Good Deal Alert: Kmart Double Hasbro Coupon Event Exp. 9/17!

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This week Kmart is doubling all Habro coupons up to $10! WOW!

Use any of the coupons listed below to get a great headstart on your Christmas shopping!

These would be great Christmas gifts, gifts to donate for the Christmas Shoe Boxes, Angel Trees and more! Just think of how many kids you could make smile!

Happy Shopping & Saving!

(Thanks, Danielle B!)


Check your SS 09/11/11 to see if your area got these coupons:

  • $3/1 Hasbro Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory or Cootie Game, exp. 10/9/11 (SS 09/11/11)
  • $4/1 Hasbro Operation, Guess Who?, Connect 4 or Battelship Game, exp. 10/9/11 (SS 09/11/11)
  • $4/1 Hasbro Monopoly, The Game of Life, Sorry!, Scrabble, or Jenga Game, exp. 10/9/11 (SS 09/11/11)
  • $5/1 Connect 4 Launchers, Monopoly Crazy Cash, Monopoly eBanking, Scrabble Turbo Slam or Scrabble Alphabet Scoop Game, exp. 10/9/11 (SS 09/11/11)
  • $5/1 Hasbro Simon Flash, Scrabble Flash, Yahtzee Flash or Bop It XT Game, exp. 10/9/11 (SS 09/11/11)

Even if you didn’t get the above coupons, you can print those listed below:

$4/1 Monopoly
$4/1 Life Game
$4/1 Scrabble
$5/1 Monopoly Electronic Banking Game
$4/1 Jenga
$4/1 Sorry!
$3/1 Chutes & Ladders
$3/1 Candy Land
$3/1 Memory
$5/1 Crazy Cash Game
$5/1 Turbo Slam
$5/1 Connect 4 Launchers Game
$4/1 Operation
$4/1 Guess Who?
$4/1 Connect 4
$4/1 Battleship
$5/1 Simon Flash, Scrabble Flash or Yahtzee Flash
$3/1 Cootie Game
$5/1 Scrabble Alphabet Scoop
$5/1 Bop It XT

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  • Diane Blake

    I went to my local KMart in Zephyrhills , they had Ubuild Sorry on clearance for $10.00, so I thought I’d give it a try, the coupon said there were only two games it wasn’t good for, so I took it to the register and asked , the manager said she didn’t think it would double the coupon on clearance but we could try and if it didn’t work they could cancel the transaction if I didn’t want it. So in the end, the game price was actually $8.00 and coupon doubled, I got it for FREE!!!!!!! It was great. There’s still one left on the shelf if anyone in the area needs a free game to give as a gift.

  • Autumn Lewis

    The Kmart here in  Pinellas on US 19 and SR 580 had a clue but not the right one.  He tried telling me the games were only the ones listed and I had some of those and evn then the register nor mangaers could ring them –so I left emptied hand, discouraged and vowing never to return to that Kmart.  I will try the one in Tampa as we are headed that way today.

  • Clair

    I visited Kmart on N Dale Mabry & Columbus and they weren’t sure at first about it but they took their time to figure it out…They only used one coupon and the register automatically took a double discount off the price of the game. It took a while but it was worth it some of the games were even on clearance. Also I did not know that Kmart had a rewards program…So sign up when you go. I spent $147.48 and saved $78.00 I got 17 different games. There is some of my Christmas shopping :) Kmart also has coupons out on the table when you first walk in so be sure to pick some of those up as well!!!!!

  • alex

    Correction…it was in the ad.  But, they had no clue.  

  • alex

    Hi.  I visited KMart in Brandon yesterday and was told there was no such promotion and they were not aware of the deal.  The Rep at the Service Desk said they only double coupon on household products and there was no promo for double coupons this week.  There was nothing in the ad and no signage on the shelves.
    Is this only at certain KMart stores?  Thank you