Fox 13 LogoDid you catch our Savings Segment this morning on Fox?  We are honored to be a featured on Good Day Tampa Bay each Sunday to share our knowledge about coupons and how to get the most for your money!  This week’s topic was all about how to save money on our furry friends! Click to watch the Video:

Fox Video 8-25-2013

Here is a little more information for you:

    1. Comparison Shop – Once you determine your particular pets needs (nutrition and quality), then make sure to compare the food at multiple pet stores to ensure you are getting the best food for your money. Lots of pet stores have coupons (tearpads) right there on the shelf.
    2. Check for Rewards – My local family pet store has a great rewards program. When you buy so many bags of food, you get a free bag of food, and they also send us $5 bonus coupons. The rewards add up very quickly! Just make sure if you comparison shop that it is excluding the reward so that you have apples to apples.
    3. Preventative Care is a Must – Monthly, Drug Stores offer low cost vaccinations at Mobile Animal clinics. Just contact your local Drug Store to see when they have one scheduled. And if you need monthly medications, the commercials you see on TV are correct – they are cheaper online than from the veterinarian. You can print a coupon code to save 15% off medications from 1-800-Pet-Meds. Visit the 1-800-PetMeds website! Or view all the available pet-related coupons!
    4. Savvy Shopping – When it comes down to it, I save over $500 annually in cat litter alone because of coupon strategy shopping. You should not pay more than $3 for a jug of clumping litter that typically costs around $7. Dry pet food only costs around $2 for a 3lb bag. And dog food is often free (or you get paid to buy it)! Treats are ALWAYS free!!  Check out our entire “Stock Up” Price Guide.
    5. Don’t have a furry child? Send your coupons to your local Humane Society! AND your recycled newspapers! Just call them up and be sure that they need your items…they give out the coupons to assist new pet parents and they use the newspapers as cheap litter.  You can reach the SPCA of Central Florida by calling 407-351-7722 or the Humane Society of Tampa Bay by calling 813-876-7310.

Basically, you CAN take great care of your precious furry pals and still save money! It can be done! Sure hope this helps!

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~Happy Pet Shopping and Saving!