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True Couponing is a method to easy save money using coupons for groceries, home, and personal care products.  We bring the FUN back into the mundane Grocery Shopping Trip!! Watch my FREE Online Training videos and learn how to save for your own family while being able to bless others as well!!

Hi there! I’m Kati. I’m a follower of Christ, Wife to my high school sweetheart James, Mom of four kids and six kitties, and deal sharer to all!! My husband James and I are trying to be the best stewards of what God has given our family. Couponing has been such a blessing to our finances so my passion is helping others EASILY save money, too!!

I earned a B.S. in Accounting at the University of South Florida in 1998, and became a Senior Financial Analyst managing multi-million dollars of payroll and Fixed Assets for Baxter International Healthcare before deciding with my husband, James, in 2003, to quit my job in order to stay home and homeschool our four children.

In Jan 2009, James received a large pay cut and we were confronted with a scary decision…. pay the mortgage or feed our children. I was horrified that we had landed in this dire situation, two college graduates with solid heads on our shoulders.

How could we have let this happen?!!

At the time, our grocery bill was $600 a month, which I thought was great budgeting and rather low. But once I figured out True Couponing and started using it, our monthly grocery bill, including household and personal care supplies, was reduced to a mere $200 a month.

This is a system I can use even though I’m homeschooling four different grades, cheering on my kids at sporting events, keeping up with the house and working on this blog. “True Couponing is truly doable!”

True Couponing, is NOT the old-school way of using coupons that I originally found so frustrating and demotivating.

On this website you’ll find the easy method to coupon, online coupon classes, current store match-ups, You’ll also read testimonials from people I’ve personally trained and shopped with who have saved thousands of dollars and been able to easily pay it forward by blessing others out of their abundance.

You’ll find Kati featured on Fox TV each Sunday morning at 7:45am and 8:45am (watch prior segments here). Reach Kati by commenting on ANY page or post on this site, or by filling out the “Contact Me” form.

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 ~ Meet The True Couponing Team ~

With half million monthly readers, this blog and business has blossomed far beyond what I could possibly manage all on my own, even as a full-time job.  Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with the support of some amazing people who work behind the scenes to keep this site running and allow me time to focus on writing, deal seeking, homeschooling, and keeping my family time a priority. We are a tight-knit group who all love Jesus, share a passion for couponing, and want to bless others out of our abundance.

James also known as “Kati’s Husband” originally started helping Kati by sharing the workshop load and teaching coupon classes. He brags that in a “televised shop off” he beat Kati by 6/10ths of a percentage. But he SPENT MORE MONEY ($2 more to be exact), so Kati says it was a draw. And the true winner was the charity where we donated the food (Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa FL). James now helps Kati by sharing the load of homeschooling their 4 children, brainstorming the content calendar and regularly keeping Kati on task.

Karen has a really neat story of how she came to help with TrueCouponing. She hosted a workshop! She was sooo passionate about helping people and couponing for her own family that I asked her to please help me online. Karen has a knack for couponing and helps out with most of the coupon matchups.

Debbie originally lived in Orlando and helped out with the workshops in that area when I snatched her up to help me behind the scenes. Debbie helps research special topics I want to write about but need help gathering the details.

Jill has known Kati for several years through their homeschool community.  She loves Walgreens as much as Kati! You will most likely see Jill comment on the Walgreens posts in my Facebook Community because she helps me find those deals when she shops in the store!

Alana is the newest member of the True Couponing Team (and also the youngest). She is a rose among thorns because she lives in a house full of BOYS! She and Bobby are raising two sons and hope to add a girl to the mix one day soon. Alana is an avid couponer and helps to find store deals because she loves to shop at Publix.

Did you know you can help us out, too? Yes! PLEASE comment on the site too! Respond to fellow readers and answer their questions when you see them! Comment and let me know your thoughts and give me suggestions. There are lots of “honorary” helpers who laugh with me regularly in our Facebook Community, and it brings such a peace to know that my website really is a community of people helping each other by taking the time to motivate and teach each other here directly. I love you guys!

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