If grocery stores were in a mall, Publix would be the magnet store! We’ve heard from so many people how they would never go to Publix because they thought it was too expensive or even “uppity.” Then they took that first scary trip armed with coupons and their TrueCouponing shopping list and became dedicated Publix fans from that day forward. In addition to Publix BOGOs, there are many secrets to couponing at Publix that you may not know. Check out these secret savings tips to save more at Publix!

Many have told us how good it felt to be in a clean, well organized store and realized that they actually got better stuff and paid less than Walmart!

Publix has built their reputation on two things: Ease of couponing and providing a level of customer service and friendliness that is unparalleled in the retail industry.  That must be where they got their company slogan, “Publix, where shopping is a pleasure!” To make your Publix experiences even more pleasurable, we’ve summed up a whole bunch of Secret Tips for shopping and couponing at Publix to help you save by shopping there.  It’s all about how you shop at Publix that determines how much you pay.

Publix Raincheck

15 Secret Tips That Will Save You More When Couponing at Publix

1. Rainchecks Extend the Life of Coupons

If an item you want to purchase is not in stock, head up to the Customer Service desk and simply ask for a raincheck. The raincheck will not only extend the life of that sale, but it will also extend the life of your coupon. Even if the coupon expires while waiting for the item to restock, so long as the date on the raincheck has not expired, they will accept the coupon too! It is even listed directly in the Publix Coupon Policy FAQ’s.

Read more about the Publix Coupon Policy here, then print it to keep with your coupon book.

Sneak Peek Publix Ad

 2. “Stack” to Save More, Couponing At Publix

In addition to allowing coupons to be used on each item in their BOGO (Buy One Get One) sales, Publix also offers their own in-store Advantage Flyers, called simply “Purple (Health & Beauty) Advantage Flyer” and “Green (Grocery) Advantage Flyer.”

You can pick them up in the stores, get them out of the Sunday newspapers, or print them online. You will also see sale items listed in these flyers with in-ad instant savings without a coupon.

Add your manufacturer’s (MQs) & store coupons (SQs) to these already reduced prices and you will recognize a significant savings, often free or with overage!

Publix Competitors3. Welcome Competitors!

Each Publix store has its own list of accepted competitor stores’ coupons.  Which competitor Qs are accepted in any given location has everything to do with which competitor stores are nearby.

Check out the list of competitors here to know before you go couponing at Publix or ask at your customer service desk which Store Coupons they accept.

Target Produce Coupon

4. Welcome Competitor Name Brand Items too!

Publix will even accept competitors’ private label brand coupons. Example: You have a $1 Off Target coupon for their store brand of frozen vegetables.  You can buy the Publix brand of frozen vegetables and use the Target Q, so long as your store accepts Target as a competitor. How cool is that?!

Publix Stocking Spree

5. Join The Club(s)

Publix has several clubs you can sign up for, like Paws (for pet care), Baby Club, Stocking Spree, Preschool Pals, Family Style Magazine, Aprons, and Best Meals Happen at Home.

Being on these lists mean you’ll receive extra coupons by e-mail or even in your mailbox at home.

Publix Digital Coupons 26. Digital Couponing at Publix

Lots of retailers have started offering digital coupons.  These are manufacturer’s coupons that are deducted from your total at the register.

Just set up an account on the Publix website and “clip” the coupons to add them to your account. At the register, simply enter your phone number into the key pad where you would swipe your debit/credit card and the register will automatically deduct any coupons that apply to your order.

The bonus of digital is if you happen to run into the store to purchase one of something that you don’t have a paper coupon for, but there is a digital coupon. You’ll reap the savings without ever having touched a pair of scissors!

Learn exactly how to use Publix Digital Coupons. I love seeing that extra dollar or two magically come off my total at the register from the digital coupons that I had clipped. Win!

FREE Sign7. Publix Promise = FREE Product

Getting and keeping your business is paramount to Publix, and that is why they offer the Publix Promise. If an item scans higher than posted or advertised price, you get it free! Usually Publix is right on their game when it comes to pricing and 99.9% of the time there is never an issue. Whatever the reason, if it scans wrong you get it free.

The Publix Promise applies to one (1) item, so if you are buying multiples and they all scan wrong, you will get the first one free and the others at the lower price listed.

Publix Gift Card

8. FREE Gift Card Rebates

Publix runs several rebate campaigns per year, and they are usually linked with manufacturers like P&G or ConAgra.

You will see them posted around the store with special displays, and even tearpads sometimes on the refrigerator and freezer doors.

There will be special sales and coupons for certain items and the rebate often involve a $10 or more Publix gift card when redeemed.  That’s more FREE money!

Check all the current Publix Promotions going on right now here.

See if you qualify for free tax prep and/or filing

9. Overage is Not a Bad Word

Winning and keeping you as a customer is so important to Publix, they happily recognize and give you overage when you use coupons that are higher than you total!

As a courtesy, I try to always spend something. After all, we love couponing at Publix and they are in the business of making money, not giving it away, so we want to keep them in business from now on.  However, on occasion we have gotten down to the last coupon to be scanned and came up with a negative balance, meaning they owed me money. No questions asked- they’ll just apply that amount to a Publix gift card and thank you with a smile. Who doesn’t like FREE MONEY?

Publix Shopping Trip 10-3-15

10. Special Order for Your Stockpile

Publix has a limit of (10) of the same items you can purchase off the shelf in a single shopping trip. This is different than their limit of eight coupons per item. They do this not to limit how much you can buy.  Rather, it’s a means to keep some stock on the shelf for everyone.

If you want to buy a super large amount of an item, just give them a quick call before the sale. You can place a special order to arrive during the time of the sale. Check with your own store manager to see if any special guidelines apply (such as you might need to place the order in-store instead of over the phone to sign the form). Easy Peasy.

11. Publix Mystery Penny Item (outside of FL)

Every Wednesday your local paper (outside of Florida) will have a coupon for the Publix Mystery Penny item. Just purchase at least $10 in groceries and you will be able to buy the mystery item for just 1 cent, thus the name “Penny Item.”

It is a way to get you to try a Publix brand item for next to nothing in hopes that you will love it and choose their item over the national brand next time you buy. We’ve seen single rolls of Paper Towels, bottles of Apple Juice, Window Cleaner and even the big bag of Pretzels. For a penny, you cannot go wrong.

Publix Gas Card Deal12. Gas Card Deals

About once a month Publix offers a gas card deal that is just hard to beat – anywhere! There will be a coupon in the weekly ad and maybe even in one of the advantage flyers for $10 Off a $50 Gas Card when your Purchase $50 in Groceries.  Unlike the Dollars Off Purchase coupons, Publix will allow you to buy multiple gas cards in a transaction, as long as you have met the $50 grocery requirement – before coupons!

So let’s say you have $200 in groceries, you could purchase four (4) gas cards, saving $40! That’s a free tank of gas! I combine this with my Shell Fuel Reward savings to get a FREE Tank of gas each month!

Publix Deli13. Order Deli Items Online

Want to avoid the hassle of going up and down the aisles or the long line at the deli? Save time by placing your deli order online.

You can specify the date and time you want to pick it up and have it ready. When you arrive at the store, just stop by the Deli and pick it up (it is typically in a refrigerated bin, no need to even take a number!). Sometimes there are even deli coupons in the Publix Green (Grocery) Advantage Flyer!

Packaged Meat14. Special Meat Processing

Did you know the butchers will cut and package your meat to your own specifications? Yep, buy something you want cut into smaller servings or you want the steak quality ground into ground meat? They’ll cut it and wrap it according to your wishes, all for FREE – just ask!

Publix Pharmacy

15. Free Antibiotics at the Publix Pharmacy

When I first heard this I thought it was a joke. This is no joke people! There are several forms of medication that Publix fills for free, and those include meds for diabetes, blood pressure and antibiotics. FREE – no strings attached.

Even if the only thing you go to Publix for is the free medicine (but it won’t be), you will save mega dollars! Take a look at this list and work with your physician to see which of these might be right for you. Once they receive your prescription, the Publix Pharmacy does the rest. No need to fill out special forms or contact Congress, just pick them up at the window from the smiling technician! HUGE money saving benefit!

A Few More Reasons We Love Shopping And Couponing At Publix:

FREE Cookies for kids:

Don’t forget the FREE cookies for the kids! Every time you shop it’s a must to visit the Bakery and let your kids pick up a free cookie! They will soon be on a first name basis with all of the bakery chefs and look forward to seeing who’s there this week!

Ask about the Publix Senior Discount:

In select markets, they offer a 5% senior discount to persons age 60+ on Wednesdays in Tennessee, North Carolina and the some areas of northern Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia (sorry Florida)! If you live in any of the areas mentioned, check to see if your store offers the discount and make that your day to shop. You’ll need to mention it at the register to be sure it gets applied to your transaction.

Publix Store Brand Items:

Publix has their own store brand items and they are manufactured by leading national manufacturers. If you need something but don’t have coupons, you’ll want to check these items first. You can get a hint of who made it by looking at which national manufacturer it is stored beside. For example, if the store brand is stocked on the shelf beside Del Monte, there’s a high likelihood that Del Monte packaged the store brand as well.

Do you have other Bonus ways you save when shopping and couponing at Publix?
Comment below and share your ideas with all of us!

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In addition to Publix BOGOs, there are many secrets to saving at Publix that you may not know. Check out these secret savings tips to save more at Publix! #couponcommunity #publix #savingmoney #truecouponing #debtfree