Creative Ways To Decorate Your House For Christmas

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Decorating your house can be an expensive endeavor. But with all of the fun Pinterest projects available, the more DIY projects you can make, the more money you will save. I’ve found that a combination of shopping at the Dollar Store  and knowing how to save when you shop at the Craft Store means you can decorate your house on the cheap.

Shop With a Plan

Just like you know in order to save money you should not go to the grocery store hungry, you cannot go in to JoAnn’s without a plan… honestly, I think going in to JoAnn’s is like a catching a glimpse of heaven. But their job is to entice you to buy already made items, or talk you into buying a bunch of lofty best-intention projects that you will never get to accomplish. Let’s be real, we are NEVER going to be able to do all that stuff…. do NOT get distracted. Go in for the things you need, get in and get out without spending a fortune.

How To Save

Shopping at the Dollar Store is easy, there are things to stay away from and things you should only buy there. But shopping at Craft Stores is slightly more strategic. Since NOW is the Holiday season, JoAnn’s and Michael’s both will have fantastic sales to get you to “deck the halls” with everything Christmasy. You need to stay focused on your couponing principles of combining great sales, along with excellent coupons so your wallet doesn’t get away from you and you spend more than you should’ve. Both JoAnn’s and Michael’s typically put coupons out in a flyer found in the Sunday Newspaper, or you can also sign up for their emails and get on their mailing list in order for them to send you coupons directly to your mailbox. And don’t forget their app! That usually has a coupon or two that could save you up to 60% Off!Christmas Decoration Ornament Vase

Super Inexpensive Crafting Examples:

Here are a few decorations I made for less than $6 total. I made a Christmas Ornament Centerpiece and an adorable Light Up Snowman Teacher Gift! Now all I need to add to my house is the Christmas Tree and I’ll be done decorating for Christmas!

Ornament Vase Centerpiece, This project took longer to shop for than it did to put together! In about 10 minutes you will have a magical, glowing, Christmas centerpiece. I got all the supplies at the Dollar Tree or JoAnn’s (or you could find it at Michael’s) and had a great time putting it together with my kids! Check out the Step-by-Step instructions to make the Christmas Centerpiece here.

Light Up Snow Man Ornament

To make the Light Up Snowman Gift,  Okay when Annabelle said she wanted to make these, I honestly thought they sounded kinda cheesy… but when she showed me that they light up… well, anything that you can hang on the tree that lights up, I tend to like. So for this craft you only need a sheet of felt to make the hat and or some kind of hat sticker, add eyes and pair it with a gift card for Sunday School Teachers or School Teachers.

Starwars Snow Flakes

Star Wars Snow Flakes,  This is a SUPER FUN project to do with the kids… although, it might be more for older kids and have the younger kids make slightly easier ones because this one requires the use of an Xacto knife. It is essentially cutting up a piece of paper into the shape of a snowflake that has the Star Wars and Frozen and Guardian of the Galaxy characters on them. it is SO COOL and my boys totally approved that it is super neat… oh and the patterns are totally FREE! Download Star Wars Snowflakes Templates HERE

Let me know your creative ways to save money on Christmas Decorations by leaving a comment below!

And here are a few fun craft projects the kids can eat:

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