Publix Weekly Ad 3/29 – 4/7

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Note: Coupon policies can vary by store. We have included competitor coupons in the list below. Publix stores will generally accept coupons from competing stores within a 5 mile radius. You can check our store listing of Publix competitors HERE.

Other Current Sale Items at Publix:

  • The Essentials HERE
  • Green Advantage Flyer HERE
  • Yellow Advantage Flyer HERE

Manufacturer’s coupons are in RED
Store coupons are in GREEN

**Watch the dates on this ad!**
The ad this week runs longer than normal. This ad will take us all the way to Easter!  Remember, Publix is closed on Easter Sunday, so start making your dinner plans now. There are lots of great buys in this ad including:

  • Gevalia Kaffe Coffee only $1.50 per bag. GREAT Price!!!
  • Mt. Olive Pickles or Jalapeno Pepper Slices only $.50
  • Duncan Hines Cake Mix $.50 each!
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce $.84 each
  • Pepsi 2L products for $.98 each
  • Chocolate: Dove Promises or Eggs only $1.40; Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs (and other assortments) $1.90
  • Cool Whip for $.77
  • Fab Laundry Detergent only $1.65 
  • Chinet Napkins only $.10 each!
  • …and SO much more!!!!
    The Best Deals are marked with the True Couponing Shopping Cart.

This List Has Expired
~ BOGO's ~

This List Has Expired
~ DELI ~
~ MEAT ~

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  • Amy

     Yes, it does stand for Regional.

    If you will go to the top of the page and go the the
    “Coupons” tab, you will see a drop down bar. Go to “Regional Differences”, and
    look for your newspaper.  Click on the
    date in question. If your paper did not receive the coupon, it will be crossed
    off the list. If you will print out the “Regional Differences” each week, and
    put it in the front of your weekly coupon folder, it saves a LOT of time
    searching! for example, the Tampa Tribune did not get the Mt Olive coupon. Hope that helps!

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  • Lisa

    The “R” stands for Regional, I believe.  Which means certain regions receive the coupon.

  • Jmutch

    I can’t find the Mt. Olive coupon that is supposed to be in the SS1/22/12 R…what does the R stand for?

  • Amy

     So glad you got it!

  • Guest

    Amindewji, thank you so much for your generous offer to send me the coupon.  I just tried a different internet provider and the coupon worked without a problem.  Apparently my Verizon internet email was the problem.  

  • Guest

    Sorry to keep posting about this.  I tried using a different internet provider and the coupon came through quickly without a problem.  Apparently Verizon internet was the problem.  Thank you for the responses.

  • Guest

    I used my Verizon email that I normally use for coupon signups.  Maybe that is the problem.

  • Guest

    Tony, you are lucky.  I first signed up for this back in November and still have yet to receive a coupon.  The only response they gave me finally at the end of March was to go to the profile and update my info. even though nothing had changed.  I emailed them last week without a response.  Today I emailed a third time.  Not sure why this is happening.

  • Connellebreske

    i found in my paper this weekend a $2.00 off any fresh meat product at publix…just thought i would share :)

  • Rjpb123

    My Publix accepts coupons from Sweetbay and there was a $10 off a $50 purchase!!!!

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  • Amy

     There is a new match up with a newspaper coupon:)

  • Tony

    I signed up with no problem.  Email came in like less than one minute, clicked on the link and printed the coupon.

  • Nate

    This week’s paper has a $1/3 coupon in the SS for the Swanson carton of Broth/Stock to pair with the BOGO.  There is also a $1/1 package of Maxwell House Product.

  • Amindewji

    I was able to get the Chinet coupon, they mailed it to me immediately after I signed up … I think it was Monday night? would you like me to send it your way or is that not allowed?? 

  • Julyrose1026

    I click on the link for the dominos sugar coupon and it does not come up…just FYI

  • Lisa

    The Digiorno pizzas are listed in the ad as 2/$12, not 2/$10.

  • Flowergrl37

    I found a small booklet from Kelloggs that came in my cereal book that had a coupon for $1.00 off eggland brand eggs with 3 bookes of kelloggs cereal. I bought the 6 boxes with coupons listed above with the $1.00 off eggs PLUS has a .50 off coupon for the eggs and they were on sale for $2.99….so I got the eggs for $1.49!! Bummer thing is they expire today, good thing I found them yesterday and went shopping!!! Saved $110.00 at Publix!!!!! LOVE COUPONS!!!

  • Guest

    Would the coupon for $1 off one package of Smithfield Pouch Pack bacon in the March 25, 2012 SS work for this sale?

  • Guest

    Is the Target coupon for Ragu Pasta Sauce gone?  I can’t find it on their website.  Thanks.

  • Amy

     Can I ask what product, coupon and store? I have not had that problem before, so I am curious.  :(

  • Amy

     No, it can not, that was a mistake, thanks for pointing it out:)

  • Amy

     That is SO frustrating, I hope they respond this time!

  • Amy

    There is a post in the “coupon booklets” section under “coupons” at the top of the website. This booklet is listed there under the name “Make it Delicious”. I do not think the booklet is available any longer. :( Sorry!

  • Cynthia

    I have a problem. I went to use 2 of the same printable Q on an item that was BOGO and my grocery store would only accept 1 Q because some printable Q are now saying only 1 accepted per transaction. How do I go about using both of them (BOGO), but on different transactions or is it just not possible?

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  • Guest

    I have signed up twice for Chinet’s coupon and never received their coupon.  I emailed them around the holidays and never received a response.  This time they answered but only told me to update my profile.  I responded asking if this will cause me to finally receive a coupon.  Will see if they will respond.  By the way, I did hit the update button on their site but nothing needed to be changed.  So frustrated.

  • Dana

    I have that coupon too. I printed mine from Target’s site on Sunday. i just checked & now it’s gone. 

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  • Constance

    I’m confused about something.  For the Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, the ad gives a link to a Target printable coupon, but the coupon is for Oscar Mayer Angus Beef Franks, and your listing says the Angus is excluded.  Can the coupon still be used for regular beef franks, even though it says angus on it?  Thanks for your help!

  • Deanna

    Heads up, there’s a Target q for $1/2 Hershey & Mars under grocery : ) Combined with the SS q makes it $1.40 each : )

  • Amy

    Check out the new scenario above!! :)

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  • Christy

    In my region, I got a $1/1 hellmans Q in 3/25 RP.

  • Kelsboys3

    Hello, where do you find the Kraft 20 Top Seasonal Recipes for 2012?  Also, there is a $1/2 Target coupon for the Reeses but not sure if it is the right size.  Thank you for your help :)

  • Redsavings2504

    Two things that are on BOGO sale this week there are matching coupons that aren’t listed…I’m not exactly sure how they would work but they seem to work together….Town House crackers and Keebler Cookies…Target has a coupon doesn’t expire til 4-7-12 Keebler Fudge Shoppe jumbo stick free wyb 3 9.5 oz or largers boxes of town house-cheez-it-or club…there was also a .55/2 keebler cookies mq…so if we bought 4 boxes of the town house we wld only be paying for 2 getting the other 2 for free and then getting 2 boxes of cookies for free with the target coupon also should be able to use the 55cent MQ too right?

  • Redsavings2504

    THERE WAS A BOGO PRINTABLE FOR THE NESTLE COFFEE MATE that I ran accross in my pile-Im trying to find out where I printed it to help out but just knowing that its out there and it doesnt expire until 5-19 so it has to be new has to be able to help a bit lol It wasn’t listed on the above match ups so I wanted to bring it up to everyone :)