Super Easy Ways To Find $200 THIS Weekend And Start That Christmas Fund!

Were you aware that there are only 70 Days until Christmas?!! 10 Weeks, that’s it. But… what if you do all your shopping on Black Friday? Then you have even LESS TIME because that is only 40 Days away… that’s just over 5 weeks away.

If you are anything like me, that makes me feel all panicky inside because my Christmas Savings Account is not ready for buying things when it is the least expensive, on Black Friday.

Unfortunately, this same thing happened to me last year so I set up a “Savings Challenge” to force myself to quickly save some money.

Without even having a yard sale, I was able to save over $600!

Then a couple months ago my Mom had a large expense arise and she wasn’t sure where she’d get the extra money from, so I tweaked my same challenge to go through it with her in less time, only four weeks. Guess how much she was able to save?

NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS!! {Yes, you read that correctly, 900!!}

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to find $900 in 4 weeks that you can then use for Christmas (or a car repair), or a fill your Emergency Fund super quickly? I agree!

So I’m doing it again, I’m challenging myself to save $500 over the next four weeks. And I’ve created a guide to work through in order to accomplish that goal. Wanna join me? {Yes, of course it’s FREE!}

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One example of a challenge that you can do RIGHT NOW and potentially find $200 TODAY is to search for Hidden Money.

So often we don’t realize that there is money in plain view right there in front of us just waiting to be collected and pulled together to serve a greater purpose.

Let’s challenge ourselves to go on a treasure hunt and find it all and then count it out to see how much we have to start our $500 Christmas fund.

1. Dig Through The Closet

Now I know what you are thinking.. oh no she want’s us to clean out our closets and sell something. NOPE! Instead, I want you to pull out all those old winter jackets and purses and backpacks and jeans… I want you to go through all the pockets and empty everything and see what you can find.

Go through the glove box in your car, look around the washer and dryer and the top drawer of your dresser.

Anywhere money hides… FIND IT.

We cleaned out our china cabinet and found some change we had put in a shoebox. There was over $40 in there!

“Roll” it all up and take it to the bank.

{NOTE: DO NOT USE A COIN-STAR KIOSK (they are at Walmart) because they charge a fee to sort and count your money.}

2. Check Your Credit Card Rewards

Next I want you to log into all your credit card accounts and see what rewards you have forgotten about.

If you are like me, and you pay all my bills automatically, then you never really log in and check for those rewards.

When I had my Mom do this last month, she had $75 in reward money she could use. She “cashed” out and got a hefty gift card to Carrabba’s! That’s FREE Money!

3. Search Your Inbox & Junk Drawer

Has this ever happened to you? You get excited when you see a good deal on Groupon for Movie Tickets or a spa gift certificate… you buy it, and then you forget about it.

I want you to search your inbox for the words “credit” “egift” “certificate” and “redeem”.

Heck a couple weeks ago my friend Faith Catrett asked if I had seen the email from Sears called FREECASH (all one word) I had $15 (of free money) to spend… so I went to sears and got $28 worth of clothing for $3 TOTAL.

Don’t forget to look in the junk drawer or wherever you might have put a Birthday Card… those are easy to tuck in somewhere and forget they exist.

4. Round-Up To Save

Once you’ve found and counted all that change, I have a “challenge” for you to implement for the next four weeks: anytime you pay cash, I want you to intentionally set aside that spare change to “round up” the purchase and dump it into a 2-liter bottle.

Keep the bottle out where everyone can see it so that everyone knows you are working towards a fun goal together.

To make it even easier you can also sign up for an Automatic Savings App (if you are with Bank Of America, you already have this option with your debit card you just need to make sure it is set up and saving for you), I suggest Qapital or a Bank App called Simple. The nice thing about Simple is that is is actually a full-fledged bank with NO fees that allows you to access your money via an ATM Card, plus your money is FDIC insured.

With Qapital, you can set up fun “triggers” such as… every time you buy something at Starbucks put $2 in your Christmas Savings account.

And yes, both of these savings options are all FREE.

Finding money and/or gift cards will get your Christmas Savings started, then I’ve got 9 other Challenges to work through during the next 4 weeks to get us ready for Christmas.

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