Sedano’s Weekly Ad 6/28 – 7/4

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Sedano’s Shopping Tips:

  • Sedano’s does not accept printable coupons.
  • Sedano’s does not accept competitor coupons.
  • Sedano’s accepts their own store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons.

Here are some of the Best Deals from Sedano’s this week:

  • Cafe El Aguila Espresso Coffee 10 oz only $1.99!
  • Canada Dry, 7 UP or Sunkist 2 L ust $.89 each!
  • Coca Cola Products 2 L only $.99!
  • Pepsi 12 pks only $2.50 each!
  • Sedano’s Maria Cookies 3.5 oz just $.33 each!
  • Carrots 1 lb bag just $.50 each!
  • Green Limes just $.08 each!
  • Iceberg Lettuce head only $.79 each!
  • Select Cucumbers just $.33 each!
  • 80% Lean Fresh Ground Chuck just $2.99/lb!
  • Sanderson Farms Chicken Split Breast only $1.29/lb!
  • And More Great Deals! Happy Shopping!

Items at stockpile prices are marked with the True Couponing Shopping Cart!

Freebies, Money Makers or items even cheaper than usual stockpile prices are marked as a True Deal. You won’t want to miss these!

Manufacturer’s coupons are in RED
Store coupons are in GREEN

This List Has Expired
~ BOGOs ~ Sedano's does not list prices on their BOGO items.
~ DELI ~
~ MEAT ~

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  • Paula Diviney

    Attention all “FOOD SHOPPERS”

    I wanted to make sure that everyone knows about the “Enjoy the City Coupon Books”.

    Let me tell you why.

    Inside of the books – you will find FOUR – $5.00 off $30 of food at Winn Dixie Food Stores. THESE COUPONS CAN BE USED AT OTHER STORES AS WELL! Make sure you know the rules of your food store before buying these coupons. I have only used these at Publix and Winn Dixie – but if your store will except other store’s coupons – your in GREAT shape!

    All of the coupons in the book expire on JUNE 2013 – so you have 11 months to use them!

    Well that is a good deal – but it gets a lot better then that.

    These coupons can also be used at “Publix Food Stores” as well.

    I have not tried to use the coupons at any other store besides Publix or Winn Dixie – so I do recommend that you check with your food store that you like to shop at before buying them.

    These coupons are good at the stores in “FLORIDA”

    “Publix Food Stores” allows you to STACK your coupons. This means you can use one of the $5.00 coupon with all of your manufacture and in-store coupons. It saves you tons of money.

    How do you get a “Enjoy Joy your City” Coupon Book?

    I officially do not sell the books – but I have been buying them for the last three months – just to get the $5.00 off coupons. They have tons of other coupons in them for fast food and other places like restaurants (Denny’s etc) and other places.

    There is a special going on with “Enjoy The City Coupon Books” right now – the Sale ends on JULY 4th.

    Here is the special.

    Remember – this is their special – not mine.

    First it is important to know that each book is $5.00

    Now that I have said that – here is the special.

    For all orders of 12 books or more – they will DOUBLE the order for FREE – plus free shipping!

    REMEMBER – AL OF THE COUPONS IN THE BOOK ARE GOOD UNTIL JUNE 2013 – so you have 11 months to use these great coupons! They are good in Florida.

    Well I have been wanting to do this – but my family can only afford to buy 5 books this month. But if I can get some other people that want to buy some of the books with me – we can all get our orders doubled – as long as we order at least 12 books total or more.

    Remember – free shipping as well.

    I live in Pinellas County – and there are books for your area too! There are books for all over Florida – not just Pinellas County.

    In each book – you will find FOUR of the $5.00 coupons.

    I am including my email address – so if you are interested in seeing the link for these coupon books (you can see all of the coupons that are included) – just give me a email and I will get right back with you.

    Now remember – this sale is only good until JULY 4th.

    You don’t have to live in Pinellas County to buy the books – that is just where I live.

    You can order as many books as you like – ($5.00 a book) – and as long as we get at least a order of 12 or more books – your order will be DOUBLED for FREE!

    EXAMPLE: You want 10 books! Wonderful – you only have to pay for 5 books – (as long as we have a total of 12 books going into the order).

    So that means you would get FIVE books totally free.

    As I said – I am not making any money from this – my only goal is to get some of the books free for myself – I just can’t afford to order all 12 books at once.

    Who else wants to order some of the books with me?

    let me know quickly!

    My email address is:

    My name is Paula.

    Thanks everyone and having fun saving money!