A few months ago I was super disappointed that to learn that Winn Dixie ended their FuelPerks gas reward program.

So many of my friends had earned tanks of FREE gas that I was worried our good time was over. I decided to research any other options we would have to continue saving on gas.

Much to my surprise, I figured out some super easy strategies to earn rewards that have earned me at least one FREE tank of gas each month! I’m better at this than I ever was at Winn Dixie’s retired program! Sweet!


Earn Bonuses By Shopping At Your Local Grocery Store! {Publix, Fresh Market, ALDI and more!}

Every other month Shell’s Fuel Reward network offers a bonus reward when you use your linked MasterCard Debit or Credit card to 15¢ for every $100 you spend at local Grocery Stores in your area.

As a couponer, I want to makes sure you know that the $100 has to be the final out-of-pocket total you spend (the final dollar amount that hits your bank account), but it does NOT have to be in one transaction, you will earn the 15¢ bonus once you get to $100 total.

To quickly find the offer, first, join the Fuel Rewards Program, then, from your smartphone text the word APP to 83835 and once you log in, go to the “Nearby Offers” area.

But I Don’t Have A MasterCard!?!

The majority of the rewards earned using the Fuel Reward Network do NOT require using a MasterCard. In fact, in my savings summary below, only 20¢ of the $2 I earned off each gallon were related to MasterCard specific rewards. But MasterCard does have special offers for Fuel Reward Members.

If you are like me and don’t want to get a new credit card, I’ve got another idea for you to still earn that 15¢ bonus from Publix.

My bank switched to Visa a few months ago (we have USAA) and in order to get the MasterCard bonuses we also linked a masterCard from a secondary bank account we have with a local small bank, CenterState Bank. Their Debit Card IS a MasterCard.

Each month, set up an auto transfer from your normal bank account (in my case that would be from USAA) to the secondary checking account (to CenterState) for the items you want to earn bonuses on. In this case, for your grocery budget.

Who knows… at the end of the year you might even have a little extra money in there to use for Christmas by underspending that area of your budget 😉

If you want to make life easier, once you are a Fuel Rewards Member, you could also sign up for the Shell MasterCard Credit Card and then set it up to auto pay the balance in full each month… just remember to use IT when you go shopping at Publix. {I would put a sticker on the front of the “usual” Debit card that I use that says… “NOT FOR GROCERIES” as a quick visual reminder to use the other card.}

{Specifically} How To Get FREE Gas Each Month:

See that picture above? That is what I encounter each and every month by using the steps below to earn rewards towards my fuel purchase.

Remember, there is a tax associated with gas that you cannot get out of paying… but I don’t mind paying 20¢ TOTAL to receive 20 gallons of gas to fill my vehicle!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The reward you earn is a discount off each gallon of gas UP TO 20 Gallons, and it must be used at ONE TIME. Since my van only takes between 16-18 gallons (depending on how low I let it get), we either take both cars up to the gas station and park on either side of the pump so that I can hand the gas pump over to my hubby to fill his tank, or we ask a stranger if they would like the remainder of our 2-4 gallons of FREE gas.

We have a really neat story about an encounter with a stranger while we were traveling that we shared on Facebook Live that will surely encourage your heart that God always provides. Watch it here.

The Step-By-Step Earning Details:

1. Every-Day Discount – By joining Shell’s Network, they give a 5¢ discount off each gallon just for being a member. (brand new members get 25¢ off each gallon as a bonus, I was already past my 30 days when I started really learning all these tricks, so I didn’t get that, but you can by joining here)

2. Link Your Debit/Credit Cards –  I linked up three credit/debit cards to earn money on regular purchases:
These do NOT have to be a Mastercard. You can link any card and they will earn rewards too. If you use a Mastercard you will qualify for the other bonuses.
(1.) my main debit card
(2.) my hubby’s main debit card
(3.) my Mom’s credit card that she uses to buy gas
I earned 10¢ total last month for making purchases that I’m not sure they were because of having those three cards linked.

Here are the details from inside my account: You can see that once I spent a qualifying $50, I earned 5¢ per gallon:
{But I can’t tell whose card earned it (mine, James’ or my Mom’s), nor where we shopped either}

3. Restaurant Savings – Again, you can use either a Visa, American Express OR a Mastercard to earn these rewards. It does not have to be a Mastercard to qualify for the savings. We ate at a local BBQ restaurant (Bubbaque’s) and spent a total of $50 (including tip) earned 10¢ off per gallon. My parents ate a couple times at a little organic restaurant near them in Safety Harbor, thankfully they used the same credit card I had linked, because that also earned me another 10¢ off!

4. Four Fill-Ups – Since I was always buying Shell gas gift cards at Publix when they run their gas card special, I regularly fill up at Shell… well, when you fill up four times in a 30 day period (must be at least 8 gallons each time) you’ll get another bonus. This is fun because I then used my Shell Gift Card to pay, so it didn’t even cost me any extra money! My Mom & Dad also filled up their cars during the month, so that earned me another 25¢ off each gallon. Score!

5. Grocery Shopping – Every other moth you can earn 15¢ for every $100 you spend at a grocery store.  In March this was only 3¢ so it earned me 12¢. But once I saw the 15¢ bonus I was able to earn 60¢ by shopping at Publix in the last couple weeks of March!

6. Winn-Dixie FuelPerks – I had already earned 20¢ by shopping at Winn-Dixie over the prior 60 days. This options is no longer available as of 3/26/17. However, the 15¢ bonus at grocery stores is WAY better than the old FuelPerks promotion!

7. Refer-A-Friend – Once you become a member, you can get a “referral link” to share with YOUR friends and when they join the program you’ll earn a 25¢ bonus! I had 3 friends join in the last 30 days so that earned me 75¢ off! (Thank you, friends!)

8. App Bonus – Also, once you are already a member, watch for them to send you a promotional email so earn a 5¢ reward when you download their app. That was a super easy bonus because it made it really easy to look up my account (and the rewards) on my phone.

So, here is my specific Earnings Summary so you can see how I earned $2 off each gallon of gas:
5¢ Everyday Savings
10¢ Mastercard Shopping Savings (no idea what specifically this was for, but you can see the details in the image below, when I earned another 5¢ on 3/17/17)
10¢ Restaurant Savings
10¢ Restaurant Savings – Parents (they ate at an organic restaurant and I earned the bonus for it)
25¢ Four Time Fill-Up Bonus – James & me
25¢ Four Time Fill-Up Bonus – my parents
6¢ Winn-Dixie Grocery Shopping
20¢ FuelPerks earned previously
12¢ Grocery Shopping
75¢ Refer-A-Friend (3 Friends)
5¢ App Download Bonus (not sure if this is still available)
TOTAL SAVINGS: $2.03 per gallon!

So you can easily see how the savings add up in order for you to get the same (or better) rewards!

Here’s What YOU Could Save Immediately:

If you are not already a Fuel Reward Member, they offer bonus ways to earn in your first month.

The best way to maximize your savings is to link a Mastercard debit/credit that you will use to grocery shop AND buy your gas.

In that first 30 days of signing up, and linking your card if you shop at a local restaurant and spend $50, and then shop at Publix spending $100, here’s what your savings will look like:
25¢ Sign Up Bonus
5¢ Everyday Savings
10¢ Restaurant Savings
5¢ Restaurant Bonus (only on first $50 of spending)
15¢ Grocery Shopping Bonus (must link a MasterCard)
—-> That will save you 60¢ off each gallon! Which means it’s a total of $12 off 20 gallons of gas! Score!

So there you have it, a new surprise benefit for MasterCard users, and the details behind how to utilize a program to earn some FREE gas each month! You gotta love a program that allows you to do your everyday shopping and still earn rewards for a necessary expense such as gas!

What do you think? Have you been racking up the savings like this too?  Please comment with your opinion below!

{Side Note: I discussed this on my Fox Segment on 3/26/17, in case you want to watch:}


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