you would buy, you demonstrate and interest in certain item that then allows Target to send you special offers associated with those items. That’s a win-win my Friends!

Oh, and did I mention that they are entirely digital coupons? So you don’t even need to cut anything out and forget to bring it along.

Learn how to specifically use Target’s Cartwheel App to save even more money!

If you know of any other ways to get on the Target mailing list, please leave a comment below!

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Learn how to get Target coupons in the mail! | Target coupons can be really sought after, and hard to receive. Here's some ways to get on their list and get those coupons in your mailbox!