For $3.70 TOTAL, Get (3) Colgate Toothbrushes, (3) Xtra Laundry Detergents, (1) Trolli Gummy Candy, & (1) Mentos NOW Mints This Week at Walgreens!

Walgreens Shopping Scenarios for 8/6 – 8/12

To get the biggest savings at Wags, you’ll need to take advantage of their Balance Reward Deals (BRs) AND Register Reward Deals (RRs) PLUS use coupons! 

The Best way to save the MOST is to alternate between Earning BRs and then using those BRs to buy items that generate RRs.


  • The best way to maximize the Rewards system at Walgreens is to use your BRs to purchase items that generate RRs. Then turn around and use the RRs to buy items that generate BRs. Essentially you are using the TWO Rewards opposite of each other so that you can maximize your money!
  • Pay Attention: You cannot use BRs to buy additional BR items because they cancel each other out and therefore you would lose your rewards.

That means the strategy is to do one transaction either “Earning” the BRs or “Using” the BRs. Here are a few shopping scenarios broken down into separate transactions for this upcoming week to get you started:

TRANSACTION #1: Best Deal Scenario to EARN BRs
Buy: (3) Colgate 360 Toothbrushes @ $3.49 = $10.47 {earn 6,000 wyb (3)}
Use: (3) $0.75/1 Colgate 360 Adult Manual Toothbrush printable [Excludes colgate plus, extra clean & classic] (You will need 2 computers to print 3.) {minus $2.25}

Pay: $10.47 (product total) – $2.25 (coupon total) = $8.22 OOP
EARN: 6,000 BRs + 100 Every Day Points (= $6.10 in Rewards) Plus earn another $10 toward your next 5K Beauty Enthusiast Points Reward!
Final Price: $2.12 for all (3) or or 71¢ each after coupons & BRs!
Submit: (2) $0.50/1 Colgate Adult and Kids Manual Toothbrushes (Ibotta Deposit) [Select Varieties; Any Size; limit 2] and that makes it only $1.12 for all (3) items or 37¢ each after coupons, Points & Ibotta!

**Remember, add in fillers to use any RRs you may already have on hand from last week (which will reduce  your OOP).

TRANSACTION #2: USE BRs (earned in Transaction #1) and EARN Register Rewards:
Buy: (1) Trolli Gummy Candy, 6.3-8oz @ $1.50 {earn $1.50 RR wyb (1)}
Buy: (1) Mentos NOW Mints, 1.09oz @ $1.99 {earn $1.99 RR wyb (1)}
Buy: (3) Xtra Laundry Detergent, 30-34 loads @ $1.49 = $4.47 (or another filler of your choice) 
Use: (1) B1G1 Mentos Now Mints Tin, exp. 9/30/17 (SS 03/26/17 R) [up to 2.49 DND] {minus $1.99} (If you don’t have this coupon, you can leave out one of the filler items.)
Subtotal: $7.96 (product total) – $1.99 (coupon total) = $5.97 Subtotal
REDEEM: 5,000 BRs (minus $5)
Pay: $.97 OOP

$1.50 RRs + $1.99 RRs = $3.49

The Total of All Products Before Coupons or RRs would have been $18.43!
Transaction #1 = $8.22
Transaction #2 =

Price OOP is $8.29! BUT you still have the $1 Ibotta Rebate & $3.49 RRs PLUS the $1.10 BR Points to use later!
Final Price: That’s just $3.70 Total! For all (8) items! Only 46¢ each item! 

This Deal ends when the sale ends on Saturday 8/12/17.

~Happy Wags Weekly Shopping!



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