How to Save Money on Baby Diapers

Baby diapers can easily be your biggest expense for the first 2-3 years of your little one’s life. It’s a necessity that you keep buying until they are potty trained (which for each of my four children was right before they turned THREE! And then we used Pull-Ups for bedtime too!). With so many brands and various sizes out there, it can be difficult deciding how much you should spend.

I started couponing in 2009 when my youngest was just about 3 years old and was just graduating OUT of the regular diaper use… after a few years, my husband James and I went back and calculated the amount of money we would’ve saved had we couponed for the diapers from the beginning of having our four children.

Are you sitting down?

We would’ve saved over $7,000. SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS over the course of four children and the 12 years my children spent in diapers. {the specific details of our spending habits that many years ago I’ll have to save for another post}

So, thankfully, I have gone before you and figured out a few simple ways you can save money on baby diapers (and not make the horrific mistake of overspending like I did)!

Ready?! Let’s get to it!

How to Calculate Cost Per DiaperKnow What To Pay Per Diaper 

In order to save the most money on baby diapers, you must know exactly how much you are paying per diaper. This will allow you to compare prices across brands AND across stores. Especially when you are standing in the diaper aisle and just need a pack RIGHT NOW and then you find multiple brands are on sale. The

Well, you kinda have to sample them out to choose which ones work best for your little one, and then buy when they hit their stock up price. They will each hit the stock up price. That means that they will go on sale or potentially have a coupon, rebate or reward card to make them as low as you are willing to pay for them.

To calculate, simply divide the price by the number of diapers in the package. For example (see image above), this is the going rate for diapers in 2016 and get ready to be shocked, especially once you know what you should pay per diaper. If you have a box of 80 diapers that costs $34.99, just divide the price $34.99 by the 80 total diapers in the box. That equals $.44 each diaper. OUCH!

Now, the best price to pay for a diaper is between $.13 and $.25 each. Here is the stock up guide per size:

Newborn: 13¢
Size 1: 14¢
Size 2: 16¢
Size 3: 19¢
Size 4: 22¢
Size 5: 25¢

Thankfully, just by KNOWING what you should pay, you can choose a different box of diapers also for sale on Amazon and now you will only pay the Stock Up Price! For example, look at this one:

Huggies Diapers Deal on Amazon 2

It is the SAME BRAND, and SAME SIZE, and also for sale on Amazon, but it is a WAY cheaper option.

So the price of $42.03 (without the Subscribe & Save) makes them only $.19 each with NO coupons to cut, and no gas to spend running up to the store.

Have you connected the dots yet?

In order to choose the right box of diapers to buy on Amazon, you have to know what to pay per diaper. Otherwise, you are just choosing whatever Amazon suggests and haphazardly wasting money.

Pregnant?! Start Stockpiling Today!

As soon as you hit that second trimester, I would start to stockpile diapers. Here is a realistic picture of how much it is going to cost you and how many diapers you will need to stockpile to be prepared for when your bundle arrives. I have a great gauge for approximately how many diapers will be used each day (and therefore per week) and how long they stay in each size:

Newborn size = 252 Diapers
Size 1 = 490 Diapers
Size 2 = 588 Diapers
Size 3 = 2,380 Diapers
Size 4 = 1, 680 Diapers
Size 5 = Depends…

Here are the details for size, weight, and approximate diaper usage.

Size Weight # Diapers/Day # Diapers/Week Time in Size &
Total Cost
(at 15¢ each diaper)
Newborn >10 lbs 9 per day 63 per week 1 Month = $37.80
Size 1 >14 lbs 7 per day 49 per week Until 3.5 months old
2.5 Months = $73.50
Size 2 >18 lbs  6 per day 42 per week Until 7 months Old
3.5 Months =  $88.20
Size 3 >28 lbs 5 per day 35 per week  Until 2 years old
17 Months = 68 weeks
= 2,380 Diapers
= $357 Total
Size 4 > 35 lbs 5 per day 35 per week Until Potty Trained
For me this was until
they were 3 yrs old
= 12 months = 48 wks
= 1,680 Diapers
= $252
Size 5 >37 lbs 4 per day 28 per week Depends on the size
of your child.

Did I lose you in that grid of numbers?

Essentially, if you buy diapers and only spend around 15¢ per diaper, then you are going to spend over $800 in the first three years of your babies life.

*Caveat* Now, of course, this could change depending on the size your baby is born (my dear friend Kari’s daughter was over 10 lbs at birth!!)… and then also depends on the rate at which they grow. But overall it is a great gauge to determine how many diapers you will need to stockpile before your baby gets here!

search across all sales 5-4Where is the Best Sale?

Simply type “diaper” in the custom search box below and see what happens. It pulls up ANY sale at ANY Store on ANY Diaper if there is one (if you get no result then there is no current sale happening on your product) and then the applicable coupons to go along with it!

No wondering if you were getting the best price! No more guessing which store has the best deal! You can find out in just a few seconds! Go ahead, test it out right here! But don’t get distracted and miss the other tips below.


Provide search term and click 'Search'

Move UP Slowly

Don’t be in a hurry to move your baby up to the next diaper size. The higher the size, the less diapers in the pack. For example, a pack of Pampers size 2 diapers has 32 diapers, whereas a size 3 pack only has 27 diapers. That’s 5 diapers you lose in each pack if you move up too early! If your baby still fits great in a size 2 then don’t move them up until you absolutely need to. A great gauge is leaks! If your diaper starts to leak, it’s time to move up.

Many sizes overlap with the weight recommendations, so make sure you aren’t wasting money by moving too soon.

You’ve Got To Watch the Quantity

The same size diaper can vary depending on brand and variety.

You’ll find that the Huggies Little Snugglers has less diapers than the other Huggies Snug & Dry option, and it is the same for the Pampers brand: Pampers Swaddlers diaper packs have fewer diapers per pack than the Pampers Baby Dry of the same size.

That means you will have to fight through the crossing of your eyes when you look at the package and look AT the package “count” in order to get the most for your money for that same size.

That way you’ll get more diapers for your dollar.

Join the Club!

Most grocery stores (and sometimes drug stores) have a “Baby Club” in which you sign up to receive special coupons and sometimes advance notice of sales.

Here are the quick links to sign up for the Publix Baby Club or Winn Dixie Baby Club.

They will send you special store coupons which you can stack along with manufacturer coupons to get the most for your money!

Always Have a Coupon on You

This may be obvious, but coupons can be the best way to save money on baby diapers.

Many top diaper brands have a place on their website to sign up to download coupons.

Plus, if you contact each company and tell them what you like best about their product and they will more than likely send you some really GOOD coupons (higher dollar amount coupons than they release to everyone) in the mail.

Plus you can use my Coupon Database to see if there are any available coupons for your favorite choice!

If you have a coupon on hand, and have to make a quick run, then you just check the price per diaper and buy the one that is closest to that stock up price. It truly IS that simple, I promise.

Look For Bonus Rewards!

Stores like Target, Walgreens & CVS often put Diapers on sale with Reward Offers.

For example: Get a $5 Target Gift Card when you buy (3) Huggies Box Diapers, or Spend $30 on Huggies Diapers, get $10 in rewards.

Factor that reward in to the price in order to compare the price per diaper and make it easier to choose which diaper brand you should buy.

Checkout 51 DiapersDon’t Miss the App Rebates

Rebates are like an after-the-fact bonus! Especially if you’ve already gotten a good sale and possibly used a coupon! You can even buy one item and submit the rebates to more than one App! Here are my 3 favorites with regards to Diapers:

Ibotta – This app frequently has Pampers and Pull Ups Rebates and typically update their offers every 4 days. Sign up for an account and then download the app. See step by step instructions for how to use Ibotta here. You’ll find savings at stores like Target, Walmart, Safeway, CVS and more!

Checkout51 – Another great rebate app, the offers change every Thursday morning and expire the following Wednesday. To submit a receipt just snap a photo with your phone and upload it to the app! Easy Peasy! Read more about Checkout 51 here.

Target Cartwheel – If you are shopping at Target, then you gotta take one second to search their Cartwheel Offers, and see if there is any additional discount to make for a better deal. Learn how to use Cartwheel.

Subscription Services Might Be Cheaper

Little Snugglers Price and even Target offer subscription services for you to receive monthly baby diaper shipments to arrive at your front door. And because you are They offer discounts because you are paying to receive these items on a regular basis. Plus, you save money on gas and extra purchases you may make since you can stay home and get diapers delivered right to your door.

Amazon also offers a Subscription Service that gives you 20% Off!

That means the same box of Huggies above that costs $44.83 from Target (after the 5% Subscription Discount) would only cost $37.76. That amounts to a savings of $.04 per diaper! Since your little one is going to be in a Size 3 for approximately 2,380 Diapers, that is a savings of over $95! Whoa! See how those four pennies per diaper can add up pretty quickly?!

Switch to Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers, once purchased, can save you a great deal since you aren’t throwing your money away in the trash at each diaper change!

There are many cloth diaper options out there, with some costing just $10-$12 per diaper.

Inserts can be used with some diaper covers so that the cover can be reused, even further saving you money.

Even after you add in the cost of washing the cloth diapers, they can still be cheaper to use.

If you are willing, that would be a great option to save some extra money over the long run. PLUS, usually you can sell them again once you are finished using them!

What About Warehouse Clubs?

Did you know that Warehouse Stores rarely have the best price for diapers?

In fact, you could be paying almost twice as much!

Think about it this way; a coupon is typically good for “any” size package, so buying 3 smaller size packs and using 3 coupons is better than buying one big box and only using one coupon.

So? What do you think? Have another way to save money on Diapers? Please comment below and share your thoughts with everyone reading this article!

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