Where Can I Get Coupons Inserts?

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Coupons are currency.  You need to use them to pay for your groceries instead of using your own cash!

But how do you determine when to subscribe directly to the newspaper or when to order coupon inserts already “unstuffed”?

There are four reasons people should order coupon inserts:

  • people who keep forgetting to buy papers each Sunday
  • people who don’t get good coupons in their inserts
    (because their local paper stinks)
  • you live in a place that doesn’t offer home delivery
  • people whose Sunday paper costs over $2.00 each week

True Couponing has partnered with Insert Insanity for ordering whole coupon inserts.

And we have partnered with Wiz Clips for ordering individual coupons.

Both sites are 100% flat rate pricing.
Wiz Clipz charges $1.00 for 10 coupons (including shipping) regardless of the demand or value on the coupon.
Insert Insanity charges $1.50 per weekly set (plus flat-rate shipping) regardless of the number of inserts in the paper. So whether 3 Inserts come in the paper that week, or only 1, the price is the same — $1.40 per set. The overwhelming majority of people who order from Insert Insanity get their inserts on Monday.

A little more info: we used to think that selling coupon inserts was fraudulent. Upon further research, we determined that selling the inserts is not fraudulent, selling ITEMS purchased with coupons is the fraudulent activity (we won’t get into that here). The reason I was told selling inserts was wrong was because the coupons intended for one area need to stay in that area. However, if your area does not have good coupons, shouldn’t you be allowed to order coupon inserts from another area? It happened to my own Aunt in Maryland and in finding an alternative for her, I found that the Wall Street Journal sends the coupon inserts out with their subscriptions on Saturday. Those coupon inserts are not from MD, they are from NY which proves that it is not illegal, nor unethical. Both Insert Insanity and WizClips work directly with Newspaper companies so you can be assured that these are legitimate companies. There are several sites that sell coupon inserts (or coupons themselves), but not all companies are the same which is why we have chosen to partner with these sites only.

If you live in the Tampa Bay FL Area, it is cheaper to order the newspaper directly from the newspaper companies here (either the Tampa Bay Times or the Tampa Tribune). Both offer subscriptions for UNDER $1 per week. Sometimes they offer Groupon discounts too. We will post the Groupon Deal information HERE when they offer it!  We NO LONGER collect and turn in orders for them in our Online Store.

If you live in the Central FL Area,  it is cheaper to order the newspaper when we promote a Groupon Deal HERE. We no longer offer a discounted group order in our Online Store.

~ Happy Saving with Coupons!

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