5 Important Tips For Getting the Most Out Of Amazon’s Prime Day {Happening This Tues. 7/11}

Three years ago Amazon decided to have a “Amazon Prime Day” and it was a 24 hour period of CRAZY GOOD DEALS…

Bed sheets were crazy cheap.

TV’s were priced below Black Friday.

DVD’s and Wii Games were also priced so low it felt like you were stealing.

My family stocked up on things for Birthdays and Christmas.

Then last year “Prime Day” was deflating… the deals were not nearly as wonderful. So this year I am taking a different approach:

Watch the Replay of my segment on Fox TV here:

Instead of telling you all the deals that exist on Prime Day, I’m going to give you an overall strategy to help you navigate the “Prime Day Waters” so you can score a fantastic Deal for your family… regardless of what you purchase!

So here are my best tips for How to Score the Best Deals ON Amazon’s Prime Day:

Get Prime For FREE

Usually I suggest this tip closer to Black Friday to use during mid-November to Mid-December. But if you aren’t already a Prime member, then you can try it FREE for 30 days

If this was your first time signing up for Prime and you know you don’t want to keep it after the free trial, set an alarm on your phone RIGHT NOW to cancel Prime in 2 weeks (yes, you have 30 days, but why wait until the last minute…).

If you are a College Student, you get a 6-Month trial for FREE (or have one living in your house), then you can get Prime FREE for 6 months! Plus, after the 6-month trial period is over, then you’ll get Prime for half off the annual price!

Add Items to Your “List” TODAY

The “official” Deals start at 9pm EST on Monday July 10th but if you have your eye on something good, add it to your cart NOW and if that item goes on sale during the Prime Day Deals, you’ll be notified when the sale goes live by either the browser extension called “Amazon Assistant” or with a notification from the Amazon App.

Get the Browser Extension here.

Get the Amazon App here.

Best Deals = Spotlight Deals

The Prime “Deals” start at 9pm on July 10th. For the deepest discounts, Amazon wants you to watch the “Spotlight Deals” and then the “Lightning Deals” sections which are time sensitive deals that you would need to “refresh” all day.

To be honest, I don’t have time for that, and remember, your best bet is to know ahead of time what you want to buy, add it to your wish list then wait and see if Amazon notifies you that it goes on sale.

If you miss a deal, join the waitlist. If an item shows “100% claimed,” click the “Join Waitlist” button on the product page. If additional items become available, you’ll receive a notification on your mobile device.

Is it Truly A Deal?

Have you ever used the website, CamelCamelCamel.com?

It is a price watcher website that you can use to verify if prices are ACTUALLY really good (it shows previous prices).

It even has a browser extension that you can add to Chrome or Firefox and with the click of a button you can see if the item you are looking at is truly a good deal.

I’ll be watching (and comparing prices) inside the Prime Pantry area because they have promoted that some “Essential Items” will be up to 35% Off, so I’ll be watching for Paper Towels and Toilet Paper deals!

Ways to Get FREE Amazon Money

1. Last year during Prime Day, Amazon offered a free $10 Amazon Credit when you bought a $50 Amazon Gift Card (that’s a 20% Discount).

2. If you happen to already have an Amazon gift card, you can “reload” it with $100 and get a FREE $10 Credit also!

3. Plus, they are also going to be offering a FREE $5 Credit if you choose the longer shipping option. I’ve used this option several times and loved getting $5 for a couple extra days of shipping. I think it’s worth it.

4. If you’ve never downloaded the Amazon App before, you’ll get a bonus $10 Credit when you sign in! Yes, for FREE!

**NOTE (see photo above): You need to watch what the FREE $5 Credit is for. It might be for Prime Pantry, Prime Now or just a flat $5 Amazon Credit. I don’t want you to be surprised later and not able to access your credit!

YOUR TURN: Tell me in the comments if you plan on participating in Prime Day? What are you keeping your eyes on?

~Happy Prime Day Deal Shopping!