Office Supply Stores Back To School supplies list

Back to school supplies list of deals are here!

The same principle we apply to grocery shopping of “buy at the lowest price, before you need it” will save you money on school supplies, too! Back To School sales start mid-July and continue through August each year. There are amazingly low prices on school supplies, and this is the time to stock up.  Whether your kids attend school inside or outside your home or if you need general office supplies for your home office…NOW is the time to stock up for the year!

How do you know if you’re paying the best price for your school supplies? 
Print out our Back To School Supplies Stock Up Price List and take it with you shopping!

Here are some of the Best Deals at Office Max, Office Depot & Staples this week:

Manufacturer’s coupons are in RED
Store coupons are in GREEN

Rebate offers in BLUE

This List Has Expired

~Happy Back To School shopping!

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