I never thought that as a 40-year-old Mommy I’d be facing the “you need braces” decision.

But I started to feel some sensitivity on a back bottom tooth and when I ate (not with hot or cold foods/drinks) and when I went for my most recent cleaning I discovered that I have been grinding my teeth.

All the way through the enamel and almost to the nerve! That’s why it’s sensitive.

Unfortunately, sensitive toothpaste cannot fix my problem.

So I tried, with no luck, several night guards. But I need a proper fitting one that won’t come out of my mouth while I’m sleeping.

And my problem gets worse than that because the reason I wore through my enamel in less than six months (in between my teeth cleanings) is because my teeth are not aligned properly.

Which means my dentist suggests either getting a mac-daddy night guard (costing well over $500).

Or just biting-the-bullet and getting braces to fix my bite AND my grinding, along with realigning my smile.

But braces won’t help my teeth not to grind, I have to get Invisalign because they cover both the top and bottom teeth, protecting them from grinding.

Thankfully, my oldest son got braces last year so I’ve done all the orthodontic research and we truly love our orthodontist, Dr. Turke.

When I was researching my orthodontic options, I made several phone call to set up appointments and went to each of the appointments.

My final results for the Tampa Bay and Brandon area found that Dr. Turke won hands down for several reasons:

  1. 20% Lower Starting Price than the other two competitors I visited
  2. Reviews – The reviews for Dr. Turke’s office were unbelievable, not just online, but also around the community! It seem that everyone in my homeschool group, church, and friends knew Dr.Turke because their family or someone they knew used his service. And they all had a positive experience. WIN!
  3. No Pressure to “sign up today” – the other two orthodontists were almost bullying me to sign immediately that day. Without even talking to my husband! I was so shocked. Dr.Turke’s office said I had 30-Days to decide and that was it. No pressure!
  4. Customer Service – Everyone told us it would be a great experience with Dr.Turke. And seeing is truly believing, after over a year of visiting Dr. Turke’s office, I agree with what everyone said, “He IS the best”.

Dr. Turke has been super kind to give my readers several discounts. But now that I’m using him too, I asked if he would offer a super special discount for my readers.

When you sign up for orthodontic treatment from Turke Orthodontics, they will give you two FREE Extra Retainers! That means you will never worry about grinding your teeth or losing your retainers.

Beleive it or not, I had braces when I was in High School and once I completed my treatment, my teeth were straight and I was using my retainer. But I would take it out of my mouth IN MY SLEEP! Every single night I took the retainer out of my mouth.

Eventually, I stepped on them one morning when I got out of bed, not realizing I had pulled them out of my mouth for the umpteenth time. Not wanting my teeth to return to their old position, we paid to buy another set of retainers.

With Dr. Turke’s deal, you won’t ever have to worry about not having your retainer with you! And you’ll have two sets of backup retainers in case something crazy happens to yours!

Call or email for a consultation today to take advantage of this great opportunity to have straight teeth!

{Note: Obviously this is such a good deal that I have to mention that this discount can not be combined with any other discount or offer. The Discount must be presented/mentioned at the initial consultation appointment. And it is valid for new patients only}

Smile Superpower

Don’t just take my word for it, here are a few more words from fellow True Couponer’s about Dr. Turke:

“Dr. Turke has been our family orthodontist for several years for three of our children. He and his staff are wonderful, caring, and personable. He is highly qualified and is reasonably priced.” – Bryan Mion, Valrico, FL

“I went to Dr. Turke. He was about $1,300 cheaper and they let us pick a payment plan (and then modify it) based on our initial down payment. He is super nice, plus the in and out was easy too.”  – Dana Cook, Riverview FL

“We love going to Dr. Turke’s office. They make you feel like family! We have been very happy with the progress and quality of his work. We highly recommend Dr. Turke.” – Jamie Roger, Tampa, FL

Dr Turke

Read more about Dr. Turke on his website.

{You’ll see neat things such as: he is a member of Idlewild Baptist Church and frequently joins with dentists and physicians on medical and dental missions trips to Mexico and Myanmar (formerly Burma).}

Service Oriented Businesses are legally required to tell you the following information when you are offered a discount (this counts as an “advertisement” because Dr. Turke is allowing you to receive a discount, even though I am simply sharing my personal testimony with my friends):

Under stress and grinding your teeth? This option will help ensure you don't ruin your teeth!