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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have great sales, but one of the best times to do your shopping for certain items, is after the holidays.

A friend and I were chatting on the phone and she said that she was tempted to tell her little kids that Christmas day was actually a week AFTER 12/25 so that she could take advantage of the crazy good After-Christmas Sales and not overspend on items.

And there is some truth to that concept, but it does not work for the majority of gifts you would be purchasing.

Instead, I’ve found that there are certain items that ARE less expensive after Christmas.

I spoke about this topic on 12/24/17 on my Savings Segment on Fox. Watch the replay video here:

Some of the best deals that you’ll find all year happen just a few days after Christmas because stores will be marking down items anywhere from 30 to 70 percent off!

Here are 8 Things you should wait to buy until after Christmas:

1. Gift Cards

I guess you don’t really have to “wait” to buy these until after Christmas, but that week after Christmas and before New Years will be your VERY LAST CHANCE to get a bonus deal on Gift Cards. And typically you’ll receive money for Christmas… so you could make that money go farther by using it after Christmas on Gift Cards.

Here’s how it works: during the holiday season, many places (especially restaurants) offer great bonuses when you buy a gift card. The week between Christmas and New Years is the very last week stores will offer these gift card promotions (and many will be no longer available after Christmas Eve).

Retailers will typically offer a gift card with purchases that reach a certain order threshold or with a specific product. For example, you can get a $10 bonus gift card to use the next month when you buy a $50 gift card to use now.

We have bought the gift card, used it to pay for dinner, then had the $10 bonus to use during the next month. That’s free money!

Plus, many stores have their products on clearance, so you would get more for your money anyway.

If you receive money for Christmas, why not make it go even farther by getting a gift card that has an extra bonus of free money?!!

2. Christmas Decorations & Candles

Most people know that holiday decorations are cheapest immediately after Christmas in order to buy it for next year. Want a giant inflatable for your yard? Both Home Depot and Walmart slash the prices (at least 50% off) of those fun yard ornaments on 12/26!

What makes you smarter than the average person is to stock up with “gift giving” in mind! Why wait until next November to start shopping for Christmas?

On December 26th you’ll start to see discounts from 30% to 75% off seasonal items.

Because retailers have stocked up on items such as Christmas Ornaments, Stocking, Holiday Cards, Wrapping Paper, and more during the holiday season, once Christmas is over they have to get rid of them. If you have your eye on an artificial tree, hurry to get to stores first thing on 12/26 so that you get one! Those typically sell out quickly.

That means you’ll get the best deals on any Decorations you want to use next year. 

And you can get Holiday themed presents to give and get a jump start for next year. Did you give anyone a cinnamon scented candle this year? Why not stock up on some when they are 70% less expensive and be ready to give it next year!

3. Storage Boxes

Are you planning on organizing your house after the 1st of the New Year? Then you’re probably gonna need storage boxes!

Any storage boxes that are red or green colors are considered Christmas items which means you can get them for a lot less than the typical organizing boxes.

Take advantage of the fact that the boxes are colored for Christmas and get them significantly cheaper!

4. Gift Sets

Stores stock up on gift sets during the holiday season, but just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean these gift sets become useless.

You can score bonus freebies that come wrapped in sets for lotions, shower essentials, perfume and even pet gift sets for just a few dollars.

Stock up on the non-Christmas packaged ones for many events throughout the year; birthdays, graduations, even baby showers.

Put these goodies away to use for birthday gifts. Burt’s Bees gift sets look the same every year, so I’ve been able to score them super cheap after Christmas and put them away to give to someone the following Christmas (look for expiration dates, some will show that they are 3 years out!).

5. Winter Gear

Right after Christmas is the best time to start buying your winter merchandise.

That’s because retailers are anxious to start putting out their spring clothes which means you can get boots, sweaters, jackets, and other winter merchandise at rock bottom prices.

If you can, save your winter clothing shopping trip till after the holidays. Don’t forget to stock up for NEXT year. For kids, buy the next size up and maybe even consider purchasing a nice new coat to give someone you love as a Christmas Present next year.

I have a “puffy” jacket that I just love, that has held it style for years. That could’ve been easily purchased after Christmas and given as a present the following year.

6. Video Games

Be on the lookout for reduced priced video games at used goods stores and retail stores such as Gamestop.

After Christmas when parents realize they bought the wrong game and the store won’t take it back, they often end up here.

These games can be discounted up to 75% off their “special holiday deals” and some may still be in the original packaging. Thier mishap is your opportunity to get a new game at a great price!

8. Bakeware

Everyone is baking in December so there is no reason for stores to discount holiday-themed baking products such as red pans, cookie presses or mini Bundt cake pans.

Then, everyone goes on a diet in January, so no one needs the bakeware!

Look for deep discounts on all bakeware, but especially the holiday-themed bakeware. Remember, this would also make a great gift for a neighbor next year!

7. Throw Blankets

I love giving (and receiving) blankets. They are warm and snuggly and make me remember the sweet person who gave them to me.

But they are cheapest if you WAIT to buy them after Christmas. That’s because those happy bundles of fluff take up a lot of shelf space. Make sure you check department stores such as Macy’s and Kohls where you’ll likely be able to find a coupon you can stack on an already low sale price

But don’t get carried away and redo your whole bedroom though, because in January, they will have the best “White Sales” to score some cheap bedding!

Don’t get swayed by stores enticing marketing tactics to try and get you to buy before Christmas when you can wait a couple weeks and get a much better deal!

YOUR TURN: What do you buy during After-Christmas sales? Comment below and let us know!

Don't get swayed by stores enticing marketing tactics to try and get you to buy before Christmas when you can wait a couple weeks and get a much better deal!