It’s time to pretty up our nails!! I found some practical and fun nail tools and polish that just make life easier! I have a planning party and a nail party once a week with my daughter Annabelle who is 17 and she’s the bomb when it come to nails! She loves painting her nails which, believe it or not, she gets from her father.  That’s a long story!!

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Let’s Make It Easy…One for Your Hands and One for Your Feet!

If you laughed at this title, then you know what I’m talking about! It seems I’m always finding my boys or my hubby using my fingernail clippers on their feet…ewww!  So I made it simple, hands are for hands and feet are for feet!

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These are Some of My Favorite Nail Tools

I’m one of those people that prefer to do my own nails. I really don’t like to get my cuticles cut at nail shops because not all of them sterilize their instruments and I’ve had my cuticles bleed after having them cut. Anyway, this set is great! It’s very sharp and that’s important so that you get a good even quick cut. I’ve bought cuticle nippers before and if they aren’t sharp, they just make a mess of your cuticles.

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I Use This To Get My Nails Ready or In Between Polishes

I love these nail buffers. Not only does they work extremely well, they also last for a very long time. I even find my husband using them from time to time. So I guess it’s hubby approved too! LOL!

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Glass Nail Files Last Forever So Why Buy Five?

The answer is easy. One for your purse, car, family room, nail kit and hide one in case your hubby is looking for a replacement. Everyone who sees me pull this out of my purse asks me about it and then ends up buying one and loving it!

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Winter Big Deal! 6 Bottles Just $17.99!

I love these! I am a first time ‘geller’ and didn’t have very high expectations, but my nails turned out great. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to like the color temperature gel polish, but I’m so glad that I went ahead and ordered this set. Love it!

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Gel Nail Polish Lasts So Much Longer but You’re Gonna Need This!

Doing it yourself is going to save you a ton at the salon. They’ve made this process so easy. All you need is a UV nail dryer and some UV nail polish…Boom!

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Soak Off Gel Nail Polish Remover

I can’t say enough good things about this polish remover! It’s smells wonderful, like coconuts with the slightest hint of acetone. It’s powerful stuff. I left it on for 20 minutes and my gel nail polish just fell off. To make the remover work best, you need to be sure to use a nail file to buff out the top coat of Gel polish.

callous remover 2-3

Pretty Nails Aren’t Enough…You Need Soft Feet Too

All I have to say is read the reviews, they are all true – awesome tool to soften your feet!

A Few Other Items I Know You’ll Love Too:

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