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Krispy Treat Christmas Trees

These Krispy Treat Christmas Trees are almost too pretty to eat! Here's everything you need to make some Christmas trees. Melt, melt, melt. Be sure to add enough of the green food ...

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Dipped Oreos Kissed with a Candy Cane

You won't even need to preheat your oven to create these Christmas beauties! Change the decoration to a heart, and you've got a Valentine's cookie, too! Have you seen these Candy Cane ...

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Friday Freebies! December 19, 2014

Here's a list of Freebies for you! Each Friday look for our new feature...Friday Freebies! ~Enjoy the FREE stuff! Freebies by Mail or to Print: 3 FREEbies: Comics, Pampers Rewards, Shampoo Sample! New 4 FREEbies: Hanukkah ...

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My First Disney Princess Snow White Doll $10.85, Shipped FREE

My First Disney Princess Snow White Doll $10.85 (reg. $25.99) PLUS, it Ships FREE for Amazon Prime Members! Just like your little girl, before she was all grown up, Princess Snow White was ...

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List of Expired Coupon Inserts ~ Updated 12/18/14

Is your coupon box overflowing? It's time to purge the expired coupons! Here's a list of all the expired coupon inserts you can remove from your file box... Prior to May 2014, keep ...

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Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper 47 cents per Double Roll! Shipped!

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper 48 count as low as $22.74! PLUS, it Ships FREE with Amazon Prime! Get 5% off via Subscribe & Save ~ $23.94 - 5% = $22.74 Final Cost ...

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Fisher Price Rockin Tunes Giraffe $16.24, Shipped FREE

Fisher Price Rockin Tunes Giraffe $16.24 (reg. $39.99) PLUS, it Ships FREE for Amazon Prime Members! What fun your little one will have on the Fisher Price Rockin Tunes Giraffe. Bat-at rollerball ...

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Crocs Sale ~ Take 30% Off Crocs Favorites! Ends 12/19

Crocs Sale TODAY and TOMORROW Only! Save 30% on Crocs Favorites Now thru Friday 12/19! Enter promo code FAVE30 at checkout FREE 2 Day Shipping on Select Styles The Crocs sale ...

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Holiday Cheap Meat Sale: Pork, Chicken, Swai or French Fries only $1 with $50 Purchase! 5 Days Only (Tampa Bay FL Area)

Tampa Bay Area: We've got an Outrageous Cheap Meat Deal for you! 5 DAYS OF DOLLAR DEALS! Thurs. 12/18 through Tuesday 12/23 (closed Sunday) With each $50 Purchase Get One of these (4) Items for ...

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**LOWEST PRICE** Disney Sparkling Princess Cinderella Doll $5.49, Shipped FREE

Disney Sparkling Princess Cinderella Doll $5.49 (reg. $10.99) PLUS, it Ships FREE for Amazon Prime Members!  What a perfect combination...Barbie dolls and Disney! I would have loved to find this Princess Cinderella doll ...

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    • Beth

      Living Social: Tampa Trib Annual Subs $15 for Sunday edition, home delivered.

      URL = http://truecouponing.com/2013/07/livingsocial-deal-tampa-tribune-1-year-sunday-only-subscription-15-ends-729/

      Deal ends at 5am 7/30!!

    • Mary Griffin

      It’s available at the Publix check-outs. You donate $1, $2, or $5 increments, I think and they have corresponding different amounts on the coupons.

    • Reggie

      I went to a workshop last Friday and it was enlightening. However I think I need a couponing mentor to get me up and running and once I’m an expert I can pay it forward. I live in Brandon and I welcome any assistance that one may want to provide. Thanks so much and coupon likes it’s 1999.

    • Pingback: Thank You for Supporting TrueCouponing!()

    • http://truecouponing.com/ ~ True Kati

      Sorry…we were having server issues. It should be working now.for you Barbara! (it is 7:30pm 5/6/13)

    • CindyTC

      Hey Shelley, Yes there has been a lot of confusion lately about the Publix coupons. An easy way to tell if it is a Publix coupon is if it has an L.U. # on it. if it does then it is a Publix store coupon but if it has no L.U. # and has a bar code. Then it is a manufacturers coupon. Hopefully this will help.

    • Shelly Bytheseashore

      oops need to finish re splenda deal and nutrise/splenda Tampa Bay, some publix are not accepting thier publix coupon from the newest booklet as a publix coupon they are saying it is a manufacturer coupon. It does not state manufacturer but when they ring it it comes up as vendor. One publix turned us down two accepted the coupons so be aware of especially at publix off of linebaugh.

    • Shelly Bytheseashore

      Some publix for the splenda and the

    • CindyTC

      I am so sorry you had that problem. Are you able to get it to work now???

    • http://www.facebook.com/lora.morrison.18 Lora Morrison

      Can’t access coupon database

    • http://www.facebook.com/lora.morrison.18 Lora Morrison

      what is black listed error mean?

    • Melinda S.

      you should have received the item free! I love Publix’s policy that if it doesn’t ring up at the correct price, it’s free.

    • http://truecouponing.com/ ~ True Kati

      These are hilarious!! Next time take a photo with your phone and send it in to us!!! (email Save@TrueCouponing.com) We will share with everyone for a good laugh! You gotta pay attention! At least we know neither of you will be snookered :-)

    • undrthac

      haha! Saw the same thing on a Christmas clearance table at Publix! The clearance price was triple the cost of the original price! I went to customer service to make sure I didn’t misunderstand and 2 clerks laughed and said it was right as though many people have pointed it out! $10 for a Christmas gift wrap box is crazy!

    • Gayona

      Found a $5.00 Sweetbay coupon in Tampa Tribune today 11/14/12 off purchase of $35.00 good through 11/17/12.

    • Deena

      FYI Daisy Cottage Cheese coupon to use at Publix is .45 cents not .35!

    • addgenmom

      Watch your e-mail and credit card statement for a coupons.com $30 charge if you signed up for the free one year trial Savings Club membership! I was charged and immediatley called, could not get anyone so did a live chat. I was told it was only free for 1 month even when I gave my order number and told her the statement says 1 year free for $0.00 The live chat person cancelled my membership without asking me what I wanted to do then disconnected the chat. I got a cancellation e-mail but no refund confirmation. I am contacting them back but wanted to give everyone a heads up!

    • Bernice Wheeler

      free Easter egg hunt crafts, face painting, bounce houses and much much more Crossing Church is hosting at the following locations:
      Bloomingdale – 3940 Canoga Park Drive, Brandon, FL Clair-Mel Elementary School -1025 78TH St. South, Tampa, FL Celebration High School -1809 Celebration Boulevard, Kissimmee, FL Lennard High School -2342 East Shell Point Rd, Ruskin, FL

    • Hdntrain

      need help cant find pantene $3/2 q ss 2/26/12

    • Luisa

      I want to know if you guys have the offer to pay $26 (2 newspapers) for Sunday Tampa Tribune,
      my sister in law got this offer when she went to the workshop,

    • Rchar16593

      I called albertsons corp. had them send me there coupon policy after a bad run with management .

    • Qponfamily

      Albertson’s has an unadvertised sale on Equal.  A box of 100 packets are on sale for a dollar with a one dollar coupon attached.  limit of 10.  I found them next to the yogurt section. 

    • Carmela

      I have the same sentiments regarding coupon overage. I went to albertsons to get a One Touch ultra mini meter for FREE. They cut down the price in half to $9.99. I had a coupon for $10 but they didn’t give me the credit for the overage. I didn’t want to argue for a cent. I don’t know their policy and I couldn’t find it in their website so I can’t complain. I don’t think it is right for them to get the full value of the coupon from the manufacturer without giving us the same credit. By the way, this sale is good until jan 31, 2012.

    • REDSAVINGS2504

      HELLO TRUE COUPONING FRIENDS-WHILE I AM WAITING ON THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE THAT READ ALL THE EMAILS TO GET BACK TO ME MAYBE SOME OF YOU MAY ALSO BE ABLE TO ANSWER SOME OF THESE QUESTIONS-I AM PASTING A COPY OF THE EMAIL I SENT PLZZ REPLY WITH ANY SUGGESTIONS :) my son’s school is actually having an expired coupon drive for overseas military which is so wonderful-I know that you also promote this-question…what type of coupons can they use? Are they only allowed to use the ones from newspapers and magazines or can they also take the printed coupons? What about store specific coupons? Is it only MQ that are allowed? Just hoping to know a liitle more as I am going through and purging all of my coupons from the past 3 months to send to his school and before I ask my local friends & family to help out too.  Ty so much for all of your wonderful work-this site has been such a blessing for my family I cannot tell you how its changed our lives! I am so glad we have this opportunity to pass along the blessings to our beloved overseas hereos!!!

    • Anonymous

      I had a similar issue with CVS on Thanksgiving. I went to purchase their Bayer Advanced aspirin, wich was on sale for .99. I had $2 off coupons for any Bayer Advanced product. When I got to the counter, the cashier tried to scan my coupons, but they system would not accept them. It processed them for a value of only .99. The cashier called the manager over and asked her about it . She began to infom me that you could not use a coupon for a value greater than the product being purchased. When I explained that I did this all the time, she very curtly (and loudly in front of all the other customers) replied that I was committing coupon fraud! I was mortified! I am so careful to follow coupon policies and be as ethical as possible, that this truly embarrassed me! It would have been one thing to tell me that it was their policy not to allow overage – I can accept that. But to accuse me of coupon fraud was completely unnecessary!

    • couponater

      Printable coupons only have so many prints available.  You must print out printable coupons as soon as possible to try to get them for yourself.  I don’t think it has anything to do with you not living in Florida.  Just try to get to the prints before they’re all gone and you should be good. :)

    • Theanalek

      Is Truecoponing only for Florida?  I clicked on several coupons that are not yet expired but said “no longer available” is this because I don’t live in Florida? 

    • Redsavings2504

      I absolutely love your site i have referred so many people to it to help them get the most out of their coupons. I have saved so much time & energy following your match ups & I would be lost without your help. I’ve only just begun couponing a little over 2 months ago and I’m almost at the point where my savings is half of what i spend its wonderful. each time i have one of these successful shopping trips i share my savings via text with my other couponing friends and my sister. Because of my success she has started to try to collect coupons and she is in the beginning stages where she saves $20 and is very excited but i know she has the ability to do so much more with help from a site like yours. The problem is she lives in California and her stores are Von’s and Ralph’s. being in Florida i am unaware of any of their policies, ads, if they double coupons or even have weekly BOGO items. is there anyway that you can help me or point me in the direction of finding a site similar to yours that would be geared toward West coast shoppers and stores. any other ideas or tips on how i can help her from here would be so appreciated. she is a very busy mother of a 6 month old & a two year old and her husband is in the Marines and isn’t home a lot. they don’t live on base although i believe that even the great prices at the commissary cant compare to what she can save with the right help of coupons. I will post this on the forum board in case other readers have suggestions-any help or ideas will be welcomed and I would be so grateful. I have so much fun searching for great deals and seeing what a huge difference in our grocery bill has been such a blessing for my family I just want to help my sister in any way i can from 3000 miles away!

    • Gerrieevans

      the Q’s should still be stackable, ( 1 SQ + 1 MQ)

    • Gerrieevans

      I’m sorry, I made an error on the Winn Dixie Q…it’s the same as the Publix Q ( B2G1)…glad I caught it prior to going to the store

    • Gerrieevans

      In the Publix Bake & Save yellow flyer is a Q for OreIda frozen potatoes B2G1…the new Winn Dixie Heroes Q-booklet has a Q for B1G1 on the same item…(and it’s a manufactures’s Q) therefore the two q’s can be stacked @Publix…you will get 3 bags of OreIda potatoes and only pay for 1…that makes 2 free bags

    • Jendycoupons

      Does anyone know of any Publix in Pinellas County that accepts Target coupons? The one by my house does not.

    • Karlyn Sllivan

      Is the new weekly CVS add available?

    • Anne

      The all you scott q is for 8 or more so that won’t work

    • Helen J

      Sweetbay gives me an additional coupon good for $2 offnext shopping trip when I bought the 3 bags of Ora Ida potatoes on sale at $2.89 each and used a $1.50/3 coupon.! That brought my potatoes down to $1.71 each bag. Great deal….

    • Beata

      is anyone else having problems on the site today?

    • hbc

      FYI, there’s a link to Albertson’s email alert signup on the Albertson’s current ad page.  If you take the link to Albertson’s, you’ll find that the email signup is not available in FL. From the Albertson’s website: *Enrollment is currently not available in AZ, CO, FL,LA, NM, TX.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QTMIEFFQUUSJ6IYZPYNBGG2OC4 Chelle

      I see that all the time at CVS. Too funny!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QTMIEFFQUUSJ6IYZPYNBGG2OC4 Chelle

      Tonight I went to Winn Dixie to pick up a few things and one of those things was Bengay. Bengay is currently on sale for $3.99 and I had a $5 off coupon, giving me a $1.00 credit of course towards my other items (which I did 4 deals). I was informed by the manager that I would only be getting a discount of $4.99 with that coupon. I replied “Im not going to fight for a penny but how is that right when you guys get the full value for that coupon plus a processing fee??” I was then told that Winn Dixie was coming out with a new coupon policy that was going to implement that. Where say you buy something that is regular price $1, but your coupon is $2, you only get the $1 off, but they get the $2 plus a processing fee. How is that right?

    • Marymom

      Thank you, thank you, thank you….. for all the information you give us daily, but today was the best deal…… I printed off 2 of the Bealls for $10 coupons, my daughter and I went shopping made 3 purchases each….. I spent $18 and saved $91; my daughter spent $15 and saved $113….. Thank you so much!!!!  

    • Marymom

      Thank you, thank you, thank you….. for all the information you give us daily, but today was the best deal…… I printed off 2 of the Bealls for $10 coupons, my daughter and I went shopping made 3 purchases each….. I spent $18 and saved $91; my daughter spent $15 and saved $113….. Thank you so much!!!!  

    • ginnt moccia

      This is an awesome sight that helps folks save tons of money.  Thank you, Ginny Moccia

    • Mariahaddon

      I do not have any need for baby coupons.  If there is anyone in my area who would like them, let me know.  I usually get 7-9 Sunday papers.  Just let me know which coupon and out of which paper.  I live in 34638 area code

    • Sue

      I have the same question.  Did you get an answer?

    • Trishcm5

      Good Deal Alert!

      HP Deskjet 1055 printer on sale at Target $24.99. (I bought it at  the North Dale Mabry location. Today is the last day.

    • Lmno2802

      LOL and I thought the ones that are for ex: $4.00 sale price $3.99 were a bad sale!  That sets a new low!

    • Annette Delmas

      I called Seattle’s Best to find out where they distributed in Pinellas area and they did even better…they sent me a free coupon for the 4 pack!  Just tell them you want to try the product out but cannot find the single cans.

    • Monica

      I found it at a CVS store, but it’s not in all of them.  If it’s not in yours, ask the clerk and he/she may be able to tell you if another one has it.  That’s what I did.  I had four coupons from four papers and enjoyed the four cans on a long drive to Grandma’s house.

    • Karenshopperkaul

      I am having problems with printing the list also. I always could in the past

    • TM

      I have some coupons for a free can of Seattle’s Best Coffee but I am having trouble finding it in stores in the Brandon or Tampa Bay area.  Does anyone know where I can find the single cans (not the 4 packs)? Thanks

    • Elizabeth

       Walmart jacked up the price a dollar when they caught on. But hey, at least it’s still only $1! lol

    • misifu

      What is the CMN Fundriser red sheet and how do I get it?

    • Jmmjc

      Good Deal on Maalox at CVS.  10 ecb wyb 20.  In the 7/17 SS, there is a coupon for 10.00 OFF three products, Buy 4 Maalox use (1) 10 off coupon and (1) 1.00 off Maalox.  Pay 10.96 for all four bottles and get 10.00 back in ecb.  Four bottles of Maalox for 96 cents!!!!!! 

    • Jmmjc

      rr means register rewards at Walgreens

    • Joe Smith

      New here.  I looked through the FAQs but I don’t see a definition for the acronyms.  What do Q and RR mean?
      Q=coupon and RR=retailer rebate???

    • Tati

      sorry forgot to add the picture!!!

    • Tati

      Just wanted to share a laugh with you all…was at CVS during my lunch break and wanted to do some coupon shopping ..and stumbled upon this. Regular price: $3.99… Sale price: $4.19 =  FAIL! Have a great day all!

    • Klb

      Muellers pasta whole grain coupons are no longer available, but there is a 55 cents off coupon for any muellers pasta

    • Futterkids

      The new “My List” doesn’t print the name of the store or the dates of the current ad at the top of your list.  This has caused issues for me and the new people I am mentoring, particularly when we print two stores at once.  Is there any way you can have the name and current dates of the ads appear at the top of the list when you hit print??  Thanks

    • Futterkids

      The new “My List” doesn’t print the name of the store or the dates of the current ad at the top of your list.  This has caused issues for me and the new people I am mentoring, particularly when we print two stores at once.  Is there any way you can have the name and current dates of the ads appear at the top of the list when you hit print??  Thanks

    • Cheryl Boyette

      Is anyone else having difficulty printing the lists in the new format? The first few weeks when I clicked to print list it would keep printing them over and over. Now it won’t print at all! 

    • Cheryl Boyette

      Is anyone else having difficulty printing the lists in the new format? The first few weeks when I clicked to print list it would keep printing them over and over. Now it won’t print at all! 

    • crouponcrze

      not finding the betty crocker brownie coupon…says SS5/1/11 but not there.

    • Graciepooh29

      Does any one know if Publix limits BOGO in Lakeland?

    • Daddysgyrl_25

      Just got done shopping at Yankee Candle! Bought 6 large jars (select fragrances which may vary by store) for $69 and used a $10/$25 Yankee Candle printable coupon.  That makes them $9.83 per jar!!! So many other items were on sale as low as $1 that I am going to have to go back with another coupon.  Sale valid through July 5th!

    • mellyb75

      There is a 8th continent soymilk coupon in RP(6-5-11).

    • mellyb75

      There is a 8th continent soymilk coupon in RP(6-5-11).

    • Kayhenson

      Just got back from Publix. The Suave body wash is on sale for the $1.49. When you use the B1G1 coupon from RP 5/22/11, it credits you $3.00. You wind up with a .02 MM for two. I went to three Publixes….two did it this way, one didn’t. I left the one that didn’t with no purchases. If your Publix does not do it that way….never fear! Cruise on over to Walgreens where Suave body soap is 2/$4. Puchase 6 ($12.00) use 3 B1G1 (-$9.00) and get $3 RR for purchasing $10.00 of Suave products. Ultimately…free! :)