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    Upromise: How it Works

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    Buy Groceries Today, Pay For College Tomorrow!

    You may have noticed the addition of Upromise coupons in our store matchups lately, but do you really know how Upromise works?  Here’s a quick primer in all things Upromise…

    What is Upromise?
    Upromise is a way to save money for college without really doing anything that you aren’t already doing! You can save money for your kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, kids you might have in the future, grandchildren you might have in the future or even yourself!  (Pretty much anyone, get the picture?)

    When you sign up for Upromise, you register your grocery cards and/or your credit cards to start earning a percentage of certain purchases you already make. If you don’t feel comfortable giving out your credit card info online, you can just register your grocery and store cards, but this IS a safe program. (You can tell if a website is secure if it has “https” in the address line instead of just “http”.) You can easily put money towards college with all your trips to CVS, Winn Dixie, Albertson’s, Publix and more!

    What ways can you earn money with Upromise?

    1) At the beginning of each month you can add eCoupons to your Upromise account. When you buy those certain items, instead of the coupon being deducted off your purchase, it is added to your Upromise account. (Upromise will send you an email at the beginning of each month reminding you to activate that month’s coupons.  We will remind you, too!)
    Note:  Because of how Upromise eCoupons work, they can be used in addition to Store coupons AND Manufacture coupons!

    2) Do you make any online purchases? Instead of going straight to the online site, go to your Upromise account first and click the link to the store you want to shop at to earn a percentage of your purchase!

    3) Do you ever eat out? Check Upromise first to see what restaurants in your area will give you a percentage back!

    4) Get your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles to sign up too! They can add their cards and have their account linked to yours to help earn money to send your kids to college.

    Click HERE to sign up for Upromise!  Every little bit helps!

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