Fundraising Ideas for Summer Camp or Mission Trips!

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Summer brings extra time for extra fun!  However, those summer camps, tickets, trips and extra gas money can bring a big price tag.  We’ve put together a list of fundraising ideas that could help you offset those extra costs and afford a little more fun.

If you have more fundraising ideas, leave a comment below and we will update the list!

~ Church or Individual Fundraisers ~

  • Bake Sale or Bakeoff Bake Sale
  • Car Wash
  • Yard Sale/Auction
  • Community Cleanup – A great project for a youth group. The workers get pledges of so much per pound of trash collected and hauled away.
  • Portrait Day – Everyone loves to have their picture taken! Many companies will give you a share of the revenue and may even provide fun costumes for people to wear. Some will even provide Church Directories!
  • Recycling – Ink Cartridges, Cell Phones, Aluminum Cans
  • Newspaper RecyclingPaper Retriever
  • Spaghetti Dinners/Pancake Breakfasts/Ice Cream Social
  • Baby Sitting
  • Yard Work
  • Pet Sitting
  • Parent’s Night Out – Provide parents a place to leave their kids for a dinner and/or a movie out. Designate cost, specific time and  location: Church and specific times.
  • Support Letters – Write a letter letting to the supporter letting them know why you want to go the summer camp/mission trip. Give specifics of what you will be doing, dates and your phone number if they have questions. Send it to family, friends, church family, teachers, doctors, etc.
  • Virtually Network – Use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to reach out and ask for donations from your virtual community of friends and colleagues. Ask others to repost your information, to maximize the power of number one on our list of simple fundraising ideas. To boost your results, create a free fundraising web page with an online fundraising platform like GoFundMe, which will allow you to easily collect donations from your Facebook friends and email contacts.
  • Host a party – Contact your favorite home sales party person, such as a Pampered Chef or Mary Kay representative, and ask if they’d be willing to donate their profits from your party to your fundraising efforts. In exchange, they’ll receive new potential party leads and repeat customers from your family and friends who attend.
  • Public classes and private lessons – This fundraising idea requires drawing on your own special talents to offer classes in music, dance, self defense, languages and/or any other skill you can impart to others. By requesting donations in return for these lessons, charities can often boost their funding while helping the larger community.
  • Tutoring
  • Food stands at local events – Barbecue, hot dog or hamburger stands at local sporting events and festivals.
  • Family game nights with prizes – Offering a game night in return for donations can provide entertainment for local families. Small prizes can be awarded to winners of the various games.
  • Local restaurants – Contact your local restaurants to arrange a “School Night” for your school/church. The restaurant donates a percentage of sales to the school. They receive more business, families receive a yummy meal and the school receives much needed funds! Some examples noted Chick Fil A, and McDonalds!

~ Seasonal Fundraisers ~

  • Easter Lilies
  • Christmas Trees/Wreaths – The holiday season offers lots of opportunities to sell seasonal products. You can order Christmas trees from a wholesaler or grower and run your own sales stand. Or, you can do an order-taker sale and offer various wreathes and different-sizes of trees. Extra profit tip: Sell more wreathes by showing samples.
  • Gardening Supplies Event – Set up in your church parking lot. Work with nurseries, yard services, landscaping companies, and mulch or pine straw distributors. Use lots of roadside signs and publicize it the week before to attract a big crowd.
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys – Selling turkeys for Thanksgiving is an easy way to raise funds. Line up a wholesale source, put together an order form and brochure, then start taking orders. Do a bulk purchase with the money from the prepaid orders and arrange a pickup day. Extra profit tip: Charge a little extra if you have to make deliveries.
  • Citrus Fruit & Poinsettias – Late fall is a great time to do an order-taker fundraiser for fresh citrus fruit and holiday flowers. Potted holiday plants like poinsettias have huge profit margins and while the margins aren’t as good on citrus fruit, the large order size means good profits from every customer. Extra profit tip: Save on freight with a full truckload order and buy poinsettias from wholesale nurseries.
  • Pumpkin Patch – Host a Pumpkin Patch fundraiser. Line up a roadside site, decorate it with some hay bales, and display your pumpkins on a bed of straw. Extra profit tip: Buy pumpkins in bulk from a grower or at the local farmer’s market.
  • Spring Flowers – Selling flower bulbs in the early Spring. Several suppliers offer pre-order brochures with colorful pictures and exotic choices. Extra profit tip: Offer discounts on orders above $50 because people will then buy more than they planned just to get the discount.

~ Additional Fundraising Options ~

~ Yankee Candle go HERE!

~ ABC Fundraising Ideas go HERE! To request ABC Fundraising Catalog go HERE!

  • DVD
  • Discount Cards
  • Spinners
  • Scratch & Help
  • Cookie Dough
  • Pretzel
  • Survival Gear
  • Flower Bulbs
  • Online
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Candles
  • Movie Tickets

~ Chick Fil A go HERE! ~

  • Spirit Nights
  • Calendars
  • Cheesecake Sales

~ McDonalds  ~

  • Fundraiser Nights (Check with your local food chain.)

~ Easy Fundraising Ideas go HERE!

  • Gourmet Creation Desserts
  • Restaurant Fundraising Gift Certificates
  • Papa Johns Pizza Cards
  • Heart Lollipops for Valentine’s Day
  • and many more

~ Fast Track Fundraising go HERE!



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  • Casino Night

    Nice post, actually it is really nice to raise Funds in this way, nice idea…

  • youth group name ideas

    There are obviously different ways to do fundraising. ABC fundraising is new to me, can anyone explains me more about how this process goes?

  • Sandra Gens

    Hello, to add to Host a Party, I’m a Pampered Chef Director and I do a lot of fundraising for schools, relay for life, etc….and I give back 100% of my proceeds to the organization. Message me if you like more information.
    Thank you for posting great fundraising ideas!!!
    Sandra Gens

  • Caokatherine79

    GoFundMe is such an expensive option… they charge up to 8.5% for whatever donations you raise!

  • Massiel Lopez

    I just wanted to add to the Host Party, I do fundraisers through my business with a 100% profit return. Everyday products we already use on a regular basis. Why pay a major chain to purchase them when family and friends can help support your fundraiser? For additional information you can contact me at
    Thank you ladies for providing great fundraising ideas!

  • Lmaloy83

    Hello I have a fantastic idea for fundraisers. Its Chair Massage! I am recently licensed and insured with a few of my other classmates, I can see about getting a group together and doing a fundraiser