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    New To Couponing? Start HERE!

    Welcome to True Couponing!

    True Couponing is an easy method to use coupons to save literally thousands of dollars per year on your family’s everyday purchases.

    If you are new to couponing, you’re in the right place. Here are some beginning steps to get you on your way to BIG savings!

    “Couponing” is not just cutting your paper up and handing over a few coupons every now and then. That‘s the “old school” way of couponing and will only save you $5 or $10 dollars and then get you discouraged that it is not worth your time. True Couponing is waiting to use those coupons until the product you want to buy is on sale. Using this pin-pointed strategy will allow you to get most items for 50-100% off regular price (yes that’s right ~ FREE!).

    How?? It is really putting two concepts together:

    1. Product prices fluctuate on a sales cycles around 12 weeks long. When an item is at its lowest price in that cycle (we call this the Stock-Up Price) you want to buy enough of that item to get you through until it comes back on sale. For example, if your family eats 1 jar of spaghetti sauce a week, you would buy 12 jars when it is on sale to last through the sales cycle. This means buying when a product is on sale vs buying it when you need it.

    2. When the price is at its lowest, you use your coupons to reduce the price even lower. Just buying when the product is at its lowest point will save you $$ but if you MATCH a coupon to that sale price, you will pay way less for every item!

    Here is the specifics to accomplish this new shopping strategy:

    • DO NOT Cut Any Coupons until you create your shopping list. Save all Coupon Inserts from the Sunday paper. If you save the entire insert to cut as needed make sure you mark the date on insert so that you can find it when you see a coupon can be used.
      {I’m sure you are already thinking that you don’t need to keep them ALL, but we will discuss later how to get paid to buy items, and that is when you wish you had the coupon you let slip away.}
    • Shop buying only the things that are at the lowest Stock-Up Price. That means, when an item is at that lowest price, you STOCKPILE. We recommend stockpiling for 12 weeks worth because that is the common time it takes for all the products in the Grocery Store to go on sale. Once you have a good stockpile you will only be shopping for lowest priced items and never having to pay non-sale prices (you will be using items only out of your Stockpile).
    • Give up what brand loyalties you may have. You have to think about what items you absolutely will not give up the brand loyalty. I used to LOVE Charmin toilet paper, but when push came to shove, super cheap toilet paper was better for my “Bottom Line” than Charmin was. And my tush never knew the difference. Plus, if my budget allows, I still get Charmin once in a while!

    The Nitty Gritty: (how to use our Website)

    1. First of all, in order to read the website, you need to learn our Coupon Lingo. Download our Lingo Sheet and keep it handy while you read the rest of this tutorial.
    2. Take your coupons and file them by Sunday Date. Just take them out of the newspaper and file them in a file folder with the Sunday Date written on the top of the Coupon Insert and on the Tab on the File Folder (you will reference this later). Notice that there could be up to 3 different kinds of coupon inserts in your paper: SmartSource, RedPlum, P&G (Proctor & Gamble). Some weeks we will even get (2) of each kind. View the entire Coupon Insert schedule of what we are going to get in our newspapers. We will also tell you every Wednesday/Thursday what you can expect to come in your newspaper (so you might want to sign up for our FREE eNewsletter).
    3. On, Choose the Store you are going to shop at.
    4. Look at the dates and make sure you are choosing the Weekly Sale period in which you are going to shop (watch this…we post a “Sneak Peek” on most stores so that you have ample time to plan your shopping trip, you want to select the date carefully)
    5. Select items (particular to your families needs) on that shopping list that have
      a Shopping Cart Image: or a True Deal Button: (these are at the lowest Stock-Up Price). As you select these items, they are being added to a little shopping list (we call MyList) at the bottom right of your computer screen.My List Website Screen Shot 2
    6. On the live shopping list, you will see underneath each and every item, we list all possible available coupons. YOU CANNOT USE ALL THESE COUPONS. You can only use (1) Manufacture and (1) Store Coupon per item. Let me explain further: notice that the coupons listed below the product are color coded. Green is a Store coupon (aka: SQ). Red is a Manufacturer coupon (aka: MQ). You can use one Store coupon (SQ) on an item AND you can use one Manufacturer coupon (MQ) on the same item! So that means if you are purchasing ONE bottle of Ragu Pasta Sauce for $2.00 each, and you have a $0.50 Store coupon (SQ) and a $0.50 Manufacturer coupon (MQ), you will pay only $1 each bottle ($2 price – $.50 SQ – $.50 MQ = $1.00 total). Here is an example using Cream of Wheat:Checkbox Item Example
    7. At the very end of the particular coupon you will see the “Source” of the coupon. It is either a date (that corresponds with the Coupon Insert in which the coupon can be found), printable (you can print directly from there), or a booklet (these are very hard to find, don’t worry if you don’t have them, we’ll talk more about them later). See that “(SS 01/12/14)”? That is where you can find that Cream of Wheat coupon in the Coupon Insert. The SS (SmartSource Coupon Insert) from January 12, 2014 has that coupon. One thing I want to point out is that there is also listed a $.50 coupon. See that little “R” at the end of the date? That stands for Regional Coupon, and it means that some areas received the $1 off and some areas received the $.50 off. I usually try to figure in my head that I received the lower priced coupon. That way when I actually cut my coupon I am pleasantly surprised if I was wrong.
    8. The Website list is like a “Road Map”, it tells you the items on sale, then all available coupons that can be “matched up” with the sale item, and then that last line: “Final Price: $.99 each after $1/1 MQ & SQ” is the “Deal Scenario”, it is exactly what it is going to cost and what coupons you will need to get that deal. In the Cream of Wheat example, the Final Price is $.99 each after you use (1) $1 Manufacturer coupon and (1) $1 Store Coupon. Now…there are other coupons available, but (and you could purchase more items and use those coupons too), we are just telling you the coupons you want to use to get the best deal.
    9. Let’s quickly talk about the specifics of some of those coupons listed, because you do not want to misuse coupons and be a bad couponer :-) If the coupon is $1 off (2) items (see that “$1/2″ above?), then you would need to buy (2) items in order to use that one coupon. Also, a BOGO (Buy One Get One) coupon is the same way, you have to purchase two items in order to use that one coupon. You cannot use another Manufacturer’s coupon along with a BOGO coupon. It is unethical. But you can use a Store Coupon along with either of the 1 off (2) or BOGO coupons in order to maximize your savings. Remember, one green and one red per item and you will be fine.
    10. Now you are ready to PRINT (or Email) your shopping list! Just click the little Printer Icon from the pop up MyList feature:
    11. My List Website Screen Shot 3A screen will pop up that has all your items listed on it! YOU CANNOT PRINT INDIVIDUAL COUPONS from this list. It is just for a taking a final last look before sending to your printer.
    12. Emailing your list to yourself is the most efficient way to print coupons from the list. Then you can access all the printable coupons at one time and print right from your inbox!
    13. Go to your box and find the particular file folder, pull it out and cut your coupons.
    14. I like to staple my coupons directly on my shopping list (on the right side of the paper across from the particular item) so that I have them all in one place and they can’t escape or scatter if I should drop them.

    Okay, I understand the Basics, So How do I Start RIGHT NOW?

    1. Get Your Coupons

    Instead of purchasing items using your own personal cash, you will pay using little piece of currency called coupons! There two main sources of coupons, the NEWSPAPER and using PRINTABLE COUPONS. If you are in our local Central FL area, we have negotiated with the Tampa Bay Times and the Orlando Sentinel to get the lowest home delivery subscription rates. You can even order them directly in our online store.

    Be patient with yourself! Give yourself at least 6 to 8 weeks! As your “coupon stash” builds up you will be able to take advantage of more and more deals and therefore you will be able to save more. In the mean time…KEEP AT IT. Weekly, review the sales list and shop (purchasing only the Shopping Cart and True Deal items) and watch  how much you can get for the same budget you have used. In about 6 weeks you will not need to spend as much. Get the deals that you can by using the coupons you have started to acquire and/or the printable coupons you can utilize. I promise it will get easier!

    God is using couponing to allow us to be better stewards of our money. This is not a quick fix, but when you practice just a little bit of diligence, He will reward your efforts big time!

    2. Connect with True Couponing

    We recommend subscribing by 2 different methods to get the most current information. For example, if you can check Facebook via your mobile device you might choose to subscribe by Facebook and email as well. That will allow you to get instant access to any time sensitive deals through Facebook, and you can also read deals in more detail later when you are home via email.

    Worried you won’t be successful? Join our Facebook Group and get daily encouragement and ask unlimited questions with real-time responses from other TrueCouponers.

    3. Download our FREE App

    App ImageMake your shopping list anywhere, update it and delete items off ~ even while you’re shopping in the store. You can even scan bar-codes of items in the store to check for available coupons using our Coupon Database! Impress your friends with your savings by sharing your shopping trip instantly on Facebook or Twitter. Available for iPhone & iPad. Also available for Android! More details.

    Excited and Want to Learn EVEN MORE?!!

    Check out our FREE Downloads

    Find the handouts from our Basic (including Spanish) and Advanced Classes. And any other new downloads we can come up with 8-)

    Download our “Savings Tracker” Spreadsheet

    Want to see how much you are save this year? And compare it to your budget? Download our Savings Tracker spreadsheet and get your finances under control this year!

    View some actual Shopping Trips and reader Testimonials!

    We love hearing from readers! It’s inspiring to see stories of newbies and seasoned couponers helping point others in the right direction. Freshen your cup of coffee and read ‘em all!

    Read some of our Featured Articles:

    • How to save money on organic foods
    • See how Kati got over $100 of Old Navy Clothes for less than $5
    • Meat! How can you save money on that?
    • What Months to buy What Products
    • How to know what to pay for Toilet Paper

    Get To Know Us!

    Visit our “About Us” page to read our stories of how we got started couponing and why we do what we do.

    Attend a FREE Coupon Class

    Need a “jump start” to get this thing rolling faster? We make the dots connect super quick at our FREE workshops. Go HERE to see a list of upcoming workshops in Central Florida. You’ll find True Couponing classes in the Greater Tampa Bay area and Greater Orlando areas. You can also view our videos (we add a new one every Tuesday) HERE.

    If you still have questions, reach out to us through our “Contact” page, or ask a question in our supportive Facebook Group.

    Download the True Couponing Toolbar to get instant access to coupons, Good Deal Alerts and MORE! {plus advanced notice of Giveaways 8-) }

    We are here to make your savings journey as easy as possible. We provide lots of shortcuts and tools on this website that will make couponing fit into your busy life. Click around, explore and get started saving now!

    Come on in! We are so glad you’re here.


    Some posts may contain affiliate links. See our complete Disclosure Statement and Privacy Policy HERE . Download the True Couponing Toolbar to get instant access to coupons, Good Deal Alerts and MORE!
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    • Sandy

      I just took the class this week, had problems printing or finding a lot of the coupons. Went to the store today & saved an extra $2 more than I normally would have. I won’t even mention how long it took me. I know it will get easier & I’m sure I will save a lot more as I get better at this. I am curious about a couple of things though. I only shop for myself & am trying to eat healthier. It seems like the majority of “deals” out there are on all of the pre-packaged not as healthy items. Thoughts on this??

    • CindyTC

      So glad you liked it!! We have a lot of fun at workshops!!

    • Edwin Otero

      I just attended the workshop last night and it was awesome!

    • USF Coupon Queen

      I have to say, that I absolutely LOVE the services you guys are providing. I can not wait to attend a workshop, even though I am not a beginner, I can not wait to learn other ways of couponing! I am also from the Tampa area, and am trying to show all these broke college kids how to save on my blog where I absolutely raved about you guys! Thank you for doing what you do!

    • suzanne

      Hi Judy! When you pull up a store list for any of the stores you will see the checkboxes on the left that you can click on for the products you are interested in. When you fininsh perusing the lists there is a pink tab in the bottom right corner of your screen that says “My List” and you click on that and you will have your list:)

    • JudyT

      Just got back from a workshop. Where on the website is it that I find where to start making my shopping list?

    • Arlenek12345


      Walgreens on Gandy and Westshore in Tampa, FL, welcomes all
      COUPONERS!  We offer the best deals in
      town as well as the BEST customer service.  It is Walgreens’ pleasure to work with you
      and save you money.  Call (813) 837-1848
      and ask for Arlene, Senior Beauty Advisor. 
      Looking forward to seeing you in our store!  



    • Jackiensam2002

      I’m not sure where to post a moneymaker I just found in Florida.  The Muellers pasta are BOGO at Publix the coupon in SS 11/20.  The whole grain are $1.39 and there is $.75 each which is $.11 MM

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