Walgreens Weekly Ad 5/27 – 6/2

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Manufacturer’s Coupons in RED
Store Coupons in GREEN
Mail in Rebates in BLUE

Here are a few of this week’s Best Deals at Walgreens:

  • FREE Tecnu First Aid Gel!
  • Colgate Toothpaste only $.24 each!!
  • Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic Lotions or Oils only $.50 each! 
  • Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Raisin Bran or Pop Tarts only $1 each!
  • Skintimate Shave Gel only $.44!
  • Ajax Dish Liquid only $.39 each! 
  • …….and much more!! 

This List Has Expired
~ 2 DAY SALE Sunday 5/27 - Monday 5/28 ~
~ BOGOs ~

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  • JoAnn

     My store tried the coupon even though it stated manufacturer coupon. When the receipt was printed next to the deduction read “Store IVC”, You are correct that it reads manufacturer coupon however, the clerk even thought that it was unusual because these booklets are typically SQ. However, rather than deducting $2/2, only $1 was deducted because the second item was FREE in the BOGO deal.

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  • Chelceline

    The walgreens hearing aid batteries deal did not work for me. The second pack rang up $0 so the coupon would not take anything off for the second pack.

  • guest

    I held the line up and the manager had to come because the match ups on this site didn’t work. The ajax coupon is for laundry detergent, not dish soap. The Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic deal doesn’t work. Each item is between $8.99 and $12.99. I found nothing for less. You can use a $2 off coupon for each and BOGO but it doesn’t come anywhere near .50 cents or even $1.50 each. The My Walgreens didn’t have any store coupons but the manager did say that was a manufacture coupon and wouldn’t work with the $2 coupon anyway. The manager didn’t want to accept my $2 coupon on the free item but did after making a big deal about it. 

  • Frankikat

    My Walgreens accepted the coupon reluctantly. The Asst. Mgr. or Team Leader–whatever–said that she shouldn’t accept the coupon because it’s for laundry items. I pointed out that it says for any product, and she said no. However, she said this time she would let me use it on the Ajax. One thing I have discovered, when you use coupons and a manager or someone in “authority,” says you can’t use the coupon, you can argue all day but you will not win. My thoughts on that are that you would prove that person wrong and no one likes to be wrong. I usually ask for the manager who then comes out and declares in front of everyone that his employee is wrong. In a case like this, it pays to know your store manager! He has supported me many times and always says hi and stops to talk to me when I’m in the store.

  • Traci

     I would have disputed it.  Was it the manager that said it?  The coupon is based on what is  written on the coupon… not on the picture. 

  • Guest

    Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic Coupons in the Skin Care Guide, states they are MANUFACTURER Coupons, therefore cannot be stacked with $2/1 manufacturer coupons…

  • Andrea682

    My walgreens store would not accept the Ajax coupon. :(  They said that the picture did not match the item.  Since when does the picture have to match the item.  Does anyone know if this is true for walgreens now?  They said that the coupon was for laundry detergent even though it states any product for those brands.

  • Kellyfrolo

    The NICE water is for a 24 pack, not 12. It’s $1.99 if you buy Sun and Mon.

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