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I'm Kati Kiefer! Wife, mother, Christian, and financial guru. When my husband was faced with a large pay cut at work, I found it necessary to find creative ways to save money on household spending.

My passion is to encourage and inspire other families, like yours, to stretch their personal finances by helping them reach their goals, bless their communities, and strengthen their faith. That's why I created my site, which has more than 130,000 visitors each month, and why I created this course.

Just for YOU!

~Kati Kiefer

4 Simple Steps You'll Learn:

  • Set Up a Manageable System This will ensure you NEVER feel overwhelmed PLUS save you time! {Spoiler Alert: You won't be cutting coupons on Sunday afternoons!}
  • Never Pay Full Price Learn how to fully stock your pantry for long term results!
  • Avoid Marketing Ploys Stop overspending! Learn the shopping strategy to use coupons to pay for your groceries instead of your hard earned money.
  • Simple 5-Minute, 4 Step Process Do this before you head to the checkout so that your cashier loves you!

Real Results from Real People

"Nearly 94% Savings!!! I'm a rather new couponer but I absolutely love to save!"

Anaeli R.

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