Amazon is already known for being a discounted online shopping resource. But there are many ways you can save when you shop on Amazon, making it even better for the savvy & frugal shopper!

Amazon is one of my go-to websites for almost everything I need. There is such a great selection of products ranging from cleaning supplies to toys for my kids. For years, I was paying full price for all of my Amazon purchases! I had no idea there were ways to save money on Amazon, so I would just check out and not think twice! There are so many ways you can save on Amazon, but today we are going to talk about some of the interesting ways you can save money on Amazon that you probably didn’t know about.

Free Shipping Without Prime

The main reason everyone signs up for Amazon Prime is for the 2-Day Free Shipping… but do you really need to get that item in 2 days? Could you wait and receive it in 4 in order to avoid paying the $99 annual fee for Prime?

If you save up the items you are ordering until they are over $35 then you’ll get free shipping every time! Otherwise, just include the words “free shipping” in the main search box to ensure you are first looking through items to purchase that offer free shipping. No prime needed!


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Reload Your Amazon Gift Card

If you reload your gift card on, you’ll get a bonus 5% extra! That means if you add $100 onto your Amazon Gift Card Balance, you’ll receive $5 for free!

Amazon Has Coupons

If you are shopping for grocery items, you can use clickable coupons! The coupons will be located near the price on the product page, or on Amazon’s coupon page. The coupons are available to use on grocery items, similar to manufacturer coupons found in the newspaper, so while they are small in value (usually $2 or less), they add up a little over time.

You need to click on them to “clip” them and then you’ll see your discount in the cart when you check out.

Oh, and even better news, they can be stacked with other coupon codes and gift cards as well.

Use Deal Tracker Sites

Prices for items on Amazon can go up and down almost minute-by-minute, so sites like will alert you when an item you want drops in price.

Also, if you are viewing an item on Amazon, CamelCamelCamel will show you the “price trend” to see if you are about to pay way too much… or get a good deal!

This website also offers millions of items’ pricing histories to help you determine when is the right time to buy.

Shop Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse is like an “outlet mall” for Amazon. It’s where they sell open box items, including TVs, tablets, laptops, home goods and more. It usually features items that have been refurbished, returned, used, or damaged in a warehouse. Items are sorted by conditions, so you’ll know if the item you purchased is in good shape.

They also have loads of “Amazon Renewed” items that have been certified that the items will function as new even though they are refurbished. I’ve bought many refurbished electronics and never had a problem with them. And I especially love the price.

Trade In Your Old Stuff

How do you think Amazon is getting all those electronics to refurbish? Through its Trade-In program, of course! And Amazon offers gift cards to customers for trading in certain items such as tablets, phones, DVDs, CDs, books and video games.

While you won’t get actual cash-in-hand, you will get an Amazon Gift Card, and considering you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon, that’s almost as good as cash in hand!

During the Holidays I can understand wanting to have a Prime Membership. You can always sign up for a 30 Day Free Trial and then set an alarm your calendar to turn it off before it renews. That way you get the 2-Day Free Shipping during the busiest shipping season of the year, without having to pay for a whole year when you might not use it!

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Everyone uses Amazon. Make sure you know how to maximize your savings when you shop on Amazon. And no,  you don't have to have Prime! #truecouponing #savingmoney