Is It on the Shelf at Walmart? Know Before You Go!

Have you ever gotten all your coupons ready to get a whole bunch of FREEbies at your local Walmart and you get to the store only to find that they are COMPLETELY OUT of stock?! That is SO frustrating to me too!

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Well, I’ve discovered a way to check the shelf stock at your local store! Here’s how:

  1. Find the deal you want from our Walmart Deals List. For this example, I chose the BIC Silky Touch Disposable Razors deal.
  2. Go to the Walmart Website.
  3. Type your item into the Search (be kinda generic… and not super specific. For example, start to type “BIC Silky”, but leave off the word disposable)
    Walmart Find Item 1
  4. Click the item NAME once it comes up in the search:
    Walmart Find Item 5
  5. When the item comes up, look at the actual URL of the item. You will see a number at the end of the URL, this is the Walmart Find Item 2
  6. I have found a website intended to find in-stock Lego toys, but it works for all Walmart in-stock items too! Go to the BrickSeek Website and use their Walmart Inventory Checker.
  7. Type the item number you found at the end of the URL into the “Item ID” field on the BrickSeek Website and click the “Submit” button:
    Walmart Find Item 3
  8. A nice list of all locations near you will pop up and it will list whether or not the item is in stock. It searches the availability in ALL stores within a certain mile radius of you! Sweet!
    Walmart Find Items 6
  9. Now head to the store and do the Happy Dance!

**NOTE** Remember, that just because it says it is IN STOCK doesn’t necessarily mean that it is on the shelf… it could be in someone else’s cart! But, at least you will know whether your store actually carries the product before you get in there! Knowledge is power!

~Happy Successful Walmart Shopping!

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How To Find An Item At Walmart

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