Purge Your Expired Coupons & Donate to a Military Family

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Is your coupon box overflowing?
It’s time to purge the expired coupons!

Here is a list of all the coupon inserts you can remove from your file box:

  • Purge all Coupon Inserts prior to AND including  your 1/02/11 file
  • 01/16/11 SS, 01/16/11 PG
  • 01/23/11 RP,  01/23/11 SS
  • 01/30/11 SS
  • 02/06/11 RP,
  • 02/20/11 RP,  02/20/11 GM, 02/20/11 PG
  • 02/27/11 RP,  02/27/11 SS (All from this week are expired)
  • 03/06/11 PG
  • 03/13/11 RP,  03/13/11 SS (all inserts from this week are expired)
  • 03/20/11 RP
  • 03/27/11 RP
  • 04/03/11 RP, 04/03/11 PG
  • 05/01/11 PG
  • o6/05/11 PG
  • 07/03/11 PG

Tips to keep your Q Box lean:

  1. P&G Coupon inserts expire almost monthly. So those can be mailed off as soon as a new one comes in the newspaper. 
  2. GM Coupon inserts also have a very short expiration date and therefore can be purged sooner that the rest of the inserts.
  3. Dollar General puts their weekly ad inside the SmartSource Coupon insert. It is only good for the week in which it comes in the Insert. So to save space PURGE IMMEDIATELY!!! (just save one out IF you want to use it during the week!) When I took these out of all my SmartSource, it created a pile almost 8 inches high!
  4. Do you have coupons you don’t need or surely won’t use?  Specific products, like Pet and Baby coupons can usually be used by someone else locally. If you have Baby Coupons you are not going to use (that have NOT Expired yet), please send them to Lifecare of Brandon, 122 N. Moon Ave, Brandon, FL 33510. They would love to pass them along to someone in need!

How do we send our expired coupons to the Military?

  • If you have been couponing for a while now, you are probably accumulating some great expired coupons.  Don’t you just hate to toss them?  Well, you don’t have to!  Military families outside the USA can use your expired coupons!
  • Military bases outside of the USA will accept manufacture coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date.
  • They can use manufacture coupons only, no store coupons are accepted (so don’t included the Green or Yellow advantage flyers from Publix).

Here’s what you do:

  1. Get an envelope or “flat rate” box to put all your coupons inside.  Priority Mail Boxes and Envelopes are provided for free from USPS, standard domestic rates apply when you mail to an APO or FPO address.
  2. Print a letter to include with your coupons HERE.
  3. Choose a Military Family Services Center or Commissary (military base grocery store) to send the coupons to (see list from our friend Michelle HERE), write the address on your printed form.

Thanks, CouponCleanout.com!

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  • Guest

    yes indeed can we get an updated list?

  • alh1203

    Would love to get this list updated! My coupons are taking over my house and I’d like to clear them out this weekend. Thank you for all you do!

  • MichelleSRQ

    So, is there a place in the TPA/SRQ area that will take the expired coupons? I sent one box way back and I packed it as full as I could, but wasn’t as much as I wanted to send and it was over $10. 

  • Tuppypuppies

    Recently attended a workshop in Plant City. Did ya’ll find out if American Legion take the expired coupons? The speaker thought they did after someone told her about it. They take them without being cutout she thought which is great for me cause I am disabled and have difficulty cutting out coupons. Also mentioned Treat for Troops as possibility? Any help is appreciated.

  • Armstrongdebbiek

    Thank you so much for reminding me!!!  I so greatly appreciate it!!! :-)

  • http://twitter.com/TrueCouponing True Couponing

    All coupons in the inserts listed in the post are expired. You can take out the complete insert!

    Any not listed, leave in your files.

  • Wanda Carlton66

    Im sorry if I do not understand, do I have to look through the inserts for expired coupons that do not say all coupons are expired?  or are they all expired in those inserts?

  • Lomion

    Great point Mendy!  Thank you for all you do at Life Care of Brandon!

  • Lomion

    This is great info….late summer cleaning…. I love it!

  • Mendy

    If you send them to LifeCare, please put a note as to which week and which insert they come from.  We are trying to keep a coupon box for the clients and it would be a great help.  Thanks!