SneakPeeq: Professional Clipless Ceramic Curling Iron, 80% off, only $25 Shipped (plus a FREE $60 Bracelet too)

I just found a new Deal Site. It is called “Sneak Peeq” and it has jewelry, hair products, healthy food goodies and lots more (I only spent about 5 mins exploring).

Go HERE to sign up (I signed in using my FaceBook id). I am not totally sure of how it works, but from what I gather, when you explore the site, you earn “badges” that allow you to get FREE items or Discounts or Free Shipping.

Here’s the deal I found just now: Upon signing up, you will receive a FREE $10 credit towards any purchase. That also earns you a Badge for a FREE Eternal Summer Bracelet ($60 value) from Bohemian Fantasy (say that 5 times fast…shew!), no credit card required either!! I just entered in my shipping address and it says it is ON THE WAY!!

When you “peeq” (which means look at the price) on 10 products you’ll get 2 badges…the “explorer” badge + “surprise savings” (I got 5% off)! To peeq, just click on a product you like, then click the peeq button on the tag next to it!

The reason I went to explore the site was because they have a *super* deal, 80% off, on a Professional Clipless Ceramic Curling Iron (under the “Style” Tab, then “Beyond the Beauty”). It is on sale for $35, but with my new member $10 credit, only $25 and NO Shipping! There are several Curling Irons to choose from, just look for the $145 original price tag. Go HERE to sign up and take a “peeq”! **This Deal Is ONLY VALID TODAY, Thurs. 5/10!!**

Shhhh…these are all birthday presents for my Annabelle’s 13th birthday this summer 8)

  • Monique Brown

    thank you for the info, but I prefer the curling iron I use , it’s the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Clipless Curling Iron which makes perfect long lastign curls 😛