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I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies,
As much as in all riches.
~Psalm 119:14 (New King James Version)

It is such a blessing to us to hear how this ministry touches so many lives!

Thank you for sharing your stories with us and for telling others about
True Couponing.

To submit your testimonial, please send and email to Save(at)TrueCouponing.com
with “Testimonial” in the subject line.

~From Ginny…

“Last Wednesday, as a surprise, my husband had me order pizza for the kids (that’s not the encouraging part….)  He had just driven up, and the kids and I were outside greeting him when the pizza lady drove up.  She was tall, and tired looking, and looked a little flustered as she fumbled to get the pizzas out with her hand wrapped in a bandage.  My husband asked her what happened to her hand, and she almost started crying on the spot.  She is the mother of 5 and is working several jobs.  (don’t know if her husband left or what, we didn’t want to pry) and had just injured her thumb.  She has no insurance, so she had to pay $200 for an xray to tell her it was fractured, but didn’t have another $400 to get a cast.  We felt so bad!  My sweet husband at once explained that we have a surplus of food items and if she would mind taking some off our hands… so we loaded up her car (which was about to fall apart) full of groceries!  I’m sure there must have been at least $600 worth… Oh we were so excited to be able to help.  She gave us all hugs before leaving. I gave her the truecouponing.com info and explained how God was answering prayer through this ministry (I need more business cards!!!)  I’m trying to find out if there is anywhere she could go to get a cast… we shall see.  Isn’t it wonderful how True Couponing is being the hands and feet of Christ?????  Yippeee!!!

~ From Mary (vegetarian and health conscious eater)

I used my Morning Star rain check on this order.  I was able to purchase 8 vegetarian frozen entrees, 4 greek yogurts, 2 Multigrain Cheerios, 4 Kashi whole grain cereals, 2 Kashi whole grain cereal nut bars and quart (free $6.00 in strawberries using 2 $3.00 off fruit coupons wyb 3 Kashi products), then 4 Balsamic Vinegar salad dressings, 8 Bertolini sauce, Smart Taste Pasta and healthy cat treats.  Total bill was $100.38 and I paid $34.02- Happiness!

~ From Tina
(added 4/17/11)

“My 18 (then 17) yr old daughters and I first went to your class in July 2010. I felt it would benefit them (as well as myself) being broke freshman college students away from home for the 1st time. After almost a year of using this system I have it down to a science and tell EVERYBODY and their brother…literally… about this amazing concept! The ladies at my Publix know me as the “True Couponing Diva”, ha ha, and are always as anxious as I to see the final total. I would say I average saving 75% of my bill now every time I shop. I will continue to spread the word and also just want to say THANK-YOU!!!

As a bit of a PS….I just went through a divorce. I am now a single mother raising a teenager, plus helping my daughters out with little to generally NO child support. I make $30,000 yr (to much to qualify for food stamp assistance) and just bought a house…..so when I say THANK YOU I really mean THANK YOU!!!!! I was afraid in the beginning of not having food to properly feed my son……this has made ALL the difference in the world!!!! :-)

The pic is my latest shopping experience! Spent $38, saved $97!
spent only $38 for all of this! (5lb hamburger, (2) 2L soda, 4 Lysol cleaners, 18 cans tuna, 1lb ham, 1 pint vinegar, 2 box cereal, 2 pkg Kraft cheese, 2 pks shredded cheese, 1 pkg mozzarella, 2 large cans diced tomatoes, 2 box Eggo pancakes, 2 pks snack cottage cheese, 2 pks kids yogurt, 10 pks Greek yogurt, Edamame, 2 pks Trident, 1 box lasagna noodles, 1 reusable grocery bag).”

~ From Ragan

Good Morning,
I just wanted to send a note to thank you for all of your help and blessings that you give on your website. I am new to the world of couponing and with your help, I am already saving 60% and up each trip. (and my pantry actually has “back up” for the first time in months).

Our income was always so high for years, that I never looked at prices when I shopped. I just got in and out as fast as possible. I wish I could go back and recoup all that wasted money!

Once the economy got harsher, and family health issues forced me to cut back work hours, I looked into the world of coupons. It is like a game to some degree and while I used to HATE grocery shopping, I now love the scavenger hunt of finding treasures for myself and enough to pass along as blessings to others.

Your website is well organized and so easy to use. I hope to be able to attend one of your classes soon- but already am saving hundreds each month by changing the way I shop. May this gift you give to others come back to you tenfold.

Kindest Regards,

~ From Charlene & Lyndon

Even though it is just my husband and I and we don’t need as much as large families do, we started using coupons about three weeks ago to begin to save money to purchase bedroom furniture for one of our empty rooms so that we could host foster children. We were thrilled with the savings we were able to see immediately! But, every week, the extra money we saved up has been needed for some other “emergency” such as my car needing some major repairs, etc. I was discouraged this past week as we prepared for our shopping trip, wondering if God really wanted us to host children. Before we began our trip, we prayed, thanking God for providing for these other unexpected things we had come up, and asking Him to please provide for us this week something for the children.

We had a small amount of things on our list at Walgreens, so we started there. The bill rang up to $40.25 and the coupons took it all down to 25 cents–which has been our lowest bill yet and was positively thrilling! I handed over a quarter and we giggled all the way out the car with our milk and tissues and aspirin, etc. Then, I looked down next to the car and on the ground was a quarter! Not only did we get everything we needed–but it didn’t even cost us a quarter! We both knew right then that we were going to get our furniture this week–God knows what we need and He provides down to the last little cent. We were giddy the rest of the day as we racked up enough savings to purchase bunk beds (online from Walmart are some very cost effective ones)!

Thank you True Couponing for your help in teaching us and providing tools for us to be able to be good stewards of the money God gives us and thus allowing Him to bless us!
Charlene and Lyndon

~ From Denise

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for teaching the skills needed for some serious money saving shopping. I have not only been able to leave behind the idea of visiting a food pantry to help feed my family of 6, but have been able to help my church with donations of food and supplies obtained for a fraction of their original cost! Most recently the youth group is planning an All American meal fundraiser and I have been able to supply (as a donation) the hotdogs, baked beans, drinks, and potato salad ingredients so more money will go back to the youth program. Thank you all so very much for the wonderful work you do. I’m truly an example of having plenty of savings for myself, and blessings for others.


~ From Rachel

This past Saturday I was contacted by fellow church member, who advised me that one of our fellow members (we shall call her Mrs. Smith) has NO food in her home. Mr. Smith, her husband, and two daughters, ages 11 & 10 have been living off the left over food from the school and food from where Mr. Smith works at. Mrs. Smith and her husband only shared with the church member and her husband just the night before to let them know the financial distress that they were in. The church member confided in me asking if my family had any money to spare so that maybe together we could up with enough money to buy Smith’s and her family enough meat for a month. Thanks to TrueCouponing and the blessing it has been to my life and family, not only was I able to donate money, I was able to give 5 full grocery bags of food and 2 bags filled with laundry detergent and toiletries. All of that BEFORE the church member went shopping for meat!! Can you imagine the blessings that were taken to Smith’s home that afternoon? If it hadn’t been for my friend introducing me to TrueCouponing I may have been able to give some bags of food anyway, but certainly NO toiletries and my pantry would have been BARE to say the least. This time I was able to give with out  taking away from my own family’s needs. I am certain that if this family was under the same duress, there could be many others in my church.

Thank you for what you have done and continue to do!!
God Bless


1 Timothy 6:18~
“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.”

~ From Krystle

I’m a 22 year old newly wed, whose husband had to quit his job when we entered the Green card application process. Through the first  months of marriage, we were living off my income, while paying for the green card and attorney fees, and my husbands confidence surely took a beating having his new bride be the breadwinner. The struggles of feeling like I was “wearing the pants” plus, barely being able to put food on the table took a toll on my self confidence, as well. Given we hadn’t even been together one year yet, it was difficult to build our relationship when we felt our roles were reversed and there was the feeling of such a financial burden all of the time. One of the women at my church mentioned True Couponing to me,and nudged me to give it a shot.  Praise the Lord she did! Once I got a handle on the coupon policies and following the deals, we were finally able to actually purchase a full week of groceries and still pay the rent! Praise the Lord! I know it seems silly, but being able to confidently have a friend over for lunch without thinking  “we only have one chicken breast left…” and being able to bring an item to the church potluck is such a sense of freedom! Now we are averaging savings 60%+ on our grocery bills, stocked up on free (or nearly free) deodorants, razors, pastas, and many other items. We’ve even carried this over into finding coupons or deals for dinners and services (carpet cleaning, oil change…etc) – but always check reviews first!

We’ve been able to now stock up a few cases of water and granola bars/snack bars to hand out to the homeless from our car.
“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” Matthew 10:42

Beyond the confidence and financial freedom True Couponing helped us get back, the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the true cause of any change in our situation. Without fervent prayer, fasting, and leaning on His will, we wouldn’t have made it through this time in our lives. We give God all the glory and praise.

Recently my husband was hired as an electronics specialist at a computer retailer, and is loving his new job. Because of our new financial awareness, we are able to budget a future plan for affordable date nights (which is so necessary for a marriage at any stage!), and plan to visit my husbands home country of South Africa next year. I’m even getting my mom into couponing and she’s going to a True Couponing workshop this month! :-)

Thank you for this wonderful ministry!

God Bless,

~ From Amber

I just wanted to let you know how much True Couponing has changed the pantry in my St. Pete Church. We are not a big church. Our regular attendance runs about 150 people. As you know, so many people in our community are in need due to the economy and we found it difficult to help all the people that needed it. In the past, I would go into the pantry and find the shelves quite bare.  Then came True Couponing! It started with one couple in our church. They have been responsible for most of the stocking of our pantry. They haven’t spent any more than they would have just providing for their own family! In fact, they’ve SAVED money! Without them, we would have had to turn away many people. Shortly after that, our pastor, got on the bandwagon with this trend in couponing and he’s now to enjoying filling our pantry! This has spread to more and more families in our church. As a church we are able to buy things so much more reasonably when we know things are on sale and where to find the best coupons for them. So much that they can easily afford enough for their own family for weeks but also some for others! We can’t wait for True Couponing to come to our church and teach even more families!

Hope you get to reach even more people!


~ From Alacia

Hello! My name is Alacia  and I started couponing about four weeks ago. I just wanted to share with you what a blessing this has been for me and my family. I am in my mid thirties and I have a severe form of arthritis that keeps me from working outside the home. My medical bills put a strain on our one families income. My husband works hard to support me and our three kids. I have really struggled with not being able to help supplement our income in some way. True Couponing has given me a way to save as much money as a part-time job would bring in. There are days when it’s hard to get out of bed but I can sit at a computer and print coupons or sit on the couch and cut them out. I do all the prep work and my wonderful husband does all the shopping. This is a real answer to prayer and I thank you all for the time and effort you put in to make this possible.


~ From Shelley

Hello Ladies,

I just wanted to let you know what a success I’ve been having since I attended your workshop at the FPEA convention. It was a bit overwhelming, all the lingo. Wow! But I wanted to give it a go. I am the mother of 6 boys, ages 19 to 2,  and I have already started a stockpile of my own, however, I did it with original price items – buying extra if we had extra money. Never again! I bought the “pink box” and although I was a skeptic I am seeing HUGE savings. You said the box would pay for itself and it has. I only wish I could have bought more for my friends and family.  I am averaging 60 to 70 percent savings!

You ladies have changed my family dynamics forever. I feel like Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, “My family will never go hungry again”. Thank you so much for you ministry.

Ladies, thanks again for what you do, changing lives one coupon at a time.

Grace and peace,
Palm Bay, FL

Shelley, it is a blessing to us to know that your family is saving money! Thank you for sharing your story with TrueCouponing.

~ From Laura & Liz

After our TrueCouponing class on Friday night at Christian Church in the Wildwood,  we left some of the newspapers with the $5/$30 coupons  with a woman named Liz, who helped us with the sound and projection that evening.  She planned to visit Publix this weekend in a church logo shirt and hand out the coupons…..below is her amazing story of the lives that were touched!  GOD IS GOOD that is a story is worth sharing!!!

I did what I told you and spent Sunday after first service going to the Mariner Publix. I had about 75 of those coupons. I walked around the store starting at the registers with people who had full carts. I told them that Jesus and Christian Church in the Wildwood loved and wanted them to have this gift of money for their groceries! You should have seen some of the faces. A man was stressed that he wasn’t going to have enough money and I gave him a coupon to make sure he had enough! I saw what looked to be a Grandmother & daughter really trying to find cheap prices on some items they needed. I told them about your TrueCouponing website, CCW and of course, Jesus who told me to give them these coupons so they may have extra money! The lady about cried. She was a single mom with twins, and had no help but her Mom (G-Mom)! So that was a great blessing! I went around the deli where there was a group and witnessed and shared the word and then passed out coupons, while still shopping the people would say thank you in each aisle I passed them. I would just say thank Jesus and visit us at CCW and sometime pay it forward.
It was such a great time of worship! I am so truly blessed that you guys came Friday night and then blessed me with this opportunity to bless others! God is a miracle worker and I am so grateful for the blessings, as simple as a coupon, that can change a person’s life, day, views, thoughts of eternity or whatever!!
That entire Publix store was full of smiles and I know many went home and thought that something good happened to them today. Jesus was shining down on Publix and all that walked in & out those doors. Thanks again for the opportunity to bless!
In Christ’s Almighty Love,

Thank you Laura and Liz for sharing your story and blessing others through TrueCouponing!

~ From Anonymous

I just want to start off with a big “Thank You” to all of you at TrueCouponing.com!
I went shopping today and ended up saving 51% off of my order.
(It would have been even more if I had “stuck to my list”, but I had a couple items I HAD to pick up when I remembered them at the store)
Here is why this 51% means so much to me;  My family is having a reunion next month, we are all piling ourselves into a 12 bedroom 14 bath house on the beach in North Carolina. There are over 40 people coming to this reunion, and we have decided to split the meal duties between the individual families. Now, my little family lives on a pretty tight budget and there always seems to be a little more month than paycheck towards the end of the month. I was stressing out about how we were going to be able to afford to feed over 40 mouths. My awesome husband came up with the idea of a “spaghetti bar.”  We would make a few different types of sauce, a few different types of noodles, and some meat, and everyone could create their own bowl of spaghetti.  This seemed like a great idea, but became an even better idea when I started using your couponing method. Knowing that Publix was having a BOGO sale on Mueller’s spaghetti, I got my husband, my mother in law, and myself to print out as many coupons as we could from our computers & laptops. Publix was also having a BOGO on Barilla pasta sauce at the same time!
I went to gather my supplies, and here are the results:

12- boxes of spaghetti in various shapes/flavors
14- jars of Barilla pasta sauce
2 lbs of boneless chicken breast
1 bag of cat food
2 packs of paper plates
1 pack of plastic cups
3 bags of goldfish crackers in various flavors
1 Nerf soccer ball (for the little guy being extra good on my shopping trip! )

Total Retail = $90.97
I paid = $46.47!

Now I can stop worrying about feeding everyone, because I have more than enough to make a great spaghetti dinner for everyone and I only spent about a dollar a person!
Thank you again!

What a great idea!  I am totally stealing your husband’s “Spaghetti Bar” idea!  We hope you have a wonderful reunion.  Thanks for sharing with True Couponing and our readers!

~ From Anonymous

I have been couponing ever since my second daughter was born four years ago.  I have three kids and my husband and I found ourselves in a similar position as the workshop trainer a few years back.  We had a choice to either pay our mortgage, feed our kids, or get into lots of debt.  Couponing is how we survived the last few years of this horrible economy with little effect on our kids.  They have no idea how much we worry about money.  We still have food in our bellies, a roof over our heads, go on family vacations, eat out sometimes, and go on fun excursions together as a family.  We couldn’t do any of these things without moms couponing/bargain hunting.

I decided to go to the Advanced workshop with a friend who attended your Basic Workshop.  I was curious to know about CVS because I have always been a Walgreens girl (I like the Math, too).  You can always learn something new so I came with an open mind.  And guess what!  I did learn something and I totally fell in love with your website.  I used to spend hours going through the ads myself, cutting the coupons, and calculating the best deals.  Now I spend a few minutes on your website picking out what I want for the week and printing my list.  IT IS AWESOME!  I have had a pretty good stockpile for a while now, but now I have what I would call a SUPER stock pile.  I have more than in the past and I spend less money because I am not running out of anything before the next sale. And here is the best part.  I have more than I know I will need so I have started stocking all my family members houses with products.  My sister, in-laws, brother-in-laws family of 4, mom, nephew, and aunt have all been blessed with lots of product.  If they come to my house they leave with something even if its just a tube of toothpaste.  These products have traveled the globe.  My mom has taken items back to Brazil that cost 10x as much for herself and my aunt.  My brother-in-law has taken products to Georgia.  These products have helped with financial hardships, too.  My sister and in-laws both lost their jobs so the products helped them during a very rough time financially.  So 9 people have been blessed in my family while I have spent less money and saved time.  Thank you for doing such a great job with your website.

PS- I am starting to like CVS more and more.  It really is very simple ;o)

What an amazing story of how you have been blessed and how God has used you to bless so many others in your family! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

~ From Sherry

I went to a basic class about two weeks ago and LOVED it!  I saved saved saved at Publix and while in line a lady said WOW!!! How do you do that?  I referred her to your website.  We talked for a little bit and she admitted to me that she could not stand couponers cause she thought they hoarded everything and then resold the items. She said she had neighbors that have their garage full of stuff.   She was impressed that while I was saving money and only buying small portions I wasn’t hoarding.  I explained to her that not all coupon courses teach you to hoard and that truecouponing.com was a Christian based organization and they tell everyone in their classes not to hoard and not to be stingy and be sure to save for others and even bless people with the extra stuff.  She was very impressed !

My husband is now on board, for the savings of course but mainly as a witnessing tool. He was just so amazed and impressed with the stand you guys take for your organization.  Christians like that are a rare find in today’s society.  We are trying to be wise with what we do and we are trying to make up small packages of some of the free stuff we get for homeless, etc.

So THANK YOU for being such a blessing to us.
God Bless

Thank you Sherry for taking the time and sharing your story with True Couponing and with the others around you!

~ From Rosa

Hi there,

First, I would like to thank you for listening to the voice of God and allowing him to use you to bless more people that what you know. I have always done the coupon savings and was happy to save $5-$10 per shopping trip. As everyone else we have gone through financial hardship. With going to the True Couponing classes, I have been able to save on an average of 50% of every shopping. This year a cousin of mine went to one of the classes with me and she has been blessed. Also, I was able to help another cousin who was out of work with about $150.00 worth of groceries and personal item that he would not be able to purchase. I have helped my mom and my brother. The huge blessing was that I was able to take 3 entire boxes of personal products with us on our missions trip to Jamaica to help those out who do not have any of these items. The great part about it is, the items where some of the best products.  I must have spent about $200.00 in six months but it was worth about $800.00 in soaps, tooth paste, body wash, deodorants and the list goes on. Many people were blessed. In fact one of the guys that came with us said, “Man this is the good stuff I can’t even afford that”.  My answer to him was yes you can and I can show you how.

Thank You True Couponing, may God Bless you, Rosa

Rosa, thank you for your words of encouragement. We are blessed knowing that you and so many others have been helped through True Couponing. With your generosity, you have reached and helped so many already. We hope and pray you continue to bless others.

~ From AF

Hi, I wanted to take a second and thank you for all your hard work that you put into your website. I started on TrueCouponing at the end of January. My husband is a full time student and I am a stay at home mom, so we really had no budget for toiletries and other items of necessity.  I put maybe $25 into starting CVS & Walgreens and with the help of your website, I was able to meet all of our families needs and even many of the dorm kids on campus needs without spending any more than the tax for the rest of the school year. Since becoming missionaries, and moving from the campus, our meals are no longer supplied and I started shopping at Publix last month. The last three weeks I have saved over $100 each week, last week our grocery bill was  a $115 but, after coupons I paid only $7 dollars and change. I only need to buy produce each week, and could not do it without your website! We have opened our pantry to other missionaries here and they are so blessed, and it doesn’t cost us a thing to share! Although I have yet to see a workshop close enough for our gas budget to allow us to attend, would love to some day. I have taught some other single moms to coupon,  and am always grateful for a Godly website to point them to! I can’t tell you how many cashiers and managers have actually stopped, pulled out a pen and asked me to repeat the name of the website so they could write it down! Thank you again! With your help, our growing family (number 2 is due in the fall!) has been able to make our meager budget meet our growing needs, and be a blessing to many families around us! (Someone actually came to my door last week because they were out of toothpaste, and knew I would rather share my stockpile then see them buy it!) You are a blessing to me!

You are a blessing to us, just to hear your story!! We are encouraged knowing our website is helping so many. Thank you for sharing. You are an encouragement to so many others which truly blesses them in this economy.

~ From Heather

I’m pretty new to TrueCouponing, but I wanted to share our testimony so far.

Every Christmas, our church participates in Operation Christmas Child, which fills shoe boxes for needy kids overseas.  Usually basic school supplies, small toys, t-shirts, etc.  Necessities with a few fun things.  Anyway, last year our family helped during the “fill” party and we noticed that a lot of school supplies ran out before we were done filling boxes.  We wanted to try to help buy supplies for this year, but sadly my husband’s hours were cut at work and our income has us just barely scraping by.

I’ve always couponed, but I’ve never really made it all that it can be.  Enter TrueCouponing!  I started about a month ago, right when all the coupons were coming out for back-to-school.  By clipping coupons, matching them to sales, and shopping carefully, I’ve managed to get all of my daughter’s school supplies, fill our school supply stash, and I have a nice big bag of things I can donate to Operation Christmas Child.  All for about $5 to $6.

I am including a photo of what we’re donating.  This entire pile cost about $1 to purchase.  Most items were free with coupons and others were very, very cheap with sales.  I think the most expensive thing is the package of scissors.  I paid a $1 for that!

I know an experienced couponer would easily have tripled this pile, but for my first month of “extreme” shopping, I’m very pleased.

Thank you so much for helping us help others.

Thank you for sharing your story and picture with TrueCouponing! Operation Christmas Child is a great way to Bless Others through the use of coupns! You will make a difference in a child’s life this Christmas oversees. That is truly a blessing to know!

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