It’s no shocker to you guys that I LOVE coffee! We’ve had a Keurig for a few years now and I just love that bad boy!

Since I sometimes will be working late into the night, we don’t really need a full pot of coffee at 11 PM!

That’s why a single serve coffee maker is perfect! However, K-Cups are REALLY expensive compared to coffee grounds.

A typical box of K-cups could run you around $10 for a box of 12 cups! That’s almost $1 per cup of at-home coffee! Yikes!

While finding a good deal on K-Cups is a challenge, there are ways to save money on them.

Buy in Bulk

You can save big on your K-Cups by buying them in bulk.

Amazon has really awesome deals on K-Cups that are often as low as 35¢ per K-Cup. As you are looking over the best one to buy, watch the “each” price… that’s where you can easily see how much it is per cup. Pay attention because I’ve found that the “Amazon Best Sellers” are around 70¢ per cup, and that’s more than you should be paying!

If you have a membership to a bulk warehouse like BJ’s, Sam’s Club, or Costco, you can get deals on K-Cups there as well.

During our free membership trial at Sam’s Club, we bought a 100 pack of Donut Shop K-Cups for just $45, which is only 45¢ per K-Cup.

Remember that like all coffee, K-Cups DO expire so don’t buy more than you can drink over the course of about 8 months time. Well, they don’t really expire, they just get stale and don’t taste as good. My Dad says that stale flavor is actually “aged” to perfection. But I like my coffee freshest and think that stale coffee might not have as much caffeine.

Get Deals In Surprising Stores

Were you aware that you can buy K-cups at other stores besides a grocery store?

I was doing some shopping the other day at Bed Bath & Beyond and they have a huge section of K-Cups right at the front of the store.

They were even holding a sale, and I used my 20% Off coupon to save more. I ended up with a 100 count box of K-cups for just over $18, that’s only 18¢ each. Score!

Obviously, they sell K-cups at Starbucks, but that is a great place to find the cups on clearance because they rearrange the store displays so often. If I see a line in the drive-thru which forces me to park and go inside, the silver lining is that I can check for cheap clearance K-Cups!

Did you receive a 30% Off coupon from Kohl’s? They sell K-Cups in there as well! If they have them on sale, you can stack your Kohl’s coupons and get them super cheap!

Pay attention when you are shopping to which stores have K-cups and then make it a habit to check for clearance prices when you are shopping.


Look for Coupons

We are couponers so of course, we are going to coupon for our K-Cups!

There are coupons out for Community, Starbucks, Green Mountain, and Eight O Clock Coffee, just to name a few.

Winn-Dixie will sometimes do a K-Cup deal where you buy 5 and save $5!

If you bring coupons as well, you could get some seriously cheap K-Cups!

Don’t forget to calculate how much you regularly use, so you can buy enough to have cheap cups for a while!

Make Your Own

Did you know you don’t have to buy K-Cups? Ground coffee is always cheaper than purchasing the K-Cups. And we can normally find a few coupons for ground coffee too!

Instead of dishing out for the expensive K-Cups, make your own with refillable K-Cups.

When we first bought our Keurig, we made sure to get two of these also.

You can even pre-fill them and place them where your K-cups are to give you the same morning convenience of the original K-Cups!

Before you impulse buy and spend money on K-cups, plan ahead. Check for sales, coupons, or other online deals. Just because you have the convenience of a Keurig machine does not mean you have to spend a lot of money getting those little pods!


YOUR TURN: How do you find cheap K-Cups? Let me know in the comments below!

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