Publix Shopping Tips

Publix: Secret Ways To Save Even More

If grocery stores were in a mall, Publix would be the magnet store! We’ve heard from so many people how they would never go to Publix because they thought it was too expensive or even “uppity,” then they took that first scary trip armed with coupons and their TrueCouponing shopping list and became dedicated Publix fans from that day forward.

Publix has built their reputation on two things: Ease of couponing and providing a level of customer service and friendliness that is unparalleled in the retail industry.  That must be where they got their company slogan, “Publix, where shopping is a pleasure!” To make your Publix experiences even more pleasurable, we’ve summed up a whole bunch of Secret Tips to help you save by shopping there.  It’s all about how you shop at Publix that determines how much you pay.

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