Winn Dixie Weekly Ad 11/7 – 11/13

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Shopping Tips for Winn Dixie:

  1. Winn Dixie allows stacking of (1) manufacturer’s coupon and (1) store coupon per item.
  2. Winn Dixie does not accept any competitor coupons.
  3. Find the Winn Dixie coupon policy HERE.
  4. Find the latest What A Deal HERE.
  5. Find the latest Make A Meal Deal HERE.
  6. Learn about Winn Dixie Fuel Perks program HERE to save money on gas!

Here are the Best Deals from Winn Dixie this week:

  • Dole Salads, Blends or Kits 5-14.2 oz just $2!
  • Juicy Juice Slim Pack or 8 Pack Fruitfuls just $1.25 each!
  • Kemps Frozen Yogurt 48 oz just $2!
  • Mrs. Smith’s Deep Dish or Pre-Baked Pies 25.5-48 oz only $3.20 each!
  • Swanson Broth 14-14.5 oz just $.63 each!
  • Surf Laundry Detergent 100 oz only $3!
  • Smithfield Smoked Sausage 14-16 oz just $1.50 each!
  • Stove Top Stuffing 6 oz only $.49 each!
  • Grade A Frozen Turkeys 10 lbs+ just $0.59/lb!
  • Butterball Frozen Turkeys 10 lbs+ only $0.99/lb!
  • Florida Large Tangerines just $0.79/lb!
  • Florida Tangelos only $.99/lb!
  • And More Great Deals! Happy Shopping!

Items at stockpile prices are marked with the True Couponing Shopping Cart!

Freebies, Money Makers or items even cheaper than usual stockpile prices are marked as a True Deal. You won’t want to miss these!

Manufacturer’s coupons are in RED
Store coupons are in GREEN

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  • Liz

    Found coupon booklet at Winn Dixie, Believe in Heroes, SQ for Seattle’s Best Coffee $4.99, plus like Seattle’s Best on Facebook and print out a $2/1, makes it $2.99. SQ is good until 11/30.

  • ~ True Kati

    Awww, that is SOooo frustrating Andie!! At the Orange Bar near the top of this site, look for Coupons>Regional Differences (its the last item) then choose your newspaper (or a paper near you), we list all the coupons that ACTUALLY CAME in the paper that specific week. If you print this list out and file it with your Coupon Inserts, you will NEVER aimlessly search for a coupon again! Again, sorry for your frustrations! Also, we list all the possible coupons and somebody, somewhere received that coupon. See that “R” after the date? That means that it was a Regional Coupon and less areas received it. Unfortunately, we were not the lucky ones (my TBT did not have it either). Hope that Helps! ~Kati

  • Andie

    We’ve looked through all of our SS 9/30 ads (we have 12!) and NONE of them have the Mrs. Smith’s coupon in it. Where exactly would I find it? Thank you!

  • Kristin

    Since the max value of the Bic BOGO q is $7.49, the men’s bic comfort 3 packages ($6.79 ) are free after coupon, so you would just pay tax. The other types of Bic shavers cost 50 cents to $1.50 plus tax after coupon for each bogo deal / 2 packages. Some stores are setting limits of only 1 or 2 deals per WD card. You may want to call ahead to make sure your Winn Dixie still have some packages so you don’t waste your gas. Coupon expires today 11/11

  • CiCi

    In my current Winn Dixie ad (in the Orlando area) only the Gillette Venus or Fusion Razors are on sale not the Bic Razors.

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  • Ash

    There is a $1 off 1 Planters Peanuts on for the BOGO sale!

  • lori

    in ss 10/14/12there is a bogo for bic razors ex. 11/11/12 so would the razors at winn dixie be free ?

  • lori

    bic razors are bogo where is the coupon for them ?
    winn dixie

  • CiCi

    It says redeemable at Walmart when you look at in online but when you print the coupon it is a Manufacturer coupon. It is not a competitors coupon. I hope this helps.

  • Aundria

    I am confused about the stuffing deal… The coupon I see in the path provided is for a Walmart coupon; I thought Winn-Dixie doesn’t accept competitor coupons?? Can someone help me understand??