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    About Us

    Kati&MelishaWelcome to!

    True Couponingsm is a method for using consumer coupons for groceries, home and personal care products.  We bring the FUN back into the mundane Grocery Shopping Trip!! Come to a free training class and learn how to save for your own family while being able to bless others as well!!

    Get the quickest interaction with us when you “Like” us on Facebook here:


    Hi there! I’m Kati and to lay-it-all-out-there… I’m a follower of Christ, Wife to one, Mom of four, and deal sharer to all!!  We are trying to be the best stewards of what God has given our family. Couponing is a blessing, and I believe my ministry is to help others EASILY learn to save, too!!Kati Black TC Shirt 2

    My background is this, I earned a B.S. in Accounting at the University of South Florida, and managed a multi-million dollar payroll and Fixed Assets for Baxter International Healthcare before deciding with my husband, James, to homeschool our four children. In addition to homeschooling, I worked part-time as an accountant for Bell Shoals Baptist Church (our home church), and volunteered in several community associations when I first founded True Couponing. In other words, I have a very busy life!  The True Couponing method works for my family and this website allows me to share it with you.  Basically, True Couponing, is NOT the old-school way of using coupons that I found –and you also might have found– so frustrating and demotivating. On this website you’ll find the easy method to coupon, our workshop schedules, current coupon match-ups, and you’ll learn all the lingo like “match-ups.”  You’ll also read testimonials from people I’ve personally trained and shopped with, but my own testimony is the first I’ll share. I’m a homeschooling mother of 4, three sons and one daughter, and the wife of a big guy (he stands 6’4”). Our grocery bill was $600 a month, which I thought was great budgeting and rather low. But once I figured out True Couponing and started using it (out of necessity, due to a paycut from James’ job in Jan 2009), our monthly grocery bill, including household and personal care supplies, was reduced to a mere $200 a month. This is a system I can use even though I’m homeschooling four different grades, sharing the work-load on this blog, and volunteering in several community associations. “True Couponing is truly doable!”

    ~Neat “God Story”…
    So I started teaching my friends how to coupon back in July 2009. I started this blog in Jan 2010 when my Aunt (Hi Tutu!) suggested posting one post on a blog instead of trying to email various people with BCC (to preserve email identities) with the weekly items I was going to buy! Also, so that everyone could opt in (and out) without needing me to update my email list. Well…2 hours east of me in Orlando FL was a person who would become a dear friend, Melisha, who also started a Coupon blog and teaching Couponing workshops! In just 10 short months we would help and encourage each other to the point that she jumped on board the TrueCouponing Train!! She now teaches all our workshops in the Orlando area and posts on the blog alongside myself. She is a woman of God and a Coupon Enthusiast! But I’ll let her tell you how it all came to be…

    Melisha Black TC ShirtHello! My name is Melisha.  I am very blessed to be Mom to 5 wonderful kids ages 18 – 6. I have been married to my best friend and high school sweetheart, John, for over 22 years.  I enjoy serving at Eastpoint Fellowship as the leader of our Women’s Ministry and singing with our Praise Team.  My hobbies include my computer (and all geeky things), photography and the beach. Above all else, I am a follower of Christ and try to please Him in all I do.

    I graduated from Auburn University in 1991 with a degree in Elementary Education specializing in Mathematics.  (I have always had a thing for numbers!)  After teaching for a few years and starting a family of our own, we decided I would quit my job to stay home with the children.  We were always running out of money before the next paycheck came.  For years we did not manage our money God’s way.  We accumulated a lot of credit card debt, and our grocery bill had grown to an enormous $350 per week!   Something had to change.

    In January 2009 my husband informed me there was no money for a vacation I had my heart set on.  That was the “last straw” and what motivated me to get serious about our family’s budget. I began researching ways to save money with coupons.  Over several months and using a method much like the current True Couponing method, our grocery budget decreased from $350 to $70 per week.  That was a savings of over $1000 per month for our family!  Friends and strangers began to ask me to teach them how to save this kind of money.  Soon, God had led me to teach classes and start a blog to help even more people.

    A few months after I started my blog, I was contacted by a lady named Kati from Tampa.  I was so excited to meet a person who shared my heart and calling to minister to people using a coupon blog (who knew?)!  We began helping each other behind the scenes and our friendship grew.  Ten months later we both felt God calling us to work together to help even more people with this ministry.  I am so honored to be a part of this very special True Couponing Team!

    Reach Melisha or Kati by commenting on ANY page on the site, or by clicking HERE and filling out our “Contact Us” form.

     ~ Meet Our Moderators ~

    As has grown, so has our need for help! So we enlisted the help of some really dear friends and avid couponers to assist our readers when you have questions or concerns (sometimes they can get back here sooner than we can!). We are a tight knit group who all share a passion for couponing, love Jesus and want to bless others out of our abundance. Did you know you can help us out, too? Yes! PLEASE comment on the site! Answer a question when you see it, let us know your thoughts and give us suggestions. We have lots of “honorary” moderators who we converse with regularly via Facebook and emails, and it brings such a peace to know that our site really is a community of people helping each other by taking the time to motivate and teach each other here directly. We love you guys! (…and now with all this help, we don’t have to stay up all night long, too!)

    TC Moderators

    (Current Moderators pictured above left to right)

    Summer is married to the Youth Pastor at Melisha’s home church, Eastpoint Fellowship. Even with the busy life of a Youth Pastor’s wife and Mom to 3 gorgeous children, Summer finds the time to help us out with Facebook, some store lists, our Regional Differences Orlando posts and more.

    Debbie is one of Melisha’s closest friends. You may recognize her from helping at Orlando area workshops! She also helps to communicate with the Orlando Sentinel, so anytime you have an issue with your Orlando area newspaper, she will most likely be the one you hear from!  Debbie has learned about all kinds of behind-the-scenes things and is always there to help us with just about anything we need (too much to list!).

    Karen has a really neat story of how she came to help TrueCouponing. She hosted a workshop! She was sooo passionate about helping people and couponing for her own family that we asked her to help us online! You will see her moderating comments mostly on the CVS and Publix lists because those are her two favorite stores! Karen has a knack for couponing and helps us with numerous tasks (too much to list!).

    Not pictured above:

    ChristineChristine is one of Melisha’s closest friends (their families have been friends for over 8 years!). Believe it or not, Christine was pretty much a non-computer person until she came to help us. She is a naturally frugal person with a huge heart for service (sounds like the ultimate True Couponer, right?). Now…well, she isn’t afraid of computers anymore, that’s for sure! Her attention to detail and ability to quickly learn new things has made her a gem to us on the site!


    ImageComingSoonBrandy started helping TrueCouponing at Orlando area workshops, and now helps to keep up with our Facebook page and hunt down deals. She is married to a Worship Leader for their church and home schools her two children.



    ImageComingSoonJill has known Kati for several years through their home school community.  She loves Walgreens as much as Kati! You will see her comment on any of the Walgreens lists because she can help to take the confusion out of Drug Store couponing!



    ~ Event Coordinator ~

    Hi, I’m Sally! To begin, I’d like to say I love Jesus Christ with all my heart; he is my very best friend. I’m truly grateful to be part of the close Christian comradery of our TrueCouponing Team and to share in the ministry of serving and blessing others. I joined the TrueCouponing Team in September of 2010 as an assistant to my sister, Susanna Collins. I currently work alongside Loretta Mion in the Event Management area of TrueCouponing. So, if you choose to “host” one of our workshops, you will be in contact with me! I will list your workshop on Eventbrite (our on-line registration tool) and keep in contact with you, via email, regarding all technical items and logistics for your workshop. You may also contact me to learn your current workshop registration numbers or with any last minute hosting questions. I graduated from Oral Roberts University, Magna Cum Laude, with a degree in Elementary Education. My husband and I, along with our three children, live in Denver, Colorado. I’m a home-schooling mom and the only TrueCouponing Team member living out-of-state. However, with all of the great BOGO deals I keep seeing on the website, I’m thinking we may need to move to Florida!
    You can reach Sally at Workshops(at) if you are interested in hosting a workshop!

    ~ Workshop Speakers ~

    Loretta Mion came to TrueCouponing as a direct God-send! She has had a heart for motivational speaking since she was a little girl. And she loves the Lord with a passion that is contagious! Combine the two and you are in for the best workshops ever!! In her own words, this is how she came to know TrueCouponing: “Through my dear friend Susanna, I had been using the TrueCouponing method for about 8 months at that time, so it was exciting to actually be a part of the core team. As the Lord continued to expand TrueCouponing the need for more speakers became apparent and I was asked to help with our increasing demand for workshops. I welcomed the thought of public speaking…yes, I actually love it! I also love the fact that I can share the TrueCouponing message of savings for yourself, blessings for others. I am so blessed to be able to share couponing techniques that help families help themselves and in the process help others. I love that TrueCouponing methods teach people to be the hands and feet of Christ. And I so enjoy making it fun! I have been blessed by a wonderful, supportive husband for just about 23 years. Together we home educate our children, 2 have already graduated and 3 are still in the process. Prior to children, I proudly served as an United States Army officer and have jumped out of perfectly good airplanes! Blessed to be a blessing.”

    Have a coupon question? Check out our FAQ’s or email Save(at)!

    Some posts may contain affiliate links. See our complete Disclosure Statement and Privacy Policy HERE . Download the True Couponing Toolbar to get instant access to coupons, Good Deal Alerts and MORE!
    • Sandra

      I’ve always used coupons; however for the past 2 years I learned more of the secrets and am saving more! $$ I am thrilled & blessed to find a couponing website that is brought together by Christian women. Keep up the good work & thank you!

    • ~ True Kati

      Awww Kimmy! I totally feel your pain girl…we had 4 kids in
      6 years (yours are even closer). You will need to do your couponing in
      “chunks” of time. Pull your list at one time, cut your coupons at
      another…all BEFORE the ad starts so that you can be ready and have your
      coupons with you to shop on the most convenient day (any day during the sale). I’m sure you have a pretty organized schedule
      in order to get all that you get done already! Soooo, you will need to plan to
      be ahead of the game (that way you have flexibility to go couponing at various
      times so that it will “fit in” with your busy schedule). Yes, you
      need to focus on only ONE store (NOT Walmart…so you are already doing great)
      and leave the Drug Store game for when you are on a break from school! I would
      suggest either Winn Dixie or Publix. To be honest…Publix might be best right
      now because we post the Sneak Peek on Mondays and the ad starts on Thursday and
      ends the following Weds, so you have more time to prepare and shop than with
      Winn Dixie (which we post on Tuesdays and their ad starts on Weds, then ends
      the following Tues). So you have more flexibility with Publix right now.

      This is the plan I would suggest for you:
      Sunday, get your papers (or have them delivered by getting a discount from our
      then have the kids help you to unstuff and file them in your box.
      Plan every Monday (or Tuesday) Night (once the kids are asleep) to pull your
      shopping list. Go on TrueCouponing, to the “Publix Upcoming Weekly
      Ad” here: and click on next weeks ad. Check the boxes
      for the items your family needs and print right away (do not print ANY items
      that are that are hard to get…meaning, if you try to print something and you
      don’t see it in the first couple minutes or it doesn’t go directly to print, or
      it asks you to log in and you have forgotten your passwords BAIL…God must
      know that your family doesn’t need that item right now and IT WILL COME AROUND AGAIN when things are calmer).

      If you are at a doctors appointment or stuck in traffic
      somewhere or at a gymnastics meet (or anything where the kids are occupied and
      you are sitting), you can pull your list from your SmartPhone (our site is mobilized) and then email it to yourself. Then when you get home you will have a nice neat list of any coupons to try and print (again, if not quick and easy…BAIL and then only use
      the Newspaper coupons).

      I would suggest getting at least 6-10 papers. 10 papers is going to take longer to pull the coupons…but you want the food to last as long as possible so that if you need to skip a week of shopping it will be no big deal (and you will have the money from that week for something else or to carry forward to the next week…a BONUS!).

      If you have to cut your coupons while the kids are awake, I would suggest having the older one cut the printables (make sure to show them NOT to cut along the line…cut outside the line!!) and make the younger ones cut out the (already) expired ones…tell them those are the MOST important ones because they go to the military (you can learn about that project at a later date)!

      Staple all your coupons to your list (next to their appropriate items) and put it in your purse, or coupon bag that you carry everywhere with you…so that it is ready for shopping on a whim!

      You can do this!!! You will be a pro real soon! I promise!

      If you can get to one of our workshops…that would “jump start” you a little
      quicker and you would learn some pointers to make it work faster. View our
      workshop schedule here:

      Can’t wait to get your testimonial in a couple months!! They are sooo encouraging for us to read :-) Happy Couponing Kimmy! ~Kati

    • Kimmy

      I wish I could coupon better but i find it so hard to get it all together. I work FT in St. Petersburg I live in Brandon, am a FT student have 4 children 6 months, 2,3, and 5. and my husband is not working if anyone has any tip or knows what stores I should really focus on please let me know. Been using Winn Dixie a lot because of fuel perks and we need that. thank you in advance and god bless

    • ~ True Kati

      Thanks Dave! Please keep tuning in so that they keep our segment! We appreciate that you took the time to comment and let us know!
      Happy Couponing!

    • Dave

      Girls, keep up the great work you;re doing. I watch every sunday on C 13 Tampa.
      God Bless you.

    • ~ True Kati

      Testing comments

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    • TrueKati

       Lisa, I hope by now you your subscription has started! It seemed like FOREVER for mine to start as well…if you still haven’t gotten it or have any questions, please use the “Contact Us” form at the top of the website, or email with your name and address and we will track down the problem!
      Happy Couponing! ~Kati

    • Ohyaycoupons!

      I am a huge fan of all the hard work you ladies put into this. My family has been couponing using your tips and guides for two months now and have saved over 400$ in groceries. I was just wondering if you would do a short PSA about not stealing inserts. I like in Lake Wales and had to go to three different locations at 4pm on Sunday to find a store with newspapers that still had inserts. Taking inserts without buying the paper is theft. Thanks!

    • Lisa

      Help!! I made a donation through your website for an All U subscription. I was very excited about getting such a good deal. I have not recieved a magazine yet. Has anyone elses subscription started yet? I can’t wait to save even more when I finally get my first magazine. I purchased it in Feburay and it’s April. You have been a blessing to my family. We are currently saving $200 a month.

    • Kimmc88

      Have you ever thought about expanding into Alabama? I live on the Florida/Alabama State line but I am hearing a large amount of interest in my church in Dothan, Al. God is good all of the time and I feel this is an awesome way to minister.

    • Mlineberry3

      I am very new to the couponing scene.  I am very overwhelmed & don’t see how it is possible to save as everyone seems to be able to do.  Are there any couponers out there in the 4 corners area (near Disney) that would want to be a coupon buddy to a newbie to help show the ropes?  Thanks!

    • Patrick


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    • Heather Wilches-Brooks

      I just started “couponing” last weekend with my sister and after about 8 hours of cutting coupons, we saved just about $100 total from 3 stores.  That got me thinking that it can definitely get better and easier.  While I was at Walmart today, the woman in front of me had several boxes of toothpaste and her coupons and I said, see she is getting those for free…she smiled and said overage…That’s what I am talking about!  She told me about truecouponing, ok…need I say more?  I am all about saving, sharing and having fun while grocery shopping since it’s not my favorite thing to do but I think that may just change.  I am so looking forward to being able to share stories, learn from each other and start saving more and more for my family (me, my 2 daughters and my hubby) and still being able to provide very well for them.  With my husband disabled and bills that continuously stack up, I think we manage pretty well but it would be nice if the dollars can start stretching further.  With couponing, they can!  This is the first year we actually both bought each other a gift for Valentine’s Day and couldn’t have done that without using coupons!  This is going to be heavenly!

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    • TuTu

      HI Cynart, Truecouponing is actually helping our economy get started again by moving product off the shelves (and out of factories and warehouses). The food manufacturers and grocery stores must move product and that is why they create coupons for people to use. They would not do this and they would not allow stacking if they were losing money (what you have called stealing). Some of this I understand through understanding economics but also I have attended a workshop and this is explained, so maybe you need to sign up for a workshop.

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    • Pingback: Consumer Alert: Fraudulent Coupons in Circulation!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nicole! Email:  and it will send you the instructions to subscribe directly through the Tampa Tribune website.  ~Happy Couponing!

    • Nicole

      I was told in class that I could make an order here on the site for newspaper subscriptions. Where and how do i get that subscription? There is a code apparently here so that I’m not charged full price for ordering multiple papers.

    • Mekmutch

      Jimmy Dean Croissant Sandwiches or Egg Biscuits or Muffins (Excluding D-Lights) 13.6-18.4 oz, BOGO $5.59 ($2.80 each)  Publix also has a store coupon to save $2.  It was the one of the green advantage flyers.

    • Erinmerrill2011

      Hello.Wanted to ask you all.did anyone get redplum in paper today?

    • Armstrongdebbiek

      You guys are such a blessing!!!!  I have not been to a workshop; however, my neighbor went and taught me.  I have only been couponing for about 4 weeks now and average a savings of 70% per week!!   I so love you guys!!!!  :-)

    • Allen83

      I would love to have your coupons for babies my daughter in law is getting ready to haver her second and we need all the help we can get. let me know how to get you my information

    • Allen83

      I would love to have your coupons for babies my daughter in law is getting ready to haver her second and we need all the help we can get. let me know how to get you my information