FREE Download: Thanksgiving Meal Planner Calculator {Type In Your Guests And Automatically Calculate How Much FOOD You’ll Need To Buy For Your Feast!}


Are you excited to start prepping and planning your Thanksgiving Menu? Me too! 

But then I worry about how much food I should buy in order for everyone to have enough and for us to eat, yet not have too much leftover that we’ll be eating turkey until Christmas Day!

Plus, one of the best ways to save money on your Thanksgiving Meal is not to overspend and then throw it away.

How Much Will I Need To Buy?

Cooking for a crowd can be complicated.

And the first thing you should be considering may not be the most common: calculating the math.

As in, you know how much stuffing to make for your family of six people that you cook for regularly, but how much should you make for 20 guests?

Solution: This Automatically Calculating Thanksgiving Meal Planner!

This automatically calculating sheet will tell you exactly how much to buy and make! Whether you’re entertaining 2 people or a crowd of 40 (or any of the various numbers in between).


Simply enter the number of guests you are expecting into the green square at the top of the sheet and it will automatically calculate how much you need to buy! 


I think you’re really gonna love it! Please comment below if you have any questions or other dishes you’d like to see included in future revisions!

~Happy Saving Money by Accurately Calculating Your Thanksgiving Meal Planning Needs!

In seconds you can figure out how much food you need to buy for your Thanksgiving Feast with this Thanksgiving Meal Planning Calculator! It will calculate the amount you need to buy for 20 basic Thanksgiving meal items for up to 40 people!