5 Surprising Uses for Dishwashing Liquid


dishsoap-pin-15 Surprising Uses for Dishwashing Liquid

Think dishwashing liquid is just for washing dishes? Think again! There are a lot of surprising uses for Dishwashing liquid. These tips on expanding the usefulness of dishwashing liquid will work with your favorite variety of soap and help clean your home and yourself economically, quickly and most importantly effectively. Here are 5 uses for dishwashing liquid that are better than what you are using now!

Dish Soap to Control Ants: Ants leave a trail behind leading their ant friends straight to your home, picnic or wherever you don’t want them. Take a pot of boiling water and pour over the ant trail then scrub the area with dishwashing soap and rinse well. This will kill some ants immediately and remove their trail. Dishwashing soap is one of the best ways to treat an ant problem and it is very environmentally friendly form of pest control.

Use as an Ice Pack: Pour the contents of a cheap dishwashing liquid into a ziplock bag (double bag it for good measure) and pop in the freezer. The reason you’ll use Dish soap to make an ice pack is because it never solidifies in the freezer and holds the cold well. The dish soap icepack also forms itself to your injured area so it will work great on any injured area. I have spent SO much money on these “jelly ice packs” over the years…who knew I already had the ingredients to make them for nearly FREE?! Now we keep a “snack” size one and a “sandwich” size on hand at all times!

Manicure Prep: Soak nails in dishwashing liquid. It will strip excess oil from the nail making a better surface to apply polish to. Most nail polish chipping occurs because the nail surface was oily when the nail polish was applied. Just smear a drop on each fingernail and soak in a bowl of water for 5 minutes. Wash and dry your hands completely and polish as usual. Your manicure will last longer saving you time and money when you use dish soap to remove the surface oil!

Deep Clean Hair: Dishwashing liquid breaks down grease on dishes and also on your scalp. If you have a lot of buildup in your hair from oils and styling products in your hair just take some dishwashing detergent into the shower and scrub it away. You’ll be left with a clean hair slate! Remember…a little goes a long way 😎

Clean Outdoor Furniture: For this task an organic variety of dishwashing liquid is recommended to be most environmentally friendly (as a child, we used to fight lawn mole-crickets {gross!} by using just the non-colored variety). Simply scrub your outdoor surfaces with a scrubbing pad or sponge, hose, and dishwashing liquid. It won’t ruin the fabric on your furniture, is gentle on wicker and won’t discolor or warp plastic.

{Bubble Bonus} I can’t miss talking about a cheap bubble recipe using dishwashing liquid. You will specifically want to use Dawn dishwashing liquid for your bubble recipe. I have two recipes for you (depending on what you have on hand): First Recipe; 1/2 cup Dawn dishwashing liquid, 1/2 gallon warm water & 1 Tablespoon glycerin (available at craft stores). Second Recipe: 2 cups Dawn dishwashing liquid, 5 cups water, 1/2 cup Light Karo Syrup. Just Mix and start blowing!

Another tip is that you don’t need Antibacterial dishwashing liquid. Aside from it not working any better at cleaning your dishes the substance that makes it anti-bacterial could actually be harmful to your health. Plain old, inexpensive, dish soap does the job as good or better than the more expensive varieties. It’s the elbow grease that makes all the difference!

~Happy Not-Dish Washing!

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