You all know how much I love my kitty cats. I’m even own the fact that I’m a Crazy Cat Lady. I have lots of cats and I would easily have more if James would let me (when our four kids move out and I’m sad, I figure I can talk him into becoming a kitty cat foster Mom!).

Last year, our oldest, Annabelle, got this great idea that we needed a shark house for our Tiger to sleep in. At first, it took a little coaxing… but then he started taking a nap in it each and every day (he fit ENTIRELY inside.. but this time he left his tail hanging out). If you look real close, you can see his one eye open watching me, lol!

Tiger Eaten By A Shark
So James thought I should post this for you today, in case you want a Shark House for your furry snuggle bunny too. And when I just went to look it up, I found that it was available for LESS THAN $12!!

It’s Only $11.63 and Shipped FREE (even without Prime)

So you can get your Furry Baby a Shark Pet Bed too. Because, well, why not, right?!! 

Shark Pet Bed

I do love my Amazon Prime. Not a Prime Member?  You can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial of Amazon Prime and get shipping FREE on any item marked with the “Prime” symbol (which are a TON of them).

~Happy Shark Hunting!

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