Check Out These FOUR FREEbies!

FREE Breathe Right Strips!

Have you ever tried these things? They are a miracle! They even have my favorite scent, lavender! That is totally up my alley. I’m hoping they include a coupon with my sample (you have to choose between Lavender and Extra Clear) so I can get a whole box of Breathe Right Strips. I prefer to keep these samples in my “overnight” bag for when we travel overnight anywhere. Hotel air makes my nose work differently.

FREE Emergen-C Packet!

With all the sneezing that comes with seasonal allergies, I always start our family on building our immune systems! And I love when I can use Emergen-C as part of that building… but it’s even better when I can get that immune support for FREE! {now I just need to figure out how to stock up on 6 of them?!}

FREE Everyday Woman Ever Faithful God Bible Study!

As the holiday season gets into fill swing, we need to refresh our souls, ladies. And there is no better way than with a quick FREE bible study I just found! Check it out…this 9-lesson grace-based study invites you to journey alongside some special Old Testament women on their walk from fear to deeper faith in our amazing God. They were EVERYDAY WOMEN like we are who experienced fear like we do. From their life stories, we can see an EVER FAITHFUL GOD in action. {there are also Children’s Lesson plans you could download to use later… if you are an overachiever!}

FREE Chicken Recipes!

I found a FREE Chicken Recipe eCookbook on Amazon today! Get your meals planned and use this FREE cookbook!

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